Resurgence - Recap

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Aidan and Emily are out on an inflatable dinghy, preparing to launch another level of her Grayson takedown into effect. But Emily is somewhat sad about the whole thing and relays her regret to Aidan about never being able to see her sister again when all of this is over. He promises to be there for her.

Conrad tells Victoria the following morning that he has enlisted a PR specialist to help boost the family’s image. He instructs Victoria to go along with whatever the publicist has planned or else he may decide to track down Patrick’s whereabouts and do him harm.

The PR woman is downstairs talking with Charlotte and Emily. She informs them that their lives will follow her guidebook if they have any hope of worming Conrad back into America’s hearts. So her first order of business is to get Emily and Victoria back on good terms in the public’s eye. She wants them to be the new ideal image of the perfect mother and daughter-in-law.

Jack stops by to see Margaux at her work to bring her macaroons and ask her out on a date. At first, she claims to be too busy preparing for the coverage of Daniel and Emily’s wedding. However, after a little coaxing she agrees to it.

Emily stops by to see Nolan, who is trying to track down Patrick’s whereabouts, but to no avail. When Emily mentions Conrad’s new PR lady, Nolan admits that he has somewhat of a history with Busy. Right before he was about to resolve things with his father, Busy put out a piece in the tabloids that outed Nolan after he had a fling with one of her clients. This caused his father to change his mind about visiting and Nolan never got another chance to reconcile with him before he died. Bottom line— usy is hardcore and takes no prisoners. So Emily and Nolan concoct a plan to use Busy to their advantage and take her down in the process. The first step is to purposefully leak her information about Emily’s “first” marriage.

Daniel approaches Sara at the Stowaway asking if she’d be interested in making the cake for his and Emily’s wedding. At first she feels he’s just trying to give her a handout job out of guilt, but he assures her that he’s simply trying to make amends by giving her a job he knows she would love. He encourages her to think about the offer.

Busy has a sit-down meeting with Emily and informs her that she’s heard talk of a man who claims to have proof that Emily’s been married before. Having planted the leak herself, Emily does a great job of feigning panic to Busy, assuring her it was just a dumb mistake when she was young. She begs her not to tell Victoria. Busy promises to bury the story like she’s done for many of her other clients. However, she wants to know what other little secrets Emily is hiding in her closet. Emily assures her there is nothing else.

Since Jack is clearly preoccupied with Margaux, Victoria informs Aidan that his number-one priority right now is to get back into Emily’s life… as well as her bed. Aidan quickly informs Emily of the situation. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to do anything to stop plans on the wedding, but on the other if he doesn’t do as Victoria asks then he could lose access to the Graysons. So Emily suggests that do what she wants, but on their own terms.

Nolan devises a plan to hack into Busy’s client information, so he could leak all of their secrets to the public and completely ruin Busy’s reputation. The problem is that she keeps everything on her phone, which is guarded by a security password. Nolan needs it in order to get his hands on all the intel, and since the phone never leaves her hands, Nolan realizes he’s going to have to get creative.

As part of their date night, Jack decides to take Margaux over to his boat to watch a movie under the stars. They’re having a great time and start to kiss, but Jack stops it from going any further without offering any explanation as to why. Things get a little awkward and Margaux decides to take off for the night. This inspires Jack to go visit Amanda’s grave and say a proper goodbye in an attempt to move on. He even takes off his wedding ring.

Back at Emily’s house, Sara provides the future newlyweds with several cake samples she could make at their wedding. Emily is pleased with the results and is happy to offer Sara the job. Sara is thrilled and grateful to Daniel for giving her this opportunity, hinting that he’s well on his way to making amends for the past.

Conrad goes to see Margaux and wants to offer her an exclusive on his future comeback. But Margaux doesn’t want her magazine to serve as a type of advertisement for him. She wants access to all of his past records and files to get behind the truth of it all. Margaux assures Conrad that there’s an interesting story there. He just needs the guts to tell it.

Victoria and Emily meet with Busy for lunch to talk about their public image. However, Aidan drops by and asks to steal Emily away for a moment. This leads Busy to tell Victoria about Emily’s former marriage while Nolan, Emily, and Aidan eavesdrop from afar. Victoria takes the bait and asks Busy to uncover as much as she can about Emily’s mystery ex.

Charlotte decides to invite Sara to the Grayson Fourth of July party. At first Victoria does not approve, but once Charlotte shares her belief that Daniel still harbors feelings for Sara which could break him and Emily up, Victoria is eager to have her there. But while Charlotte’s main concern is thinking what’s best for Daniel, Victoria simply wants Emily out of the picture.

Nolan meets Busy at the party and gets introduced to her husband of 22 years. Nolan pretends to have put the past behind him with no hard feelings, so they have a drink together. He even lets her use his glasses when she’s trying to look up Emily’s schedule on her phone. Little does she know that those particular glasses are rather special and hold a secret camera inside. So when Busy typed in her password while wearing Nolan’s glasses, he was able to play back the video and see it.

In another room, Margaux confronts Conrad about a rumor she heard that he was looking to write his memoirs. Impressed that he’s willing to dig into the past after all, she offers to help him publish it. They make plans to discuss things further the following morning. Soon after, Jack shows up and apologizes for his strange behavior the other night. He admits that he tries not to talk about the terrible events that happened to him over the past year, which is probably part of the problem. He wants Margaux to give him a second chance. They kiss and head back to his place to spend the night together.

As the fireworks begin, Daniel finds Sara watching from the beach and goes to bring her a jacket in case she’s cold. They talk for a bit, but when Daniel leans in to kiss her, she quickly turns away.

Nolan calls Emily over to show her what he’s managed to dig up on Busy so far. Now that he has access to her phone, he’s found a string of dirty text messages that Busy’s been sending to someone other than her husband. It looks like Busy is getting busy with a few secrets of her own.

Victoria calls Aidan into his room at the mansion and informs him that he’s no longer welcome there. His attempts to woo Emily are not having the desired effects of making Daniel jealous, so she’s decided to cut him loose. She no longer needs/wants his services and instructs him to get out of her house immediately. Aidan later meets with Emily to inform her of his firing. Figuring Victoria must have something new up her sleeve then, Emily says the best thing for Aidan to do is the leave for now and come back when the dust settles. They kiss and say a quick goodbye before he heads out.

Nolan stops by Busy’s office for a visit, but this time he isn’t there to smooth talk her. He has leaked all of her client’s personal secrets for all to see, ruining her career. He informs her that she now belongs to him and will be at his beck and call until further notice. Nolan also threatens to tell her husband about her sexual indiscretions with another man, but decides to make her a deal instead. She can either end the affair and save her marriage, or she can carry on with the deception and Nolan will spill the beans to her husband himself. As he goes to leave, Busy apologizes for what happened between him and his father. Nolan admits he’s been waiting ten years to hear that. Now he only wishes that his father could as well.

Victoria goes to visit Sara at her home. She apologizes for her coldness the other night and admits that she believes Daniel still has feelings for her. He's about to marry another woman, but perhaps it’s only because he’d lost her three years ago. She wants the two of them to work together for a common goal of bringing this marriage down.

Emily goes to see Nolan, who recounts his semi-takedown of Busy, even though he actually ended up saving her marriage. He suggests that perhaps his revenge schemes have a silver lining. He also informs Emily that his camera glasses caught a few extra things at the party: like Daniel and Sara looking pretty cozy together during the fireworks. Emily realizes this is why Aidan wasn’t making Daniel jealous. He’s starting to have feelings for Sara again. Emily reveals that she’ll just have to make sure the two of them have no future together.