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Engagement - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily meeting Daniel for dinner. She has a surprise for him; two tickets to Paris. Daniel notices that she is wearing the ring and he is happy. At the Stowaway, Jack asks Declan why he didn’t tell him about Charlotte and the video. He wants to know what is going on. Declan tells him that Charlotte is in a really dark place, especially after Amanda’s death. Declan takes out some money from the drawer and leaves. At the mansion, Victoria is really surprised that Conrad is ready to give up Nolcorp to find her lost son. Conrad tells her that he simply wants to hasten the search of her lost son. He also knows that this will truly help his campaign.

Daniel arrives and Conrad hands the transfer papers. He then declares that he and Emily are re-engaged. Moreover, they are getting married in two weeks and moving to Paris for ever. Victoria tries to talk Daniel out of his decision, but Daniel is extremely rude to her. After she leaves, Conrad tells Daniel that his engagement might give him a bump in the polls. Daniel doesn’t care about all that. All he wants is his money from the trust fund. He tells Conrad that since the Initiative is no longer in the picture, they don’t need to hide their assets. Conrad tells him to wait for the right time before he resigns from Grayson Global. At that moment, Grace calls Daniel and tells him that Takeda has sent over Aiden’s employment records. Later, Daniel confronts Aiden and asks him as to why he did not tell him that he is Trevor Mathis’s son.

Trevor Mathis is the same guy who planted the bomb on the flight 197. Aiden tells him that he is not too comfortable sharing this information with anyone. Daniel fires Aiden on the spot. At Stowaway, Ashley tells Jack that Conrad has hired her back, but she wasn’t able to find out more about his relationship with the Governor’s wife. Emily asks Charlotte if she would be her maid of honor. Charlotte is surprised and she readily agrees. The topic then shifts to the video and Charlotte tells her that she wasn’t thinking at all. At that moment, Regina arrives and Emily leaves the girls alone. She then walks into the hall, where Victoria is busy reading the letters from the guys who claim to be her long lost son.

Victoria tells Emily that just because she is engaged to Daniel doesn’t mean that she can walk in and out of her house for no reason. Emily tells Victoria that she came to ask Charlotte to be her maid of honor. Jack arrives and Victoria takes him into the office for a private conversation. Emily is shocked that Jack came to meet Victoria. Inside the office, Jack shows Victoria the picture. He tells her that this picture is enough to sabotage Conrad’s campaign. Victoria doesn’t seem too surprised. She tells him that she will handle it. She asks him if he knew that Emily and Daniel are re-engaged. She also tells him about the engagement party in the evening. She knows that Jack wouldn’t be invited because he was the reason their previous engagement broke in the first place.

Jack was unaware about this. Later, Victoria goes to meet Allison, the Governor’s wife. Allison tells Victoria that she is reading the whole thing wrongly. She tells her that her husband is suffering from a degenerative heart condition and hence she doesn’t want him to serve another term as Governor. She tells Victoria that she and Conrad are trying ways to sabotage her husband’s campaign so that he could lose and spend the rest of his days in peace. Victoria feels bad for her. Aiden arrives to meet Nolan and tells him that he wants a job. He tells Nolan that he also wants to put a stop to Emily’s “revenge” because he knows that there is no end game to it. He explains things to Nolan and Nolan feels that he is right. Nolan asks for a solution and Aiden thinks that they should drain the Graysons’ account.

Nolan tells him that it is impossible to hack into the security program that the Falcon has created. He goes to meet Edith aka Falcon in prison. He tells her to help him find Patrick, Victoria’s lost son. She tells him that during the David Clarke thing, Victoria got a whiff that Patrick was coming in search of his birth mother and so she had her henchman pay Patrick 5 million to disappear. She tells Nolan that Victoria is playing him. He asks her what the Initiative plans to do with the Carrion. She tells him that she doesn’t know, but she also tells him that for her benefit, she tweaked the program in a way that the Initiative will not be able to access it without her. So, either the Initiative will get her out of prison or he could do so. Nolan asks her how he can hack into the trust fund account.

She gives him a riddle to solve, and tells him that he will find his answer one he solves the riddle. At the engagement party, after a sweet toast, Victoria tells Emily that she wants to have a private chat with her. Charlotte is busy partying and Declan finds her. Charlotte is not able to hold her alcohol and she pukes. The cameras capture this. To add to that, she gets arrested for underage drinking. Declan is not able to do anything. At the party, Daniel tells Emily that he fired Aiden. He also tells her the reason. Emily confronts Takeda, who is also present at the party. He tells her that Aiden put her at risk with his irrational behavior. He tells her that she has to walk down the path all alone.

He also tells her that the Initiative is planning on a second strike. Emily realizes that Takeda is here to stop it. She offers to help, but he refuses. On the porch, Jack confronts Emily. He wants to know why she is marrying Daniel this time around. She tells him that she tried telling him the first time, but Amanda had come into his life and she was pregnant. That is why she backed out. She tells him that one day she will explain everything to him, but not now. Jack leaves. Nolan wants to know what is going on. Emily tells him about Aiden being fired. Nolan tells Emily about the riddle. Daniel arrives and tells Emily that he needs to go and bail Charlotte before his parents get to know about it. After he leaves, Nolan and Emily got back to discussing about the riddle. Nolan suddenly seems to figure out where to find the answer.

He quickly leaves. Nolan calls Aiden and tells him that he figured out the code; it is a numeric password from the Street Fighter, a game that the Falcon had challenged him to play the first time they met. Aiden tells him that they should drain the account soon. Nolan tells him that they should bring Emily into the loop, especially after she told him what Takeda has planned for him. At that moment, Takeda arrives at Aiden’s place. Aiden hangs up. Takeda tells him that he should abort the mission because he failed. Aiden tells him that he will leave only with Emily. He tells Takeda that if he doesn’t let them go then he will tell Emily the truth. Takeda challenges Aiden to a swordfight. Takeda gets killed. Next, Daniel bails Charlotte.

She tells him that with all that is happening around her, she doesn’t want to bring a new member into the family. She tells him that she is pregnant. At the Stowaway, Jack joins forces with Victoria despite Emily’s warnings. Victoria wants to know why he wants to destroy Conrad. Jack tells her that Conrad ordered the hit on Amanda. He makes her listen to the recording. At Nolcorp, Nolan has managed to get into the account. Aiden arrives and he is thirty minutes late. He uses the administrative login to get inside the account. Nolan tells Aiden that the moment they press “Enter”, the Graysons would be left with nothing. At that moment, Emily arrives and tells them that they are not ready for this. Aiden doesn’t listen and hits “Enter”. At the campaign site, Conrad watches the news where Allison talks about the Governor’s degenerative heart condition.

This means that Conrad would be Governor in the next two days. At Nolcorp, the Graysons’ account is empty. Emily tells them that the Graysons will know that Aiden used his administration code to enter the account. At that moment, the power goes out, and that too all across New York. Nolan realizes that it is the Carrion. The Falcon played him. Emily realizes that “it” has begun. The episode ends.