Truth, Part Two - Recap

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The episode begins with Nolan trying to stop Emily from going inside the building. Aiden hears about the explosion and calls Nolan. Nolan tells him that someone planted a bomb in Grayson Global and tried to lure Jack inside the building. Aiden is worried about Emily. Nolan tells him that Emily has sneaked into the building to find Jack. Aiden decides to go as well. Conrad and his team put up a good show in front of the cameras by acting as first responders. Emily gets inside the building and finds a man trapped under the debris. The fire fighters take her out of the building.

At Nolcorp, Jack confronts Nolan. He wants to know how Nolan knew about the bomb. Nolan tells Jack that it all started with Victoria trying to trace her first child. He then tells Jack how he met the Falcon and in the process, he learned that the Falcon worked with a bunch of terrorists who planted the bomb and also brought down flight 197. Jack has had enough and he decides to kill Conrad. He destroys his phone so that no one can track him. Emily calls Nolan. He tells her that Jack is safe but he is about to kill Conrad. Jack confronts Ashley about the text. She tells him that she did not send him any text. She figures out that Victoria must have told Conrad about his plan. This means that Conrad already knew about the explosion.

Aiden arrives at the scene and Daniel reports him to the cops, saying that Aiden is responsible for the blast. Aiden escapes. Charlotte and Victoria arrive at the scene, and Conrad is relieved to see that Charlotte is alright. At that moment, the fire fighters get a body out of the building; it is Declan. Charlotte is devastated. Conrad is shocked and confused. Jack arrives at Nolcorp. Nolan confirms that the text was sent from Ashley’s phone. They think that it could be Conrad who sent the text. At that moment, Nolan receives a call from Ashley. She informs them that Declan was injured during the blast and has been taken to the hospital. Jack decides to go and meet Declan at the hospital.

Nolan tells him that if Conrad sees him, he might try to kill him. Emily arrives and tells Nolan that she will ensure Jack’s safety. They arrive at the hospital. Emily gets him a fake id and a uniform and tells him that he might not get to spend a lot of time with Declan because Victoria and Charlotte are in the waiting room. She tells him that she will keep them distracted. Jack manages to sneak into Declan’s room. Declan is awake and he tells Jack that Charlotte is pregnant. Jack doesn’t know what to say. Later, Charlotte goes into the room to meet Declan. She is relieved to see that he is fine. She apologizes for believing Regina. Declan tells her that she should go home and get some rest.

Aiden meets Emily at the beach house. He hands her, her set of keys to a villa they always spoke about. He tells her that if she decides to get away from all this, he will join her at the villa. He kisses her goodbye. The next morning, Nolan arrives to meet Emily. She tells him that Aiden is gone. Nolan is surprised that Aiden was able to walk away from her. Emily tells him that Aiden could do that because he told Aiden about Jack. Emily asks him about Jack. Nolan is surprised because he hasn’t seen Jack since last night and he thought that Jack was with her. Emily goes to the Grayson mansion to search for Jack.

At Grayson Global, Daniel tells Conrad that he is sure that Aiden is behind the explosion. He also tells Conrad that the trust fund is empty and they have no money. Conrad tries to convince Daniel that they can rebuild everything. He tells his son that ‘Paris is off the table’. Daniel refuses to be a part of Conrad’s crusade. Conrad admits that he knew about the explosion and he tells them that amongst Initiative’s acts of terrorism, this explosion was a triumph because no lives were lost. Daniel thinks that his father is out of his mind. Conrad makes it clear that Daniel is indebted to him and hence he expects to see Daniel by his side tonight. At the hospital, Nolan learns that Declan is about to undergo a heart surgery.

Declan tells him that he lied to Charlotte because he wanted her to smile and go back home with some good memories about them. Emily goes to the Grayson mansion to find Jack. As usual, Victoria and Emily get into an argument. At that moment, they learn that Aiden is arrested for the bombings. Victoria tells Daniel about Aiden’s arrest. Daniel tells her that Aiden is not behind the bombing; it is the Initiative. He also tells her that Conrad knew about it all along and was a part of it. Victoria is surprised. She confronts Conrad. Conrad tells her that there is nothing called the Initiative. It is a group of savvy businessmen who perfected the art of profiting of other people’s fear.

He tells her that Helen approached him with a business proposition while he was in prison. He tells Victoria that they are now in a position where they can triple their previous wealth. Victoria is furious. Next, Jack arrives to meet Declan at the hospital only to find Nolan waiting for him with a video message from Declan. Jack tells Nolan that he wants to meet Declan. Nolan tells him that Declan is dead. Jack is shattered. He gathers himself and tells Nolan that Conrad will pay for whatever he has taken from him. He leaves. Nolan calls Emily and tells her about Declan. He then tells her about Jack’s intentions. Emily tells him that they would find Jack at Conrad’s party.

Aiden is in custody and his request for an attorney has been denied. The cops tell him that the nature of their investigation has changed. Nolan is about to leave for the party when the cops arrive and arrest him for terrorism. Daniel arrives to meet Emily at the beach house but finds Aiden at the house. They get into a fight. Aiden tells Daniel that he is ready to give him a second chance if he lets Emily go. Daniel spots Emily’s gun. During the interrogation, the cops question Nolan about the Carrion. Nolan learns that the Falcon has denied any involvement with the Carrion. The cops show him a tape wherein Padma testifies against Nolan. She calls Nolan an anarchist and a genius. She states that Nolan Ross is Americon Initiative. Conrad is elected Governor. Emily arrives at the party but she is unable to locate Nolan or Jack.

She tells Ashley that Declan is dead and Jack is going to kill Conrad. She tells her to keep Conrad away from the podium. Daniel arrives at the party. He tells Conrad that he needs to borrow a shirt. There is blood on Daniel’s shirt but Conrad doesn’t notice it. At home, Victoria has a visitor; it is her son, Patrick. She is shocked. At the party, Conrad and Daniel are on the stage. Jack is about to shoot them when Emily stops him. She tells him that all this is happening because of her. She requests him not to throw his life away because of the choices she made. Jack is confused. She tells him that she is Amanda Clarke. The season ends.