Illumination - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily arriving to meet Aiden at a safe house. She tells him that she met her foster brother Eli at the cemetery. She also tells him that she had burned down their house. Cut to flashback, Amanda is playing with a match box. Her foster mother is furious and Eli protected her. In the present, Emily tells Aiden that she had promised Eli that she would not let anything separate them. And nothing ever did till the time Emily set their house on fire.

At the mansion, Charlotte is happy that her mother is setting up a charity foundation in Amanda’s honor. Daniel arrives and tells his parents that he is still trying to find out the Initiative’s plans. He is not too happy about the fact that everything would get pinned on Aiden. Conrad and Victoria tell Daniel that he should be careful about Aiden. Daniel tells them that he doesn’t want an innocent man pay the price for their sins.

Jack talks to an insurance policy agent about Amanda’s insurance policy. He then sets up another insurance policy for Carl. Jack is still trying to figure out what happened that night. He is curious that someone pulled him out of the boat and took him to the hospital and didn’t even leave a name! Declan tells him his suspicions about Nolan. Victoria calls Jack and tells him about the foundation. Emily arrives at the mansion and offers Victoria a quarter million dollars and tells her that she wants to be the co-chair in the foundation. Victoria assures her that she will definitely consider the proposal. Eli James arrives and introduces himself to Victoria. He tells her that Charlotte invited him. Victoria tells him to be the guest of honor for the charity event and he agrees. Victoria introduces him to Emily and he feels that Emily looks very familiar. Emily is slightly nervous, but she gathers herself and tells him that they met at the cemetery. Nolan calls and Emily quickly leaves.

Emily arrives at the beach house and tells Nolan that she doubts that Eli was lying about being in London buying antique books. She wants him to dig around and find out more about Eli.

Emily visits Jack at the Stowaway and finds Eli talking to Jack. Jack walks up to Emily and Emily asks him if they could start over. Jack has a lot of questions for Emily. He tells her that according to Eli, Amanda hated her father. He wants to know that if that were true, why Amanda would want to avenge her father’s death. Emily has no answers. Jack gets back to work. Eli talks to Emily and tells her that she looks pretty good for a dead girl. He then turns over her wrist and points at the tattoo. He knows that she is Amanda. Later, they take a walk at the marina and Emily tells him that she did all this to start over. She wants him to leave from here. Eli reminds her that he was the one who always trusted her. He tells her that dealing in antique books is a scam and that he has standing warrants in three states. Emily tells him that she can wipe his records clean and also give him money to start over, but he has to start over someplace else.

Jack talks to a guy at the marina. He wants to know who brought him back on the docks. The man tells Jack that he received a call where someone wanted to rent his speed boat. Later, the man came back with Jack and there was a lot of blood. The man tells Jack that the guy who brought him to the docks bought his boat outright and paid in cash. He describes Jack’s savior and Jack realizes that it was Nolan.

At the event, Victoria turns down Emily’s offer to be the co-chair. Emily then introduces Nolan to Eli and Nolan wipes his records. Emily hands over a check to Eli and asks him to leave. Eli takes the check and tells her that it will be rude to walk out of the party so soon. They see that Eli is flirting with Charlotte. Declan arrives and realizes that Charlotte is totally mesmerized by Eli and leaves. Emily meets Ashley and thanks her for the heads up on Amanda. She then tells Ashley that Amanda was not close to Eli and that she had some trouble with him. She tells Ashley that he is not someone the Graysons want under their roof. Ashley tells her that she will deal with this. Aiden arrives and tells Emily that Conrad wants to talk to him. Ashley tells Victoria about Eli, but Victoria tells her that she doesn’t mind Eli’s presence, especially after learning the fact that Emily has a problem with Eli. Aiden tells Daniel that his father appointed him as the treasurer of the foundation. Daniel is pissed and he confronts Conrad. Daniel then learns that this foundation is just a front to hide their personal assets and keep it out of the government’s reach.

Jack arrives at the party and thanks the Graysons for honoring Amanda. Nolan and Emily are shocked to see Jack. Nolan then asks Jack as to why he is at the party. Jack tells him that he knows that it was Nolan who bought the boat. He also knows that Nolan and Emily have been hiding things from him. He leaves. Victoria announces Eli as the co-chair for the foundation. Nolan arrives to meet Jack and tells him that the boat, Rose Gray, is registered under Kenny’s name. Nolan tells Jack to check the DMV records to confirm it. Jack wants to confront the Ryans and Nolan holds him back, telling him that his child and brother need him alive. Jack tells him that he shouldn’t have doubted him.

At the beach house, Daniel tells Emily about his involvement with the Initiative and that his parents are using the foundation as a front. They are hiding their money in this foundation in case there is an investigation. Emily acts surprised and tells Daniel that she wants to cancel her check. Daniel begs her not to because it could raise their suspicions.
At the mansion, Conrad is counting the money they collected and he tells Victoria that they are short of five million to build a legitimate charity trust.

Nolan calls Emily and tells her that he has managed to convince Jack that Kenny bought that boat. Emily tells Nolan that the Graysons are trying to hide their money using the foundation. She tells him that if they can use Carrion to hack into the foundation’s account, they could bankrupt the Graysons.

Aiden leaves for Grayson Global and Nolan arrives at Aiden’s safe house. We then see that Daniel introduces Aiden as the new member on the Board. At the safe house, Emily and Nolan use the Carrion to hack into the foundation’s account. Nolan is shocked when he hits a firewall which he cannot break through. He is shocked. He tells Emily that he has seen this before. Cut to flashback, Nolan is in prison meeting David Clarke. He tells David that the Grayson’s used the legendary hacker, Falcon, to set him up and Falcon is too good at what he does. Nolan tells David that he too aspired to be as great as Falcon. He wants to know who Falcon is because Nolan is sure that he is on Grayson’s payroll. David tells him that he needs to focus on Amanda and forget about him.

Cut to the present, Nolan tells Emily that whoever wrote this program to protect the foundation’s account, he is the same person who sealed her father’s fate. This means that the Falcon is back on the Grayson’s payroll and Emily decides to go hunting. The episode ends.