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Dissolution - Recap

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Having reconciled from their previous quarrel, Emily and Daniel are lying in bed together. Emily gets up, claiming to be going for her usual morning swim. However, she heads over to Nolan’s place. Upon arriving, she notices the house in disarray and Patrick leaving. She proceeds to look through the house, fearing for Nolan’s safety, and finds him lying in a bathtub. He's just napping while listening to music. This leads to Nolan explaining Patrick’s reason for being there so early in the morning: they’re seeing each other. Emily tells Nolan that he has to end it. He’s a criminal who tried to kill Conrad and ended up killing Father Paul. It’s just way too complicated for them to be involved. Nolan looks upset, but resigned to doing as Emily says.

Charlotte is once again helping Jack at the Stowaway and asks when Baby Carl is coming back. Jack reveals that it won’t be until after Emily and Daniel’s wedding. Speaking of the wedding, Charlotte gets ready to take off for a family breakfast at Grayson Manor to discuss further wedding details. When she mentions to Jack that her and Conrad have reconciled, he gets angry. But she explains that she did it for a good reason and reveals how she took the fall for the car accident, so Conrad would stop thinking it was Jack. She did it to save him. Jack calls Emily in a complete outrage and informs her of what Victoria manipulated Charlotte into doing.

During breakfast, Victoria privately asks Patrick to go to the gallery and she’ll meet him there shortly. Once he leaves, Emily assures Victoria and the rest of the family that despite the recent tension between her and Daniel, the wedding is back on track. In fact, they’ve already decided to turn the honeymoon into a family affair. But Conrad has some much bigger news of his own. Since their funds are rather limited these days, he’s selling Grayson Manor. There’s already a buyer willing to make a very generous offer. Obviously upset, Emily suggests that she and Daniel buy the manor to keep it in the family, but Conrad insists that the deal is already done. Later on, Emily expresses her concern about this to Aidan since her plan to take the Graysons down revolves largely on them staying at that house. She decides that the only option is to take down the house itself.

Victoria meets up with Patrick at the gallery and expresses her sorrow of Conrad selling the Hamptons estate. She tells Patrick that she wants to put the gallery in his name so that Conrad can never try and profit from their success. He’s grateful for the trust she has in him. It’s then that she reveals her knowledge that Patrick was the one responsible for the car accident. But she’s not mad. Victoria is grateful that he tried to protect her and assures him that Conrad doesn’t suspect a thing. Patrick tells Victoria that he loves her and calls her Mom for the first time.

Daniel and Charlotte get together the next day, so he can help her formulate a business plan to get more people to frequent the Stowaway. While they’re out, she asks Daniel to stop over to the bakery to pick up a cake, but things get awkward when the girl behind the counter turns out to be his ex-girlfriend, Sara, whose spine was crushed during his drunk-driving fiasco. She immediately starts yelling at him and reveals that the so-called settlement he’d arranged was a joke. His family screwed her over in the fine print, so she has to work 60 hours just to cover her medical expenses from the accident. Charlotte walks in on the scuffle and leaves with Daniel, who is thoroughly shaken.

Patrick goes to see Nolan, who hasn’t been returning his calls all day. When asked about it, Nolan tries to break things off, but Patrick reminds him how they promised to not let Emily and Victoria’s feud come between what they have. This is enough to convince Nolan to reconsider.

While Daniel decides to go check out Conrad’s office and actually read Sara’s settlement agreement, Charlotte begins putting a devious plan into action. She calls up Sara’s boss to report her for rude behavior. Meanwhile, Emily calls Daniel to inform him that her house has foundation problems, so they’ll have to stay at the penthouse for a little while. But really it’s Aidan who’s helping her to create the problem as part of their secret scheme. Emily tells him how glad she is that he’s in this with her and they start to kiss.

Nolan goes to see Jack at the Stowaway. to talk about Emily and how she keeps screwing with his life. He admits that he’s been seeing Patrick, which Emily thinks is a bad idea. Jack agrees and accidentally lets it slip that he knows Patrick was the one who killed Father Paul. Realizing that Emily must’ve discussed all of this with Jack, Nolan informs Jack that he too knows Emily is really Amanda Clarke. So while Jack may have suspected that Nolan was in on the secret, now he knows for sure.

The real estate agent, Morgan, notices all of the construction going on over at Emily’s house and decides to investigate. Emily makes her aware of the beach erosion that plagues this area of the beach. It forces her to repair the foundation of her house every few years, but she loves the view so she finds it worth the hassle. Unaware that these problems existed, so close to the place she’s in the process of selling, Morgan leaves to investigate further.

