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Lineage - Recap

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The episode begins in November 2006, where Emily arrives at a bar where Aiden is bartending and Emily asks for vodka. She tells him that she wants to find Sergei and he tells her that he is in the VIP room with the other girls. At the same time, in the Grayson mansion, Victoria is looking forward to spend the Thanksgiving with the two men in her life. But just then there is a surprise visitor, Marion, Victoria’s mother and Victoria is not too pleased to see her. Marion got in touch with Daniel a month ago and told him that she wanted to mend fences and so Daniel invited her home. Marion’s latest boyfriend is also joining them for dinner.

Victoria is surprised and Marion tells her that Maxwell passed away. Cut to the flashback when Victoria was a young girl and was going through her mother’s makeup as she wanted to look pretty for this Thanksgiving. Marion feels that she wants to look good for Thomas. Marion wants Thomas’ full attention focused on her and is hoping that Thomas would ask her to marry him as they are running out of money. At the bar, Sergei picks up Ashley from a line up and asks the rest of the girls to leave. Emily realizes that this is Ashley’s first time and goes to talk to her in the washroom. Ashley needs the money and she had no other options left. Emily tells her that the man she was auditioning to meet is Dmitri and he traffics in women. Emily gives her the money she wants to pay her rent and she tells Ashley that she needs her help as well.

Emily then tells Ashley to text the information on Dmitri on the number she just gave her and make an excuse and get out of that place and never come back. Carl and his friend are having a discussion about some upcoming trouble and Carl tells Jack to spend the Thanksgiving at his grandmother’s along with Declan. Jack is surprised with the change in plans. Ashley messages Emily informing her about Dmitri’s arrival. Next we see Emily telling Takeda that she is ready for the mission. Nolan announces that Nolcorp is going public. At the mansion, Daniel tells Conrad that he is not going to major in business. He is taking up a workshop in creative writing, poetry specifically. Meanwhile, Emily tells Takeda that all her plans against the Graysons are on schedule and that she has found out about Conrad’s infidelity; he is sleeping with Lydia Davis.

But at the moment she is on this diversion that Takeda gave her. Takeda tells her that Colleen was kidnapped and sold by Dmitri in ’93 and she was never found. At the mansion, Victoria confronts her mother as she knows that this reunion is a charade to ensnare Ben and prove her family’s existence. Marion orders Victoria not to disappoint her. Ben arrives and is pleased to meet Victoria. Emily arrives ta the bar and Aiden tells her that it is not safe for her to be here. But Emily dismisses his warnings. She then meets Sergei and tells him that she will be filling in for Ashley. Dmitri arrives. Aiden pulls out a gun and tries to shoot at him saying that this is for his sister Colleen. But Emily leaps at him and throws him off. The guards take Aiden away.

Emily is then taken to the safe room and Dmitri leaves to attend some business. She tells Takeda that’s he needs to help Aiden. At the mansion, Marion tells Conrad and Victoria the way Ben and she met and Victoria feels that it was pre-planned. Conrad tells Victoria that she need not go through this and that he can send them away. But she says that she has to go through with this. At Stowaway, Carl is at the counter with a gun by his side and Jack arrives, wanting to know what is going on. Just then someone throws a blazing bottle into the bar and runs. Jack extinguishes the fire but his question still stands. Emily crawls through a vent and arrives at a room where Aiden is tied up by Dmitri and Sergei. Aiden refuses to answer any questions and they leave him for some time to rethink on his decision. Emily arrives and frees him.

She asks him about the downing of Flight 197 and Aiden said that his father worked on that plane. She tells him that they used his father just like they used her father. Just then Sergei, Dmitri and the men arrive. At Stowaway, after the fire is put off, Joe Ryan arrives saying that it looked like someone was trying to send a message. Jack holds Carl back and tells Joe that they will pay and Joe gives them an hour. At the mansion, Victoria tells Ben the story of the last Thanksgiving she spent with her mother, where Thomas refused to marry Marion and tried to walk away and Marion shot him. She then asked Victoria to aim at his chest. She knew that the grand jury will never indict Victoria.

She was right. Victoria was sent away for psychiatric evaluation and when she returned to Marion, she had already met Maxwell. One day when Marion saw Maxwell sneak into Victoria’s room, she threw Victoria on the streets and later married Maxwell. Ben is furious and tells Marion that they are done. Next, Sergei and Dmitri take Aiden and Emily through the bar. Takeda attacks and Aiden follows Dmitri who runs out of the bar. Aiden shoots him in his leg. Emily talks Aiden into lowering his weapon. Aiden wants to know what happened to his sister and Dmitri tells him that she is probably dead. He then tells Aiden that Colleen grew to like what she was doing and Aiden shoots him to death.

Takeda asks Emily to take him away from there. Meanwhile, Marco learns that the account he opened for Nolan in the Cayman Islands is empty. It had 500 million dollars in it. Nolan tells him that it went away but tells him that he did not steal it. Marco says that he is the CFO and needs to know what happened to that money. Nolan doesn’t answer. Later, he tells Marco that all that money went to David Clarke’s daughter. He then fires Marco. At the mansion, Marion tells Victoria that Ben was her last chance and that she had nowhere to go. Victoria shows her the door and bids her a goodbye. Conrad is burning the poetry written by Daniel and he tells Victoria that Daniel will take up his rightful place in Grayson Global after he faces some rejection from few publishers. He then tells her that he has wired a good amount of money to Ben.

We learn that Victoria had orchestrated their run in on the cruise and set up this whole thing, only to get back at her mother. Carl meets Joe and gives him the money. Matt arrives and shoots Joe with Carl’s gun. He tells Carl that his daughter is in the ER; it was a hit and run. Jack hears the gun shot and comes running. Carl tells him that it is the boat engine that backfired. Aiden tells Emily that he too wants to join with Takeda. Cut to the present day, Aiden is in bed with Emily and she tells him not to disappear on her again.

Conrad tells Victoria that he never imagined a day would come where he wished that Daniel should not have the chair. He thinks that Daniel should have become a poet. Daniel calls Marco with a business proposition regarding Nolcorp. Since Aiden is not going anywhere anytime soon, Emily shows him her infinity box. The episode ends.