Collusion - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily making love to Aiden. But just then Aiden’s face turns into Daniel’s and Emily snaps out of her dream. She sees that Aiden is not beside her. At the mansion, Conrad tells Victoria that Jason is vying for Stonehaven and that he knows it is Victoria’s doing to prove Daniel’s incompetency in order to protect him. Conrad approves of the plan; but since The Initiative is involved in it, he doesn’t want Victoria to be visible. It is Charlotte’s birthday but it looks like Daniel has forgotten about it. Victoria is not at all pleased to see Ashley back in the mansion. Emily finds Aiden standing on the beach.

She tells him that Daniel is taking her for lunch at the oyster bar. Aiden is waiting to hear from Helen. Emily assures him that whatever it is, they will figure it out together. Nolan and Padma are house hunting and looks like Nolan has finally liked this one. Daniel drives Emily to his plane. He wants her to be by his side when he is taking Stonehaven. Emily is reluctant. But he tells her that they will take things slow. He just wants her to be with him in this new venture. She agrees. Aiden arrives to meet Helen. She feels that Aiden and Victoria are working together and they were behind the abduction stunt. He tells her that he works alone and is going to be that way.

He tells her that he wants proof that his sister is alive before he does anything for her. She then shows him a video of Coleen talking to the camera. Helen wants Aiden to kill Victoria. And that too within 24 hours! Conrad talks to Amanda and Jack. Jack knows that Conrad is helping him for his public image. But whatever it is, Amanda wants to get them out of this and so she tells Conrad that Duncan was responsible for Joe Ryan’s death. But Jack tells them that his father managed to get the Stowaway because of Duncan’s help and so now he wants to stand by him. Amanda cries. Helen calls Padma and reminds her of her task. Padma knows it and she tells her that she is doing her best. Nolan sees her going through his desk.

She tells him that she was trying to plant the new house keys in his desk so that he could find it later. She has hooked the key on a special key chain of a deity who is an avatar of Shiva. Nolan thanks her for looking out for him. Amanda has brought a small gift for Charlotte. She asks her about her family. Charlotte tells her that Daniel forgot; her father is dealing with the Ryan brothers and her mother is organizing for the evening where they are supposed to meet for a ballet; it is tradition. But just then Victoria calls. She is out of city with some emergency and she will not return until the next day. Victoria is in CA and she meets Jason. She tells him that she is peeved with him for not telling her that he too is vying for Stonehaven.

Victoria tells him that Daniel is not ready for the acquisition of Stonehaven. Jason tells her that he has to get to a meeting and leaves. Daniel is shocked to see Victoria and she tells him that if he wants to rehabilitate Grayson Global’s image, he should not go through with this acquisition. The mother and son get into an argument and Emily asks Daniel to go to his room before he blurts out something regretful in public. Victoria tells Emily that she hopes that Emily would dissuade him from going in for this acquisition. Emily wonders why Victoria is so against this and she tells him that she is trying to protect her son. Victoria leaves and Emily calls Aiden to tell him that she is on CA.

But Aiden knows as he is standing right behind her. Emily thinks that Aiden has been following them. But he tells her that he trusts her. He says that Helen found him and now she wants proof that Victoria is trying to meddle with the Initiative’s plans. He tells her that she should go back to NY. Emily tells her that Jason knows that she is with Daniel; so she feels that if Aiden can dissuade Jason from acquiring Stonehaven, then it would become a sure thing for Daniel and this way Victoria’s dark intentions will be exposed. If this works, she is ready to go back to NY. Jack pays Duncan a visit and he wants Duncan to confess to the murder. Duncan does not agree. Aiden “talks” to Jason about Stonehaven and Jason decides to have a word with the owner, Donna Carlyle.

Conrad arrives at the Stowaway and tells Kelly that he has a written confession from Duncan about the murder. He also is ready to pay the Ryan brothers 50k for a signature and a swift departure. Victoria arrived to meet Jason. She sees that he is packing. She still wants him to acquire Stonehaven and he tells her that he has been told about Stonehaven’s impending lawsuit. Jason then connects the dots; from David Clarke’s scandal to all that followed. She tells him that she wants to protect her son from the very same Initiative who destroyed David Clarke. Jason tells her that he wants her. She tells him that if he does as she says, he can have her. They kiss. Aiden, who is trying to get an aim at Victoria, is shocked when Victoria draws the curtains.

Donna calls Daniel and tells him that Jason is back in the game and so she wants to see both their pictures side by side. Daniel then calls Nolan to dig some dirt on Jason. Emily messages him to say a yes and that she would buy him a house! She also needs something on Aiden. Nate tells Kelly that he does not want to leave Stowaway. He is going to talk to Conrad and make him sell the bar back to them. During the dinner, Daniel brings up some old dirt on Jason and Donna is shocked to learn this. She decides that she would hand over Stonehaven to Daniel. Nolan calls Emily and tells him that he found Coleen’s video from Aiden’s phone; but then he also suggests that maybe Helen has asked him to kill Victoria.

Emily asks him to track Aiden’s phone before it is too late. Jason meets Victoria and tells her that she set him up. She tells him that she did not and that her son is in grave danger. Jason thinks that he deserves it and leaves. Aiden now has a clear shot at Victoria; but Emily arrives on time and stops him. She tells him that they will find his sister and make the Initiative pay for it; but it has to be on their own terms. By killing Victoria, he will only turn into the Initiative’s assassin. She tells him to tell Helen that he helped Daniel seal the deal on Stonehaven. Victoria arrives to meet Emily and she is pissed with her as she let Daniel go through with the deal. Emily arrives to meet Nolan.

Nolan tells her that last week Padma referred to Carrion as a person and today she referred to it as a program. Carrion is a program which can take Manhattan’s power out in less than a minute. Emily connects the dots; Padma looking for Carrion and Daniel’s new acquisition is a part of Initiative’s plan. What worries he is what would happen once the lights go out? Emily asks Nolan to play Padma like she is playing him. The Graysons decide to give Charlotte a surprise for her birthday; instead she has a shocker for them; she has decided to change her name from Grayson to Clarke. This is her first adult decision. Emily tells Daniel that she was helping Victoria in dealing with him. Daniel tells her that he always suspected this; he just wanted to see what extent she could go to.

Nate meets Conrad and lays down his plan for restructuring the docks and providing lots of employment. Now this could do wonders for Conrad’s new image. Conrad is totally interested. Nolan has installed a spy camera in his office. He confirms that Padma is working with the Initiative and is looking for the Carrion. Aiden waits for Emily at the beach house. He shows her a video in which we see that Coleen died of overdose. Aiden blames Emily for this. he tells her that he listened to her and this is what happened. He says that if Coleen is dead, then it is on her. He leaves. The episode ends.