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Revelations - Recap

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The episode begins with a target shooting practice where Victoria and Conrad are trying to make sure that they have Grobet’s vote. Emily tells Aiden that Grobet has voted Conrad’s every decision since the time he was put on the board in ’99.this means they need to flip his vote to Daniel. Nolan has a plan which he won’t tell Emily at the moment. Be careful; nobody plays dirtier than the Graysons!!Carl’s christening is coming up and Jack calls some of his father’s old friends. He tells Declan that this was Kenny’s idea. Jack assigns Declan as Carl’s godfather and he also invites Nate and Kenny.

Nate tells him that all the drinks after the ceremony will be on them. Daniel and Ashley introduce themselves to Grobet and he tells Daniel that he knows about the recent happenings. Aiden and Emily arrives and Emily place her vote of confidence in Daniel as she tells Grobet that she is looking investing in Grayson Global if I is in the hands of someone reliable; she points out to the recent embarrassments brought about by Conrad. The woman from the Initiative calls Conrad and threatens him that if he divulges anything about their arrangement to Daniel, Daniel would be permanently removed from the equation. Nolan and Padma arrive at Grayson Global and Nolan sees that Aiden is around for the meeting.

But Daniel has a surprise for him. He has Marco waiting in the room for Nolan. Nolan is shocked to see Marco and he learns that Marco told Daniel about the mysterious off shore account and how all the money got drained one week before Nolcorp went public. So here is the deal, 51% controlling shares over Nolcorp and Nolan’s continued services as a CEO or else Nolan could have an army of investigators swarming his office and trace every missing penny. Agreed! At the mansion, Ashley tries too turn Daniel against Aiden by reminding him of what happened with Tyler she tells him that he should take it slow with Aiden. Daniel calls Aiden and tells him to take the night off and that he will take it from there. Aiden and Emily are hearing and seeing whatever is happening in Daniel’s room.

Aiden wonders what the solution to this is and Emily shows him a sex tape of Ashley and Conrad and she says that they should turn Daniel against Ashley. Nolan has uploaded the tape. He and Emily are going for Carl’s christening and Aiden wants to know more about Jack. She tells him that he is an old friend and could have been more but guess it was not meant to be. He tells her that she doesn’t need to keep her secrets from him. Grobet arrives at the mansion and heads to talk to Conrad. Victoria gets the sex tape on her phone. Matt arrives for the christening and Kenny and Nate see him. Matt is shocked to see the Ryan brothers and tells Jack to get himself out of the deal with them. Jack does not understand. Matt tells him that he brother definitely didn’t come to the bar by accident. He leaves.

Grobet has decided to vote for Daniel. Victoria lashes out at Conrad showing him the sex video. He tells her that the Initiative is conveniently trying to create a rift between them and also trying to take out Daniel. So they must focus on rescuing their son. They can sort out their personal differences later. Victoria meets Ashley and shows herthe tape. Ashley tells her that it was a mistake and at that time, Victoria had fired her and she needed the job and the money and so she did what she did. She tells Victoria that she loves Daniel and doesn’t want to lose him. Victoria decides to use Ashley’s plight to change Grobet’s vote. She is planning to send Ashley to his bed. Aiden relays this information to Emily and Emily cannot let this happen. Ashley is all dressed up and leaves to Grobet’s suite.

Aiden asks Daniel to come to Cooper’s Inn. Nolan is at Stowaway and Jack wants him to find out about Kenny and Nate. Marco arrives wanting his old job back. He tells Nolan that he could let Amanda and jack know that Nolan is letting them live in this beat down place when Nolan swindled Amanda off all her money. Nolan leaves. Aiden tells Daniel that Ashley is in Grobet’s room. Daniel is furious and tells Grobet that his vote has to come to him otherwise he will be facing the costliest divorce in history. He asks Ashley to move her things out of his house. Aiden congratulates Emily. Grobet has decided to vote for Daniel. Victoria tries to persuade her son against taking over the chair. But he dismisses her warnings. Daniel is elected new CEO and he tells Aiden that there is no room for him on the board unless someone vacates and that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Kenny and Nate corner Matt and tell him that they need to settle few things like men. Nolan has done a little research and tells Jack that Joe Ryan is Kenny’s and Nate’s father. He tells then about the rap sheet of the two brothers and he tells Jack that they are seriously bad. Charlotte arrives at the bar telling Jack that there is a man found and he is covered in blood. She sounds terrified. He hurries with her and tells Amanda to stay with the baby. It is Matt! He is still breathing and he tells Jack that he doesn’t want the cops called. He tells him that the brothers did this to him. Matt tells Jack that they think that Jack’s father killed Joe; but he confesses that it was he who killed Joe.

He tells him that he used his father’s gun and he hid in on Jack’s boat to protect him. Next, Victoria arrives in Conrad’s room. He tells her that Daniel’s ambitions will bring him down as swiftly as it took him up. Victoria slaps him hard across his face. What was that for? She tells him to take his pick. Nate and Kenny arrive to meet Jack. Jack tells them that he took Matt to the hospital and that Matt did not see who attacked him. They decide to let Jack be and Nate tells him that he accidentally picked up his father’s address book from the counter. Jack takes it and see that matt’s name and address is being crossed out in red. He tells Amanda to lock the doors and go to sleep. At the office, Nolan signs the papers and now they are the official subsidiary of Grayson Global.

Padma thinks that she is responsible for all this. Nolan tells her that he has a contingency plan and that he has no intentions of letting those people profiting out of his company. Marco arrives and Nolan tells Padma that they are trying to look for a position for Marco within the company. Padma finds it insane; especially after what Marco did. Next, Ashley moves her things out of the mansion and Jack finds the gun that was used to kill Joe which Carl had hid in the boat. Daniel deletes all his photographs with Ashley. But he keeps the ones he has clicked with Emily. He then goes to pour himself a drink when he sees a small note which says: Welcome to the fold. There is a table clock next to it.

He examines it and we see that the Initiative is watching Daniel. The clock has a hidden camera. They decide to vote for putting their next plan in action. Next, Victoria calls Emily to talk to her about Daniel. But on seeing Aiden, she tells her to call her back when she is alone. The episode ends.