Penance - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily monitoring the happenings in the Grayson mansion. Mason Treadwell arrives and he wonders the reason as to why she bought the beach house. She says it is the location. Mason then questions her friendship with Amanda. He shows her a picture from her juvi days where Amanda and Emily are in the same picture; and yet Emily claims that she met Amanda only a year ago. He suggests that the two girls were lovers. Emily doesn’t dignify his comments and asks him to write whatever he feels is the truth. Kara arrives to meet Victoria and tells her that she wants to go. Victoria says that she would pay for the ticket.

Emily meets Aiden and tells him that he needs to position Daniel to take over Grayson Global in 24 hours. She feels that the Initiative is planning something as they didn’t get Conrad out for nothing. She tells him to be there at the investor’s meeting about to be held at the mansion. Amanda tells Jack about her childhood ideas of a wedding. Just then Mason calls Amanda and invites her for lunch. He tells her about the conversation with Emily and their jailhouse connection and he wants to hear her side of the story as well. Victoria joins Conrad who is sitting on the beach. He tells her that the Initiative is sending an attaché to deliver his marching orders Victoria wants to drag the Initiative to hell with them. Amanda arrives to meet Emily and asks for a gun. She tells Emily that her plan is taking too long.

Emily promises her that one more day and things will be fine. Amanda tells Emily that Jack proposed and she said a yes. She is not going to let Mason ruin her family. Emily tells Amanda to cancel lunch and that she is getting a restraining order. Nate, Kenny’s brother arrives to meet Kenny and he introduces him to Jack. Kara is about to leave and Daniel asks her if she knows about any of David’s personal investments. Victoria overhears this conversation. But she doesn’t know anything. Emily arrives. She has brought the Graysons their wedding present. Kara leaves. Aiden is at Nolcorp. He tells Nolan the he and Emily, have a plan to infiltrate Grayson Global and draw out the Initiative. But this can be done only if they can have a control over Nolcorp. Nolan agrees to do this only for Emily and he warns Aiden that if he plans on hurting Emily again, he will have to pay.

He then gives Aiden the original agreement of David’s investment. Aiden then tells Daniel about the check and Daniel asks Ashley to keep his father occupied while he talks to the investors. Ashley wonders if they could trust Aiden. Amanda arrives at the bar and finds Mason waiting for her. He tells her that he is there to meet Jack and show him the old photograph. She tells him that Emily is the mastermind behind the whole thing as she has been obsessed with her since the juvi days. She says she can’t talk here and tells him that she will follow him to his house. She also adds that Emily will kill both of them if she learns that she has been speaking. Nolan tells Emily that he handed over the original check. Helen is at the mansion along with the other guests.

Aiden arrives and hands over the check to Daniel. Jack calls Emily as he is worried that Amanda hasn’t returned from her lunch with Mason. Emily tells him she will let him know if she hears from Amanda. Nolan is surprised to learn about Jack’s marriage. Emily tells him not to make plans in the afternoon as she might need him and rushes out. She then arrives at Mason’s house, just in time from stopping Amanda from bashing up Mason’s skull. She tells her to choose her family and asks her to go home. She then tells Mason that she is Amanda Clarke. She tells him that she trusted him to write the truth about her father and that he had the power to change her future. He says that he deeply regrets his past actions. Nolan calls and tells Emily that Kara ditched her flight and rented a car. She tells Nolan to stick to the plan.

She then tells Mason that it is time to make amends. Mason then calls Kara and tells her that he has info about Gordon’s murderer. At the investor’s meet, Daniel and Aiden lure the investors to the other room while Ashley keeps Conrad busy. Kara meets Mason and he hands her Gordon’s pocket watch. He then tells her that he perpetuated the lies of the Graysons by writing false things about David. Emily is shocked that Mason is telling Kara this as Kara is off medications and she is unstable. Kara leaves. She then calls Aiden to warn him that Kara is on her way to the mansion and she is out for blood. Daniel talks to the investors and Victoria enters the room. Nolan arrives at Mason’s house and sees the board with all his findings pinned on it. Kara arrives at the mansion. A maid arrives and tells Conrad that Victoria wants to talk to him. He leaves.

Victoria enters her room, telling Conrad that there is bad news. But Kara is in the room holding a gun. Kara wants a confession. Conrad said all of that was done by him as David was stealing his wife and he wanted to inflict pain on him. Meanwhile, the cops are at Mason’s house with a warrant for Gordon’s murder and for conspiring to frame Conrad. He sees that the pictures on the board have been changed. They also find the flight recorder in his house. Emily calls Aiden and he tells her that he is keeping a watch on Helen. But she tells him that she is asking about her mother. She tells him that half of the cameras have been disabled. Aiden heads for Victoria’s bedroom and asks Emily to disable the rest of the cameras.

In the room, Victoria tells Kara that Gordon was the one who killed David. She tells her to check the picture of David in the prison which is in her jewelry box. They tell her that Gordon was from the Initiative and the worst of them. She asks them to kneel down and put on the blindfolds. Kara is about to pull the trigger when Aiden arrives from behind and covers her face with a cloth and drags her out of the room. He renders her unconscious. Later, Kara wakes up in a car with Emily sitting beside her. Emily tells her that Agent Mathis was the one who dragged her out of that room. She tells her that Mathis is legit. Aiden tells her that they found some pills on Gordon and they figured out that they are hers. She tells him that she only wanted to scare the Graysons to get a confession out of the.

He tells her to leave and never return. Kara tells Emily to tell Amanda that she wished she had been a better mother. Emily meets Mason who is in custody and strikes a deal with him in which he will go to prison and be in there till the time is deemed right by her to set him free and this will give him the time to write the true story of whatever happened from the day her father was taken. He agrees. At the mansion, Conrad tells Victoria that the security cameras blacked out for five minutes during which Kara vanished.

The Initiative is what Victoria thinks. Victoria wants to tell him about Daniel. But he says it can wait until morning; a morning which he believed he wouldn’t see. At the beach house, Aiden is waiting for Emily and he wants to know if she is alright. She runs to him and kisses him. The episode ends.