Sabotage - Recap

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The episode begins with a person lying on the ground in a pool of blood. This body is wearing a mask. But a part of the wrist is exposed and we see a familiar tattoo on the wrist; the Double Infinity!! It is Emily! Cut to two days earlier, Aiden is at the beach house and Emily wants to know where he had been. She feels that he disappeared on her because of kiss. She tells Aiden that the kiss did not meet anything to her. But it did to Daniel! She tells Aiden that Daniel is the best link to the Graysons and the people who destroyed their families; she wants him to trust her.

He tells her that he was not keeping tabs on her; he had come to tell her that Helen Crowley from the Initiative made contact with him. He tells Emily that Helen told him that Coleen is alive. But Emily asks if she has given any sort of proof. He tells her that if he gives them an impression that he is under their thumb, then it would give him direct access to the Initiative and this way Emily doesn’t have to fall back in with Daniel. Next, Emoly arrives to meet Daniel and tells him about a charity for children that she has been working for. She wants him to attend the upcoming function. Just then Grace, Daniel’s PA, arrives with a package for him; it is the financial reports for some company. She also tells Daniel that Helen is on the line for him. Emily leaves.

Daniel talks to Helen. Emily listens into their conversation through Grace’s phone and learns that Daniel is telling Helen about the gaps he found in Nolcorp’s finances. Emily calls Victoria, telling her that she has some information for her. Next, Amanda meets Jack in prison and Jack tells her the truth behind the gun that was found on the boat. Amanda realizes that this whole thing was a revenge for what happened to Nate’s father six years ago. At the mansion, Jason, Conrad’s rival, has paid him a visit. Victoria hustles Conrad away and tells him that Helen is having Daniel to acquire Stone Haven United Solutions. She wants to know about this company. Conrad tells her that they are disaster recovery agents. Victoria has a plan to stop the Initiative; she looks at Jason and says “Sabotage”.

Later, Emily visits Victoria and Victoria wants her to invite Jason for the charity event. A surprised Emily agrees. Next, Daniel confronts Nolan about the gaps he found in the financials; a project named Carrion that has been banished from the files. Daniel tells him that he wants every detail about all the banished projects. Padma arrives and she tells him that she wants him to take her back; she doesn’t want to work anywhere else as she wants to be with him. Nolan hires her and just when he is about to kiss her, Marco interrupts. Next, Ashley arrives to meet Conrad and subtly blackmails him into hiring her. Conrad thinks that she is best suited for his next endeavor and rehires her. Daniel and Emily then discuss about the charity and Emily wants Helen Crowley to attend.

Just then Helen calls. We see a hidden camera in Daniel’s office and Helen is watching them on the screen. Emily asks Helen to come to the charity even t and tells her that deeper pockets will reflect better on Daniel. Helen agrees and disconnects the call. But she has a worried look on her face. Nolan confronts Marco and feels that Marco tipped off Daniel about Carrion. Marco points out that Padma’s appearance looks fishy. Nolan retorts saying that right after Marco’s appearance, Nolcorp was taken over by Grayson Global. Marco realizes that Nolan has completely lost his faith in him. At the charity, Daniel tells Emily that his mother has called Jason so that the two great egos could battle each other at the auction.

Nolan arrives and tells Emily that he has rigged the lighting system. Emily tells Aiden that she is sure that Daniel’s office is wired. They are awaiting Helen’s arrival. Declan visits Jack in prison and Jack tells him that it is time for him to learn the truth. Amanda tells Charlotte that they might need her parent’s influence to get them out of this mess. At the auction, Daniel bids at a million and Jason is not at all happy. Helen arrives and tells Aiden that he did go great lengths to meet her but putting his ex-girlfriend on the task. He tells her that he wants to see his sister. Helen then meets Emily and makes a small donation. Later, when she is alone with Daniel, she tells him that he should takeover Stone Haven immediately.

Amanda and Charlotte talk to Conrad. Conrad refuses to help Amanda. Amanda flicks an expensive watch lying on the table and leaves. Ashley tells Conrad that if he is serious about his career in politics, then he is missing an enormous opportunity. Padma arrives late at the event as Marco had put a bunch of work on her. She also tells him that she overheard that Marco and Daniel had fallout on something called Carrion. Nolan hurries to the office. Charlotte arrives to meet Declan on the boat. Amanda sells the watch for a gun. Aiden and Helen are in the elevator and he wants to know how she knows so much about him. Just then the elevator halts and there is some sort of gas that is pumped inside through the vents. Both of them pass out. Next, Jason and Victoria are having a chat and Jason is upset that he failed in impressing her.

She then tells him about Daniel’s plans on taking over Stone Haven. Jason is curious. Victoria flirts with Jason and leaves. Jason makes a call to his office and directs the target towards Stone Haven. Victoria overhears this and flashes her “victorious” smile. Helen and Aiden are tied to a chair back to back and their head is covered with a black cloth. A person wearing a black mask questions both of them, asking them who hired them to spy on Daniel Grayson. Amanda walks up to Nate and asks him to back off. She is about to pull her gun when Ashley arrives and tells her that Jack is waiting for her upstairs. Conrad is there too. He tells Amanda that he called in a favor. Next, the anonymous person beats up Aiden and a fight ensues. Aiden shoots the person and frees Helen. Just then an accomplice arrives and opens fire at them.

Helen wants to pull of the mask and see who kidnapped them. But Aiden pulls her away. We then see that the accomplice is Nolan and obviously, the kidnapper is Emily. This was an act to earn Helen’s trust. Emily asks Aiden as to how it went and Aiden tells her that he is not sure yet. She then tells him that Daniel is coming over. Aiden is not happy to hear this and tells her that she need not continue with this if the thing with Helen works. But there is an IF.

Daniel arrives with the million dollar wine he bought at the auction; but it has gone bad! Aiden arrives to collect his things. It is an awkward moment. Aiden leaves and moments later, Daniel leaves as well. We then hear a voice talking to Helen about the Carrion project; it is Padma. Looks like Marco was right! The episode ends.