Truth, Part One - Recap

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The episode begins with Nolan telling Emily and Aiden that all the automated systems are fried and there is no medium of communication available. He wonders what is going on. Daniel and Charlotte are on their way to Conrad’s campaign site. Charlotte tells him not to tell their parents about her pregnancy because she hasn’t figured out what to do about it. Daniel tells her that she needs to tell Declan about the pregnancy and they should figure it out together. Jack tells Victoria about the blackout. Victoria tells Jack that the recording is not enough to prove that Conrad killed Amanda. Jack knew that Victoria would defend Conrad.

He tells Victoria about the laptop in Conrad’s office-safe which proves that he was behind everything that happened with David Clarke. It is seen that the blackout has not dampened Conrad’s campaign plans. Regina and Declan are still locked inside the ATM. Nolan, Emily and Aiden figure out that the Falcon tricked them into activating the Carrion. Victoria and Jack arrive at Conrad’s office to search for the laptop. Jack finds a file on Amanda. Victoria tells him that she was the one who made that file because Amanda came after her family. At the same time, she quickly manages to hide the file they had on Jack. Nolan tells Emily that he will not be able to access the trust funds as long as the servers are offline. He then finds out that The Falcon has reprogrammed Carrion to eject his prompts.

This means that Aiden is running out of time because the Graysons will soon find out that Aiden used his administration login to access the funds. Emily decides to go and meet Takeda. Nolan does not want her to go alone. He goes along with her. At the ATM, Declan realizes that Regina actually likes Charlotte and she always wanted him out of the way. The power is back, and Regina walks out of the ATM. Daniel and Charlotte arrive at the campaign site. Charlotte goes to Conrad’s suite for a change while Daniel decides to go to Grayson Global. Conrad tells him to steer clear of Grayson Global. He tells Daniel to shut down the office and send the employees home. Daniel leaves.

At the mansion, Victoria tells Conrad that Jack knows about the laptop. Conrad tells her that the laptop is deteriorating somewhere in the ocean bed. She also tells him that Jack joined the campaign to sabotage it and that Ashley is in on it with him. Emily and Nolan arrive to meet Takeda, but they find his dead body instead. Emily breaks down into tears. They find Takeda’s infinity box. They find the pictures of a man and a woman in the box. Emily doesn’t recognize them. Victoria finds Charlotte’s home pregnancy kit in the trash can. She learns that Charlotte is pregnant. Declan arrives at the campaign site. Regina is already present there. Regina tells Charlotte that Declan hit her and threw her out on the roads alone and ran off with the bail money.

Declan tries to convince Charlotte that Regina is lying, but the security guard takes him away. Emily arrives to meet Aiden and is glad to see that he is fine. She tells him that someone killed Takeda. Aiden does not tell her that he was the one who killed him. Emily is really upset about Takeda’s death. She shows Aiden the picture of the guy she found in Takeda’s box. Aiden tells her to stop all this and disappear with him. Emily notices the bruises on his hands and figures out that he killed Takeda. Emily is pissed because Takeda meant a lot to her. Aiden tells her that Takeda was not going to let her finish this battle.

He tells her that Takeda’s fiancé was killed on flight 197 and he was avenging her death. Aiden explains that Takeda was using Emily as a soldier for his war. He was never going to let her finish this war. Emily is upset that Aiden hid the truth from her all this while. Aiden tells her that he did this because he knew that Takeda meant a lot to her. Daniel calls. Emily leaves for Grayson Global to stop Daniel from implicating Aiden. On her way out, she tells Aiden to disappear. Emily arrives at Grayson Global. Daniel tells her that the IT guy is trying to bring the servers online. He tells her that he thinks that probably Aiden could be trying to set him up.

The IT guy arrives and tells Daniel that it could take another 24 hours to get the servers working. Emily sees that the IT guy is the same guy whose picture she found in Takeda’s box. At the campaign site, Declan arrives to meet Charlotte. Victoria tells him that Charlotte is pregnant. Declan wasn’t aware about this. Victoria warns him to stay away from her daughter. Conrad sends Jack a message through Ashley’s phone and tells him to meet her on the 27th floor of Grayson Global and collect the laptop.

Aiden arrives to meet Nolan at Nolcorp. He tells Nolan that he killed Takeda. He tells him that he did this for Emily. During the conversation, Nolan ends up telling Aiden that Emily was in love with Jack and she walked away from him and went to Japan. Aiden hands over an envelope to Nolan and tells him to give it to Emily. Aiden leaves. Declan calls Charlotte and tells her that he did not even lay a finger on Regina. He tells her that Regina is obsessed with her or maybe even in love with her. He tells Charlotte that he knows about her pregnancy and wants to meet her. Charlotte confronts Regina. Regina tries to deny but Charlotte figures out that Declan is telling the truth.

Emily arrives at Nolcorp and tells Nolan that the guy whose picture they saw in Takeda’s box, was at Grayson Global. Nolan hands over the envelope to Emily. She pulls out a newspaper clipping which proves that Aiden was telling the truth about Takeda’s fiancé. She also tells Nolan the whole story. At that moment, Jack calls and tells Nolan that he is going to Grayson Global to collect the laptop from Ashley. Conrad sees Jack passing through the campaign office. Conrad checks the time. Emily is confused because she threw the laptop into the ocean and there is no way anyone could have managed to retrieve it.

They get a hit on the IT guy/ the guy from the photo. His name is Hoffman and he is an assassin. This means Conrad has set up a trap and Jack is about to walk right into it. Emily rushes out to stop Jack. Nolan tries to call Jack, but it goes to the voicemail. Nolan leaves a message for Jack. He then rushes to Grayson Global. Conrad gives is gubernatorial speech.

The assassin arrives at the gathering and Conrad spots him. Hoffman nods his head; a signal indicating that his work is done. At 4pm, everyone gets a message on their phones. It says: LONG LIVE DAVID CLARKE. Victoria shows the message to Conrad. Conrad looks up at the building of Grayson Global. There is an explosion on the 27th floor. The episode ends.