Power - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily and Aiden sparring on the beach. Emily manages to straddle Aiden and they end up making out. Next, Helen meets Daniel and tells him that there are deep secrets of Grayson Global that can make him wealthier and powerful that Conrad ever imagined. Jack looks worried and Amanda notices it. He then presents her a necklace. Nate arrives and asks Jack to put his hands to better use. Amanda wonders since when did jack start taking orders from the Ryan brothers. She feels that there is something wrong about Nate and she can feel it.

Declan over hears the whole thing. At the mansion, Victoria is pissed that Conrad is not doing anything about Daniel taking over the office as she fears that the Initiative will use him the way they used the two of them. She then tells him that Patricia and Judge Barnes are visiting them. They are investors in a group that is dedicated to unjust verdicts. This gets Conrad’s attention and this is the perfect opportunity to rehabilitate his image. Next, Aiden reads the letter that indicates that the Davis Clarke trial jury was tainted. This letter is written by James Palmer, a court clerk who worked for Judge Barnes. Palmer alerted one jury who was against David Clarke and Barnes in turn erased the jury member.

Three days later, Palmer was also killed in a subway accident and Emily knows that Barnes was behind this murder. Emily thinks that if she can position herself in front of Barnes, she might be able to avenge the injustice. She tells Aiden to use the backdoor as she doesn’t want Victoria to see him again. Emily then visits Victoria. She tells Emily that her son’s life has been on a downward spiral since their engagement broke up as he has become more petulant and angry. She feels that he still loves Emily and that Emily has the power to reach him. She wants Emily to spend some time with Daniel and remind him of the man he used to be. They both shake hands. On her way out, Victoria introduces Emily to Robert Barnes and his wife, Patricia. Victoria then invites Emily for dinner. At the Stowaway, Declan finds Kelly and Nate talking.

He then asks Charlotte to keep Nate from coming while he checks the coffee beans sacks. Charlotte talks to Nate about her mother’s recent charity for convicts and Nate shares with her the time he spent in prison. Declan is going through the sacks and finds drugs in a small bag. The Ryan brothers notice Declan’s absence. Declan hurriedly puts back all the coffee beans back; but he misses one bean. Nate goes looking for him and he finds Declan. But on his way out Declan steps on a coffee bean and immediately realizes what Declan is up to. Next, Aiden arrives at Grayson Global and cons Daniel’s secretary into telling him as to where Daniel has gone for lunch. He then tells Emily. Declan tells Jack about the drugs and Jack wants him to keep Charlotte out of it.

He then remembers Eddie, who is now a cop and feels that maybe he has a way out of this. At the restaurant, Aiden and Emily fake a fight about Aiden being insecure about Daniel and Emily walks out on him. Looks like they pulled it off really well as Daniel did look worried. Emily walks away with a smug smirk. Daniel returns to his office and finds Nolan waiting for him. He wants Nolan to search for secret files hidden in the computers. Nolan agrees. He then asks about Aiden and Daniel tells him that he might be licking off his wounds as he broke up with Emily. Jack wants Amanda to stay with Emily for a few days. He tells her the truth about the Ryan brothers. Amanda does not want to leave her alone. She reluctantly agrees.

Nolan meets Emily and tells her about Daniel’s request; this could be an opportunity to gain access to the information on the Initiative. He then feels sorry about the break-up. But just then he realizes that it was a “fake-up” and he tells Emily that Daniel is already thinking about “make-up”. Aiden is not too comfortable with the way it sounds. Aiden is visibly uncomfortable and he asks Nolan to let him know about the Initiative before he tells Daniel about them. Next, Victoria walks into Daniel’s office unannounced and tells him about the dinner; emphasizing on the fact that Emily would be there as well. Nolan manages to hack in to the company’s intranet. At the dinner, Emily very deftly brings up the topic of Palmer and David Clarke and we see that everyone on the table is a little uncomfortable (except Daniel).

Barnes talks nice things about Palmer and it appears that Patricia also knows Palmer; but she quickly tries to cover it up by some lies. They then discuss David Clarke and Patricia is visibly uncomfortable. She excuses herself from the dinner saying that she has a lot to do for the upcoming benefit. Amanda is at Emily’s and Emily is doing some research on Patricia. Patricia has a broken collar bone and a broken wrist bone; indicating spousal abuse. Emily also finds out that Patricia and Palmer were friends. Emily always thought that Palmer was the one who wrote the letter; but she now feels that it could have been Patricia. Next, Nolan has managed to hack into the file and he comes across a video from the investor’s lunch where Helen is making a call.

He enhances the image and gets the number she dialed but it is password protected and voice activated. Nolan doesn’t know to read lips and Aiden at once figures out the password. He dials the number. Helen answers the call and tells Aiden that it is time they met. The Stowaway is raided by cops. Aiden meets Helen who reveals that his sister is still alive. She wants to know where he has been for the past six years. The K9 sniffs the coffee beans and they don’t find anything. Weird! Marco has prepared a lavish dinner for Nolan and Nolan tells him that he has fallen for someone else. Marco says that he is ready to wait. He then shows him a flash drive which has the most powerful decoding program; cyber plutonium. Nolan had abandoned that project as it was very dangerous but Marco thinks he should use it against Grayson Global.

He assures Nolan that he is on his side. Hmmm… at the benefit, Barnes tells Victoria that Patricia is still having a bit of migraine and that Conrad would be introducing himself. Emily sees Patricia and goes to apologize to her. Charlotte and Declan are having a nice time on the boat and the cops arrive and they find drugs. But jack tells them that the drugs are his and takes the fall. Emily walks up to Patricia and tells her about the letter. Patricia tells her that Palmer did not write the letter as he wouldn’t have left it unsigned as Palmer was brave. But Emily knows that Patricia was brave too and she wants Patricia to channel her bravery for the greater good. Patricia takes the stage and tells the crowd the story of the brave Palmer who was her friend. She tells them that Palmer knew about the tainted jury.

He also knew information on the David Clarke case that could lead to a mistrial and was about to come out with it; but that knowledge cost him his life. She then admits that she was the one who wrote the letter to Clarke. Barnes tries to stop her but she feels safe under spotlight. She accuses of her husband of being a part of the conspiracy. She then removes her jacket and reveals her bruised arms that scream “abuse”. The crowd gasps and Barnes walks out.

Emily is relieved and Patricia feels liberated. Helen calls Daniel and tells him about the trails that Nolan left behind while doing the search; and this could lead to some secret regarding Nolcorp. Next, Aiden goes for a shower and Daniel arrives to meet Emily. He tells her to head the charitable foundation of Grayson Global. Emily sees Victoria watching them together and she agrees. They then kiss each other. Victoria looks pleased; but Aiden isn’t. The episode ends.