Masquerade - Recap

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The episode begins with the detective returning Nolan’s call. Nolan is pissed that it has been 6 weeks since Padma was kidnapped and the detective hasn’t been able to find her. Emily arrives and takes a look around Nolan’s office and sees that the walls are covered with papers, pictures and equations. She gets worried. Nolan tells her that he found a love letter that was written by Padma that says she will be waiting for him. Nolan is a mess. Emily tells him that his friends need him. She also says that if he wants to find Padma, she has a good idea.

At the mansion, Victoria is preparing for the Halloween Masquerade party. Victoria is going through the RSVP cards when Ashley arrives with one which seems slightly interesting to her. Victoria opens it and reads that it is ‘FROM HER LOVING SON’. She remembers the time when the doctor told her that she is 7-8 weeks pregnant and a young Victoria looked scared. She immediately snaps back to the present and tells Ashley that it is nothing. At the Stowaway, Evan Spradlin prepares Conrad for the FAQ meeting which is going to be held at the Stowaway. After the session, Evan leaves and Ashley tells Jack that she bought masks for Jack and his brother. Ashley tells Conrad about the RSVP which said “expect the unexpected” and it was dated 1973. She also points out that it was the same year when his opponent won his first seat on the community board.

Next, Daniel arrives to meet Aiden and asks him if he pulled Trask’s entire fund into another account. Aiden says he did that because everyone was shorting it and hence he took a gamble. He tells Daniel to let him speak to the client. Trask arrives. At the Stowaway, Nolan arrives to meet Jack. Jack tells him that he is planning to trip Conrad up and he needs Nolan’s help. He tells him about Nate’s recordings with Conrad and Nolan agrees to help. At the mansion, Emily arrives to meet Victoria and tells her that her invitation probably got lost in the mail. Victoria tells her that no invitations were lost. She states that she did not invite Emily. Victoria tells Emily that Daniel has moved on and that she too should. Emily says that she is sorry to miss the party and leaves.

At GG, Trask is unhappy about what happened and he tells Daniel that their firm is liquidating all their assets from GG. Daniel calls Emily and tells her that he took the win. He wants to celebrate, so he invites her to the masquerade. Emily tells him that Victoria made it very clear that she did not want Emily at the party. Despite that, Daniel wants her to come and she agrees. At the mansion, Charlotte is still finding it hard to believe that Amanda is dead. Victoria tells her that she understands. At that moment, the maid arrives with a bunch of black roses. There are 11 of them and the card says “I will be wearing the twelfth one”. Charlotte finds it freaky. In the parking lot, Trask sits in his car and finds Aiden sitting in the back seat with a gun aimed at him.

At the Stowaway, Conrad’s wires are double tapped into and one of the people present at the pub asks him about David Clarke’s trial. Conrad is shocked and Jack pretends to be furious at the local who asked that question. At the same time, one of Nate’s recordings is being played in Conrad’s earpiece. Conrad is confused and is forced to declare that he will reopen that case and try his best to acquire Presidential pardon for David Clarke. At the mansion, Victoria is unhappy that Conrad dragged David Clarke into the FAQ session. Conrad shows her the RSVP card and asks her about her son. Victoria tells Conrad that she was impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend and she had terminated that pregnancy. So, it cannot be him who tapped into his earpiece earlier in the day. Conrad feels bad for her and assures her that they will make it through this together. Victoria thanks him for understanding.

Next, Trask brings Aiden to the place where they kept Padma. Aiden sees Padma’s dead body lying on the table. Trask tells him that Padma was killed earlier this morning. Aiden wants to know why they kept her alive for six weeks. Trask says that everyone has a purpose, girlfriends, little sisters who love their heroin, etc. Aiden gets angry and he strangles Trask. At that moment, he hears the police sirens. Next, at the masquerade, Victoria is not at all happy to see Emily. Emily tells her that Daniel invited her as his date.

Emily walks up to Nolan and thanks him for his help during the FAQ. She is glad that her father’s case is going to be reopened. Ashley has her doubts about what happened at the FAQ and suspects that Conrad’s manager Evan is the one behind it. Conrad is not happy to hear that and points out to the various events where Ashley’s position looked suspicious. Victoria is looking for the guy wearing the twelfth black rose. She meets Daniel’s ex-girlfriend and tells her that she wishes that she and Daniel get back together. The girl shows a picture of Daniel and Emily having lunch together that has made its way to the newspapers.

Victoria is furious and confronts Daniel. Daniel hands over the two bullets he received in mail, to Victoria and he knows that they belong to her. Aiden arrives and Emily asks him about Trask. He tells her that he killed Trask. He also tells her that Coleen and Padma are also dead. Emily is shocked, but she was expecting it. Nolan arrives and Emily tells him that they should take a walk outside. Nolan at once realizes that Padma is dead. He is furious and in tears. Nolan tells her to get back to the party, but she doesn’t want to leave him alone. Nolan assures her that he will be fine and he leaves.

Next, Victoria spots a guy wearing a black rose. She follows him, but loses him in the crowd. She ends up next to Aiden and Aiden asks her if she is alright. Victoria collapses. The guy wearing the black rose nods at Emily and leaves. The next day, Conrad taunts Victoria and asks her why she fainted on the ballroom floor last night. He wants to know if she lied about terminating the pregnancy. Victoria tells him that she will get proof of what happened. In return she wants this topic to be dead forever. Conrad agrees.

Ashley arrives at the Stowaway. Jack had texted her. He tells her that he wants her help to destroy the Graysons. He says that he heard the way Conrad talked to her at the party. He knows that she too wants to bring down the Graysons, just like he does. She realizes that Jack was the one who played the tape. Ashley agrees to help him. Next, Nolan is at his office when the detective arrives. He questions Nolan once again and Nolan decides not to speak a word. Victoria knocks at a door.

Later, Victoria thanks the Sister for agreeing to see her. Cut to flashback, where we see that Victoria has given birth to her son and the Sister promises her that she will never let her son know who is mother is. She also promises that she will never let Victoria know what becomes of her son. In the present, the Sister tells Victoria that her son came looking for his mother a few years back and he has never come since then. Victoria thanks the Sister for all her help and leaves. Moments later, a girl wearing a hoodie arrives and tells the Sister that she needs her help. It is Emily and she tells the Sister that she is pregnant. The episode ends.