Victory - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily telling Aiden that Eli is in touch with their foster mother, who used to scam the agency. She checks on the internet and finds that all her foster siblings are in a very bad place; some became prostitutes, some arrested for drugs etc. Aiden thinks that it is time for Eli to go because Eli’s presence has started bothering Emily. Back to business, Emily asks Aiden about the recent developments in GG. Aiden tells her that since the time he joined the board, Daniel has became awfully quiet.

Emily knows that Daniel is under a lot of pressure and he will need someone to confide in. She calls Daniel and tells him that she wants to talk. They decide to meet for lunch the next day. Daniel tells his assistant, Grace to make a reservation for him and a guy named Taylor. He also wants it in a quiet place, away from the paparazzi. At the mansion, Ashley tells Conrad that he is not doing well in the polls.

Emily arrives and Victoria is not too happy to see her. Eli tells her that he invited Emily for breakfast. He says that Emily has offered her services to the foundation and since he is Chair, he has accepted it. He then tells the group about Meredith Hayward, their foster mother. He tells them that the ACF should sponsor her home. It will also be good for the campaign. Victoria agrees. Conrad warns Victoria that they should keep an eye on Eli. Padma arrives to meet Nolan. She shows him the flash drive which contains proof that her father is alive. In the video, Padma’s father asks her to come to a location with the Carrion and also that she should come alone. Nolan assures Padma that he will not let anyone harm her or her father.

At the beach house, Emily is pissed at Eli. She wants to know what he wants and why he is staying in the Hamptons. He tells her that he wants to get back at Meredith. He tells her that Meredith hid a few letters that David Clarke had written to his daughter. He managed to pocket just one of them, and he is sure that Meredith has the rest. Emily asks him why he is doing this for her. Eli says that he wants to keep his promise that he will always look out for her. Emily agrees to stand by him. Later, Emily arrives and tells Nolan that she is going to go with Eli to check on their foster mother and also retrieve the letters. She assures Nolan that she will be back on time to help him.

Emily leaves and Aiden and Nolan start working on their plan. Nolan is surprised to learn that Aiden is planning on shooting the terrorists. He then tells Nolan that Emily has already made new identities for Padma and her father. Nolan is shocked. Aiden tells him that the only way to keep them safe is to let them go. Next, Emily arrives to meet Jack and Jack tells her that he cannot fight Conrad because Conrad stole his computer. Jack tells Emily that he has decided to focus on Carl. At school, Declan purposely runs into Trey and flicks his cell phone from his bag. Next, Eli and Emily arrive to meet Meredith and they tell her that the ACF will be presenting her a check so that she can save her house. Eli tells Meredith that he would like to meet her current kids so that they could introduce them in their feature. Meredith shows him around and Emily takes a walk around the house.

We see that Eli tells Meredith that he is not doing this from the goodness of his heart. He is doing it only because she promised to give him 60% of the entire thing and that is good enough to heal a lot of wounds. So, they are in this scam together! Next, Emily and Eli get Meredith to the Grayson mansion. Victoria tells Meredith that ACF will pay $250,000 annually. At the Stowaway, Declan uses Trey’s phone to message Kenny and Declan tells Jack that Kenny has agreed to meet “Trey” in half an hour. Just as Jack is about to leave, Conrad and Ashley arrive at the Stowaway. Declan tells Jack that he had agreed to let Conrad use the Stowaway for the press conference. Conrad wants Jack to give a speech at the press conference. In other words, he wants Jack to convince the poor guy to vote for the rich guy. Jack wants time to think.

Next, Daniel and Emily meet for lunch and he tells Emily that Nolan is going to take the fall. He tells her that he will make sure that she is safe and that “they” don’t target her. At that moment, Aiden calls and tells Emily that they have changed the drop site and that Padma has asked them to deliver the Carrion is 36 minutes. Emily is stunned and tells him that she is having lunch with Daniel. Aiden decides to do this alone. Nolan seems unsure. At the site, Trask arrives to meet Padma and she hands over the flash drive to him, but instead of releasing her father, Trask pushes her into the car and is about to leave. Aiden realizes that they don’t have Padma’s father and so he decides to take down Trask. Nolan stops him and Aiden misses his shot.

Next, we see that Trask brings Padma to the place they have kept her father, but he is locked in a room. He tells Padma that they want her to do one more thing. He tells her to take a seat in front of the camera. Alongside, Jack finds Kenny waiting for Trey in a park. Kenny tells jack that he does not own a boat. He tells Jack that Graysons are trying to cover their tracks. He also tells Jack that there is one thing he did not tell the cops. He says that Nate used to record his meetings with Conrad, just in case Conrad turned against him. Jack tells Kenny that he wants those recordings. Next, at the press conference, Eli is out for revenge. He tells the crowd about Meredith’s horrid abuses and he also has the other kids from the foster home to corroborate his story. Meredith blurts out that Eli was the one to set their house of fire and he let Amanda take the blame for which she ended up doing five years in juvenile detention.

Later, Victoria bans Eli from the foundation and her home. Emily confronts Eli and Eli admits that he was the one who started the fire. He says that the fire she started burned off and so he started another. He says that he is trying to make it up to her now. He wants things to be better between them. He says that he will eventually prove it and leaves. Next, Jack and Nolan listen to the recordings. They learn that Conrad had ordered Nate to kill Jack (in subtle and carefully chosen words). Jack tells Declan he needs proof to show that there was some kind of contract between Conrad and Nate. He also tells Declan that Amanda had some evidence against Conrad and she used that to blackmail him to get the bar back.

Eli arrives to meet Meredith. The child services took the children and they have opened an investigation against her. Nolan arrives and tells Emily that they lost Padma, her father and the Carrion. He also tells her that the Initiative sent him a text which proves that they were one step ahead of them. Emily tells him to track the source. He tells her that the encryption is insane and it will take weeks and he feels that by that time, the Initiative will kill Padma. Emily tries to get him to focus. The next day, Eli arrives and tells Emily that Meredith sold the letters to some guy years ago. He hands over an envelope to Emily and tells her that it contains all the details. Emily thanks him for trying. Eli leaves.

Next, Jack arrives to meet Conrad. Jack tells Conrad that he has decided to help him with his campaign. Conrad is happy. Nolan is trying to break through the encryption and he notices the Falcon’s signature. Aiden is surprised to learn that the Falcon is working with the Initiative. They must have poached him from the Graysons. Next, Daniel receives a mail. It is a picture of him and Emily at their secret lunch. He also finds two bullets along with it. At the mansion, Victoria checks her bullet case and we see that there are two bullets missing.

Next, Emily goes to meet Mason in the prison. Emily knows that Meredith sold the letters to Mason. He tells her the letters burned with his house, when Emily set fire to it. Emily knows that he has read them, and so she wants him to tell her what was written in it. Mason tells her; and a smile spreads across Emily’s face when she learns that Victoria has another son. The episode ends.