Jack goes to see Nolan and asks how long he’s known the truth about Emily. Nolan admits that he’s always known the truth since he was close to her father. Jack hates the fact that he still finds the need to protect her even after everything that she’s done. Nolan suggests it’s because they both still see that poor, hurt girl inside of her. But even though he doesn’t agree with everything she’s doing, Jack tells Nolan that she’s right about him staying away from Patrick. He’s dangerous and if he finds out that Charlotte took the fall for him, he may decide to do something to her to guarantee her silence. Jack says if Nolan can promise that Patrick won’t be driven to hurt anyone else then he’ll drop the subject. But Nolan can’t. Jack offers to take care of the situation and Nolan agrees on the condition that Patrick doesn’t get hurt in the process.

Charlotte goes to see Sara at her house, where it’s revealed that she got fired from her job at the bakery. Charlotte tells Sara that Emily was the one who gave details about the accident to the magazine during its launch and assures her that Daniel is a changed man. Sara admits that even though she’s really made at him, she can’t help but still have feelings for him even after all this time. Charlotte offers her a job at the Stowaway.

Aidan calls Victoria over to the mansion upon learning that the final transaction on the place is about to go down and he figured she would like to be part of it. However, there won’t be any deal after all. Morgan reprimands Conrad for not informing her of the shoreline erosion problem. Not telling clients about the situation is illegal and could have gotten her into serious trouble. She promises to tell every broker in the city about how he tried to screw her over and assures him that he won’t be able to sell the mansion at al. Conrad blames Victoria for this, but she assures him she played no part in the matter. In fact, she’s ready to leave the place behind forever and places her wedding ring into his champagne glass. But Emily needs Victoria to remain at the mansion, so she makes plans with Aidan to distract her from leaving with the one thing she just can’t resist.

Jack goes to see Conrad and declares he has some important information to give to him, but on a few conditions. Though he’s mostly doing this to ensure Charlotte’s safety, he also wants this to signify a truce between their own feud. Conrad agrees, so Jack informs him that it was Patrick who’d tried to kill him, not Charlotte.

Emily stops by to see Nolan, who tells her that Jack went rogue with his permission and is telling Conrad about Patrick’s involvement in the accident. Emily is furious since she plans to use Patrick to get to Victoria, but Nolan doesn’t care. He even admits that he came clean with Jack about also being involved in the whole revenge scheme. He thinks she’s too controlling and it’s making him feel isolated when he doesn’t need to be. All he wants is a friend and right now she’s being a pretty crappy one.

Aidan leads Victoria to an old warehouse where he tracked down the Grayson fortune, which is now entirely in gold. Convinced that Conrad was keeping this from her, Victoria confronts him and assures him that she won’t be leaving the marriage until she gets her fair share. Conrad, of course, has no idea what she’s talking about since it was Emily who allowed her to find the money she’d taken, but he’s got bigger fish to fry with his wife. He informs her that he’s well aware of Patrick’s attempt on his life and intends to take him away from her forever.

Daniel sees Sara working at the Stowaway and confronts her as she leaves. He recalls old memories of when they were together and admits that after seeing the settlement for himself, she was unfairly treated. He explains that he thought she was set for life and apologizes for everything he’s put her through. He wants to try and earn her forgiveness. As they talk, Charlotte watches them from the window, clearly hoping that this rekindled relationship will result in the breakup of Emily and her brother.

Emily meets up with Aidan and admits she had a fight with Nolan. He reminds her that it’s the price that comes with trying to balance two different worlds, but soon she won’t have to worry about any of that anymore. In five weeks time, it will all be over and they can be together again.

Victoria manages to notify Patrick of Conrad’s intentions and is able to provide him with a safe getaway. She gives him some money and a ticket out of the Hamptons with the promise of finding him again once all of this is over. He doesn’t want to leave her at Conrad’s mercy, but Victoria assures him she can take care of herself and this is the best thing for everyone right now. He’s clearly hurt by her decision to send him away, but he leaves as she requests.

Back at Nolan’s house, Jack and Nolan are hanging out when Emily shows up. She admits that she’s not good at communicating it, but they are two of the most important people in her life and she doesn’t want them to feel in the dark about anything. After she takes her final revenge, she’ll have to disappear forever and won’t be able to see either of them ever again, which is why she wants to tell them everything… including her plan for August 8. She reveals that it will be the day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.