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Retribution - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily and Nolan arriving at the beach house. Nolan is asking Emily to slow down. Emily is enraged about Amanda’s death and she knows that the Graysons ordered it. She pulls out a gun from a drawer and tells Nolan that they need to go to the hospital and check on Jack. Nolan tells her that they cannot go until someone calls them about Jack, because then everyone will know that they pulled Jack out of the sea. Emily is upset and angry about the fact that everyone she cares about is hurt, and she is not able to forgive herself. Aiden arrives and Emily tells him about Amanda’s death. Emily goes upstairs and Nolan tells Aiden to let Emily be alone for a while.

Upstairs, Emily looks at the necklace she gave Amanda, before leaving the juvenile detention center, and she breaks into tears. At the mansion, Conrad is getting restless because he hasn’t heard from Nate. They also did not hear from Trask, the guy from the Initiative. This means that they are not sure if the Initiative is buying their story. Conrad is worried about Amanda’s laptop that contains the evidence. Declan and Charlotte arrive and Charlotte tells Victoria that Jack has been shot, so they need to go to the hospital. She wants Victoria to take care of Carl.

Daniel is unable to take any more bloodshed. Trask calls Conrad and tells him that they found Helen’s phone, but they still haven’t found the laptop Conrad told them about. Emily tells Nolan and Aiden that Charlotte called and she is going to the hospital. She wants Aiden to continue to track down the Initiative and get rid of Helen Crowley. Aiden tells her that someone did that because Helen’s phone is disconnected and Padma has been assigned a new contact. Nolan and Emily arrive at the hospital, and Charlotte tells them that Jack is out of surgery. She then leaves to check on Carl. Nolan is surprised that Carl is at the mansion. Declan tells him that the air-conditioner could not be fixed, so Victoria offered them a room at the mansion.

Nolan finds it weird that Victoria suddenly shows up at the Stowaway. Emily is sure that the Graysons are behind all of this. Conrad and Victoria meet Trask and tell him that they had nothing to do with Helen’s death. Trask finds it rather difficult to believe that a woman like Helen, fell prey to some girl named Amanda, who has also disappeared. Conrad tells him that Amanda was killed by a guy named Nate, and it was some personal vendetta. He says that Nate called him from the boat and confirmed the existence of the laptop, in return for a huge reward. Now, Nate is unreachable and it looks like everything is lost in the sea.

Aiden arrives to meet Daniel and tells him that he knows Conrad’s seat on the Board is now empty, because Conrad is busy with the elections. He tries to convince Daniel that they would make a great team. Emily is at the Stowaway and she meets Trask there. Emily tells Trask that she is Carl’s Godmother, and she has come to get some of Jack’s clothes. Ashley confronts Conrad and tells him that she knows he is responsible for Amanda’s death. She tells him that he had enlisted Nate’s help for the same. She also knows that this is why Conrad chose yesterday to announce his gubernatorial run, so that he can have an entire audience for his alibi.

Padma arrives at the hospital and tells Nolan that she has reached the deadline, and they will kill her father if she doesn’t hand over the Carrion. Nolan tells her that he will not hand over the software until he is sure that the finger they sent is her father’s. He tells her that he will try to get a fingerprint match. Padma tells him that she has been assigned a new contact and that Helen is unreachable. Nolan asks her to hand over her phone and go back to the office. Later, Nolan calls Emily and tells her that he tracked Helen’s phone, and the last two places her phone was turned on were the Grayson mansion and the Stowaway. Helen had no reason to go to Stowaway, but Victoria did. Emily is now sure that Victoria was trying to frame Amanda for Helen’s murder.

Charlotte is called to identify a body that washed ashore. Charlotte identifies that it is her sister, Amanda, and breaks into tears. At the mansion, Charlotte tells Victoria that she wants to have a big funeral for Amanda, but she is not able to find anyone to invite. Amanda’s mother seems to have disappeared, and the State Department requires a court order to give her information on Amanda’s foster care.

Daniel messages Victoria and Victoria leaves. Charlotte does an online search on Amanda and her life in foster care. She finds something. Nolan calls Emily, and Emily tells him that she has not been able to track the laptop. Nolan tells her that Daniel wants him to destroy the Carrion, or he will destroy Nolan’s digital kneecaps. Emily arrives at the hospital and tells Jack about Amanda’s death. Jack is devastated. Conrad arrives and Jack tells Emily and Declan that he wants to have a word with Conrad, alone. Conrad learns from Jack that he doesn’t know what exactly happened on the boat. Conrad looks relieved and leaves.

Jack pulls out the tubes from his arm and is about to get of the bed, when Emily and Nolan stop him. Jack tells them that the main reason Amanda came back to the Hamptons is because the Graysons framed her father, and she wanted revenge. He then tells them about the laptop and says that he wants to find it. Emily and Nolan offer to help find the laptop. They tell Jack to stay in the hospital until they return. Daniel tells Victoria about Trask and Aiden. Victoria tells him to hand over Helen’s accounts to Aiden and, if he is working for the Initiative, he will never execute the trades; otherwise he will leave his footprints all over. Jack wants Emily to give the eulogy for the funeral.

He feels that he didn’t know Amanda at all. Emily assures him that Amanda’s love for him was genuine. In a fit of rage, he throws a glass jar on the floor. He finds a key among the glass pieces. He knows that this key would open a locker at the marina. Jack opens the locker and finds the laptop. Conrad is giving a condolence speech at the marina. Nolan tells Emily that the laptop has been turned on and it is at the Stowaway. Emily arrives to meet Jack and Jack now knows that Emily and Amanda knew each other from juvenile detention because, along with the laptop, he found some letters. He is pissed at Emily because she lied to him about everything, and that she knew about Amanda’s plans since the beginning.

Nolan hands over the Carrion to Padma and tells her that the fingerprint matched her father’s, from immigration. He warns her that the people who have her father don’t have the best track record for keeping their end of the bargain. At the funeral, Emily gives the eulogy. Alongside, we see that Aiden breaks into the Stowaway and steals the laptop. Jack is still angry with Emily. Daniel arrives and tells Victoria that Aiden is not with the Initiative.

Aiden hands over the laptop to Emily and she throws it into the ocean. She tells him that all that evidence was clouding her judgment. Jack finds out that the laptop is missing and he thinks that the Graysons stole it. Emily is standing over Amanda’s grave and she hears a voice. The guy tells her that he never expected to see Amanda like this. Emily asks him how he knew Amanda and he tells Emily that he is Amanda’s brother, from foster care. Emily is shocked. The episode ends.