Sacrifice - Recap

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The episode begins with a team of divers finding “Amanda”, Jack’s boat, on the ocean bed. The diver also finds a picture of Jack and Declan with their father and also other items that were once on the boat. We then see a hand wearing a wedding band. Cut to the flashback, we see Jack and Amanda making love. It is their first night as husband and wife and Amanda thinks it was perfect. But Jack and Amanda are totally unaware about Nate’s presence on the boat. At the Grayson mansion, Conrad and Daniel wrap Helen’s dead body in a rug. Her phone rings. It is her chauffeur. He is getting impatient. Daniel wants the phone to be turned off. But Victoria has a plan.

She takes Helen’s phone and texts her driver that she will be out in a moment and asks him to start the car. Victoria then walks out of the mansion and gets into the car and the driver does not realize that the person in the back seat is not Helen. The next morning, we see that Victoria is at the mansion and she has called back the staff because they need to organize the upcoming Labor Day party. Daniel thinks that it is a bad idea. But Victoria thinks that cancelling at the last moment will draw too much attention. We then learn that they are going to pin this murder on Amanda. They feel that she is a threat to them with the kind of evidence she has and so needs to be dispatched to the Initiative.

Ashley arrives and Conrad tells her that he is going to make his gubernatoral announcement at the party and that he wants her to keep Amanda Clarke and her interference away from the party. Next, Nolan, Aiden and Emily are having a video conference and they tell Nolan that they need him to let them handle Padma and save a father. Ashley arrives to tell Emily that Amanda blackmailed Conrad into making him handover the bar back to Jack. Emily realizes what Ashley is talking about and after she leaves, Emily checks her infinity box and sees that the evidence is gone. On the boat, Nate holds Amanda at gun point. He tells Jack that he wants the leverage that Amanda is using against Conrad. Jack does not understand what he is referring to.

Amanda tells Nate that Conrad is playing him. Jack tells Nate that he should call Conrad and that they could talk. Nate tries to call; but there is no signal. Amanda tells Jack that Nate would anyways kill them and before he does that, they should kill Nate. Jack then tells Nate that if he steers the boat nearer to the shore, he could get some bars. Emily arrives at the Stowaway and finds Charlotte making a slide show for Amanda and Jack. She is going through pictures of Amanda and Jack on the boat. But Emily notices a face in the mirror, it is Nate. She tells Nolan about the same and Nolan tracks down Nate’s phone; it is half way into the Atlantic. They rush to get a boat. Padma arrives at Stowaway and Aiden hands her his phone.

Nolan tells Padma that Aiden is a friend and that she can trust him. He tells her that Aiden will help her find her father. Victoria walks into Daniel’s office and the mother-son duo put up a good act for the cameras that have been set up in Daniel’s office by the Initiative. Conrad tells Nate about the computer which contains evidence against him. He tells Nate that if he gets it, the deal will go through. Amanda tries to fool Nate and then goes for her gun. But Nate has already emptied the bullets. Jack, who is locked away below the deck, turns on Declan’s laptop. Nolan gets an alert that Declan’s laptop is on and they figure out that something is wrong. The boat is moving. Amanda tells Nate that the evidence is not on the boat and they need to go back to get the evidence.

Meanwhile, Victoria arrives at the Stowaway and invites Charlotte to the party. Charlotte tells her that she will come if Victoria lets Declan come with her. Victoria agrees. She then places Helen’s scarf under Amanda’s bed. On the boat, Jack and Amanda put up a husband-wife fight and then he tells Nate that the laptop is on the boat. Nate leaves the two of them to fight. Nate searches for the laptop and Jack and Amanda ready the life raft. Nate cannot find the laptop and asks Amanda to come down and find it. Amanda takes him to a small room and pulls out the laptop from underneath the mattress. But Nate is pissed to find out that it is Declan’s laptop. Amanda locks Nate inside and goes to the deck. But Nate manages to break out of the room and fires shots on the deck. Jack is shot. Amanda throws Jack on the raft and she stays behind to protect him.

Nolan tells Emily that he thinks that Nate shot Jack. Emily sees that Nate is turning the boat; this means he is going to get Jack. Amanda breaks the pump and lets the water seep inside the boat. The Labor Day party has started and a guy from the Initiative arrives and starts asking questions about Helen. They tell him that Helen was at the mansion and Victoria decided to trade the evidence with Helen. She also mentions that she told Helen about the threat Amanda made to Conrad and that Helen assured her that she will take care of Amanda. The man doesn’t believe that Amanda to gather such kind evidence and Conrad points out to the fact that Amanda’s mother was married to Gordon Murphy. Victoria tells the guy to get out of her house. He leaves.

Next, Nolan and Emily manage to find the life raft carrying Jack; but Jack is not moving. Emily tells Nolan to take Jack to the hospital and Emily takes the life raft and leaves to get Amanda. On the boat, Nate realizes that Amanda has let the waters run in. He goes to get her. Amanda attacks him. A fight ensues and Emily arrives on the boat. She fights Nate. Emily is about to get killed by Nate and Amanda shoots him. They then rush to get on to the raft as the gas chamber has been shot. But Amanda goes back to the boat to get her necklace that Emily gave her before leaving prison; and Nate lights his lighter and blows up the boat. Meanwhile, the guy from the Initiative searches Jack’s house and finds Helen’s scarf and phone.

The man checks the last message on Helen’s phone. It is Padma’s message where she tells Helen that she has Carrion, but it is the incomplete and she is the only person who can convince Nolan to complete it. But for that she needs proof that her father is alive. The man calls Initiative and tells them about Helen’s death. In the middle of the ocean, Emily survives but we see that Amanda is badly wounded. She wants Emily to promise that she would take care of Jack and her baby. She thanks Emily because Emily gave her the one thing she thought she will never have. Amanda dies. Emily bursts into tears.

At the party, Conrad announces that he is going to run for the Governor. Later he has a drink with Victoria and Daniel. Next, Jack is in surgery. Nolan comes back to rescue Emily. The episode ends.