Identity - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily waking up beside Daniel. She quickly has a shower and gets dressed. Daniel tells her that since they are back together, they could actually go out on real dates. Emily tells him that she has to go meet Nolan. Nolan, who was arrested for murdering Padma, is now being released and Emily wants to be there for her friend. Daniel tells her that he will drive her, but she doesn’t want him to. Victoria is angry about the fact that Conrad is using her teen pregnancy to gain some publicity for his campaign. Emily overhears their conversation.

At the Stowaway, Ashley arrives to meet Jack. She tells him that, despite being fired, she still has access to Conrad’s schedules. She points out three tax meetings that recently took place and feels that there is something suspicious about them. She tells him that she does not have the details, and digging around too much could give rise to suspicions. Jack thanks her for her efforts. Nolan is released from prison and Emily brings him home. She tells him that she wants to help him by taking down the Falcon. Nolan thinks that it wouldn’t help because Falcon has been underground for two decades and it is difficult to track him down. Emily tells him that Victoria knows about Falcon’s whereabouts. She tells him that Victoria handed Conrad some forged documents that prove she terminated her pregnancy. They know that Victoria is lying.

Emily thinks that someone who is tech savvy and can alter hospital records in matter of hours, is covering her tracks. Nolan decides to take the Falcon down. He hacks into the St. Michael’s database and pulls up Victoria’s records. At the mansion, Victoria receives an email which tells her that the “forgery” was sloppy. It also has a copy of her original record. She immediately calls the Falcon and tells him to trace the source and cover it permanently. Emily arrives to check on Carl. Jack, who is still angry with her, tells her that he doesn’t want her coming and checking on them. Ashley arrives, carrying Carl on her hips. Emily is shocked to see Ashley.

At school, Charlotte tells Declan that he should try getting into Harvard. Regina meets Charlotte and asks her if she really wanted to kill herself when she took all the pills last year. Charlotte is taken aback by the question. Regina explains that last summer, her brother did the same thing and she only wanted to know how he felt when he was dying. At home, Falcon messages Nolan. He wants to meet him. Emily is glad. Daniel calls Emily, and Emily tells him that she would like to be present during Conrad’s and Victoria’s interview. Daniel tells her that he would like her to be present as well. Takeda arrives to meet Daniel. He tells Takeda that he is worried about Aiden. He says that Aiden has made some reckless transactions, which has upset some of his clients.

At that moment, Aiden arrives and he is surprised to see Takeda in Daniel’s office. They go out for drinks. Regina tells Charlotte that they should go out and party. Charlotte tells her that she had promised to help Declan with his essay. Regina tells her that she could either sit at home with the boring essay or come out and have a blast with her. Charlotte is tempted. Nolan arrives at a gaming zone to meet the Falcon. It is a lady hacker. Nolan hands her a USB drive and tells her that he wants her help to cover some of his dirty secrets. Nolan tells her that if she doesn’t agree, he would put an end to her hacker reputation. The Falcon takes the USB drives and leaves. Emily clicks some pictures. Elsewhere, Jack, who is following Conrad, sees him meeting some woman.

He clicks pictures and sends them to Ashley. Ashley tells him that she is the Governor’s wife. Jack and Ashley wonder what Conrad is doing with the Governor’s wife. At the mansion, Conrad arrives with a news crew. He wants Victoria to do the interview. At first she refuses to, but later on she gives into Conrad’s request. She goes upstairs to change and calls the Falcon. The Falcon assures Victoria that her secret is safe. Victoria thinks about the time when she was offered a scholarship and how she abandoned her son, Patrick. The Falcon plugs in Nolan’s USB drive into her laptop. At home, Emily tells Nolan that he managed to get the Falcon to do what he wanted. She is about to leave for the interview.

At the mansion, Emily feeds something into the reporter’s tablet. Victoria isn’t too happy to see Emily. Reporter Chang begins her interview and Aiden watches it on television. Chang asks Emily about her wedding plans and she tells the cameras that it would be an honor to be a Grayson. Jack is furious and he leaves. Emily tries to explain, but Jack tells her that he doesn’t want her to be Carl’s Godmother. Declan calls Charlotte and tells her that he is waiting for her. Charlotte, who is out partying with Regina, tells Declan that her parents have locked her down because of the interview. She promises to help him the next day and hangs up the phone. Some reporter at the club wants Charlotte to pose for the camera. At the mansion, Chang interviews Conrad and Victoria.

Chang asks Victoria about Patrick, her six month old son, whom she abandoned for a scholarship to enroll herself in a European Art school. Victoria tells the press that the story is true and she walks away from the interview. Conrad is at a loss for words. The Falcon aka Edith is angry and calls Nolan. She wants to know how he did it. He reminds her about the USB drive that he gave her. He also tells her that he has exposed her identity to the world. Moments later, the FBI arrives and arrests Edith. At the beach house, Daniel arrives to meet Emily. He hands her their engagement ring and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. If she decides to wear the ring, he will know her answer.

At home, Declan gets a message; it is a picture of Regina and Charlotte kissing each other at the club, a stunt for the cameras. Jack arrives and Declan asks him about the interview. He also asks him about Emily. Jack tells Declan that he doesn’t want Emily in their lives. He states that they need to be really careful about who they trust. Declan is not too sure about Ashley. Jack assures him that he is using Ashley to his advantage. At the mansion, Ashley arrives to meet Conrad and shows him his picture with the Governor’s wife. Conrad hires her back. Victoria goes to meet Nolan. She tells him that she could give him back Nolcorp if he helps her find Patrick.

Next, Emily tells Aiden that Daniel is pushing her to define their relationship. Aiden knows that Emily always wanted to become a part of the Grayson family and destroy them from the inside. He tells Emily to marry Daniel, and that they will take them down once and for all. The episode ends.