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Union - Recap

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The episode begins with the flashback, where young Amanda is preparing for her wedding. She uses pipe cleaners to make the wedding bands. Jack is the groom and Sammy is their best man. Cut to the present, Emily is still holding the wedding band she had made when she was a child. Nolan arrives to meet her and she wants to know if there is any news on Aiden. But Nolan tells her that he hasn’t been able to track him down. The topic then shifts on to Padma and Emily tells Nolan that he cannot let Padma know that he is on to her. Jack and Amanda are getting married and Nolan knows that Emily is upset about it. He then mentions Conrad Grayson steering the Stowaway deal.

Emily is shocked to hear this. Amanda arrives and Nolan leaves them alone to talk. Emily is angry that Amanda did not come to her for help and instead went to Conrad. She tells Amanda that Conrad will always be the enemy and that the Graysons always have a hidden agenda behind their actions. She writes a check to Amanda so that she can return Conrad his money along with some interest. Amanda thanks Emily. Jack wants Declan and Charlotte to take care of Carl for few days; Jack and Amanda are going away for a break. Nolan arrives at his office and finds Aiden waiting for him. Aiden then asks Nolan to go through the video that Helen sent him.

Nolan finds out that the video was made six years ago and Helen made it look like it was shot three days ago. Nolan points out that there is no reason why Aiden should blame Emily for this. Aiden then wants Nolan to find out the location where it was shot. He wants Emily to be kept out of the whole thing. Next, we see Nolan and Emily discussing the video. Nolan has tracked down the city where it was shot; New Jersey. Nolan wonders what the Initiative wanted with the girl. Emily explains that their father was the baggage handler in Heathrow and he helped in loading the bomb on flight 197. Emily’s priority is to find Aiden. She tells Nolan to hack into the NJ’s police system and find out about any Jane Doe’s that match Coleen’s description. Next, Victoria is listening into Daniel’s conversation. It is about investing in Algeria, Tunisia and other volatile countries and Daniel is not happy about it.

But Helen convinces him by telling him that their final plans are much grander in scope. Victoria thinks about the time David called her from prison saying that he was set up and he did not even know who to call when he was in Libya. Victoria is upset and worried about her son. Amanda hands over Emily’s check to Jack. But Jack doesn’t want to be in debt with his friends. But Amanda tells him that it is better than being in debt with his enemies. Victoria wants the documents from the ‘90s so that she could prove the Initiative’s wrongdoings to Daniel. She tells Conrad about the conversation she overheard and she fears that it has begun. Aiden is at the place where the video was shot. Emily arrives and tells him that she has come to help him. Just then Nolan calls with some bad news.

Meanwhile, Jack arrives to meet Conrad and hands him the check. But Conrad says that he cannot take it. He tells Jack that the deal has changed. He tells Jack about redeveloping the waterfront property. Jack tells Conrad that he is not going to sell his bar and tells Conrad that he will fight him and take him to court. Conrad obviously does not feel threatened. Jack goes back to Stowaway and tells Declan about Conrad’s plans. Jack knows that he will lose this fight as Conrad has a lot of money and other resources. Jack does not want Amanda to know about this. But Amanda overhears this conversation. Jack doesn’t want his wedding to be ruined. Aiden and Emily are at the coroner’s office and they are handed a file. It is Coleen’s file. Nolan confronts Padma. He tells her that he knows what she is after, but he says that he isn’t able to understand the “why”.

He then asks her about her father. She used to talk about her father a lot and now it suddenly stopped. She tells him that her father is perfectly alright. But we see that she writes down “NOT HERE” on a piece of paper and hands it to Nolan. Amanda arrives at Emily’s beach house. Emily isn’t home. Amanda then goes to the cabinet and pulls out the box which contains all of Emily’s spy work and other secrets. She then goes to meet Conrad with the surveillance videos and tells him to hand over the bar to Jack. Conrad is left with no option. He calls Nate and tells him there is some trouble in going ahead with the deal. He asks Nate to meet him. Ashley overhears this conversation. Next, Aiden has finally realized that his sister is dead. He wants to kill each and every person who was responsible for Coleen’s death.

Emily tells him that they need to deal with this with a clear head. Aiden tells her that he is not as cold and calculating as she is. She tells him that she also misses her father every single day and she too feels things. Next, Conrad hands over the bar to Jack. Padma tells Nolan that her mother told her that her father left for a business trip and then three days later, she got a call saying that her father was in holding. “They” wanted her to get close to Nolan and then get a code called the Carrion. Nolan tells her that he gave her the incomplete version of the code. But he wants to know how they learned that such a code existed. Padma doesn’t know. She is also shocked that Nolan knew the truth all along. She tells him that amongst all this, her feelings for him were real. Nolan believes that.

Next, Victoria walks into Daniel’s office with the documents from the ‘90s and tells them that Helen works for the Initiative and they were the ones who brought down flight 197. She couldn’t tell him the truth as the Initiative had threatened them. But Daniel tells her that if he backs out at this moment, they would suspect some foul play. Victoria asks him to play along till the time she comes up with some plan. But the mother-son duo is totally unaware of the fact that Daniel’s office is bugged and Helen is listening to their conversation. Jack and Amanda exchange vows on the beach. Emily slips in a ring made of blue pipe cleaner in the rings box. Jack is really touched. He then tells the group about how he and Amanda used to act this day out when they were kids.

Emily tries her best to fight back her tears. Jack and Amanda are now married. Daniel calls Emily. Daniel tells Emily that this is not the right time to rekindle things. He tells her that he has a lot on his platter. He thinks it is the best to wait for the dust to settle. Jack and Amanda leave for their trip. Helen pays Victoria a visit at the Grayson mansion. She asks Victoria to hand over all the evidence she has against the Initiative or else she will never see her son again. Victoria realizes that Daniel’s office is bugged. She tells Helen that the evidence is in a safe at the pool house. Helen walks over to the safe to get the evidence and Victoria draws her gun. She shoots Helen. She then calls Daniel from a blocked number and tells him to pretend that he is talking to Helen and that their meeting has been rescheduled.

She then tells him to come to the pool house. Daniel arrives at the pool house and sees Helen’s dead body lying on the floor. Conrad arrives and says that they have a huge problem that goes by the name Amanda Clarke. But before he could say any further, he sees Helen’s body lying on the floor! Aiden arrives to meet Emily on the beach. He apologizes for walking away from her earlier. Jack and Amanda are on the boat, spending their first night together as husband and wife. Declan tries to radio Jack because he wants to know where Carl’s pacifiers are kept. But we see that someone cuts off the wire; it is Nate. The episode ends.