Secrecy - Recap

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Daniel and Sara are lying together on the beach, passionately embracing and just generally enjoying each other’s company…

Daniel remembers of the memory of them together while in the shower. Just as he’s stepping out, Emily comes in to ask if he’d like to grab lunch with her this afternoon. Daniel informs her that he’s just too busy and apologizes, but Emily can tell that he’s acting distant because of his growing feelings for Sara. Before he leaves, she reminds him that the co-ed bridal shower is the following day.

Victoria is on the phone with someone named Rohan and sounds pleased with whatever it is that he’s telling her. As she hangs up, Charlotte walks in and asks who was on the phone. Victoria explains that it has to do with Emily’s shower but won’t elaborate. Charlotte reveals that she lost her phone, which had the speech she was going to make at the bridal shower. However, she noticed that Sara has been texting Daniel a lot lately, so whatever Victoria said to her seems to be working. There may be no need for a shower, let alone a speech.

Jack is over at Nolan’s freaking out over the fact that Margaux is digging into Conrad’s past now that she wants to work with him on his memoirs. He thinks it’s too dangerous and begs Nolan that if she comes around asking questions to not tell her anything. Nolan agrees, but also ends up revealing to Jack that Aidan is now his roommate. Jack seems confused until he realizes that Aidan and Emily are actually together. He seems hurt over the news. Emily walks in and Jack gives her a hard time about it, but she retorts that he doesn’t get to judge what she does with her life after the plan is over. He storms out.

Sara and Daniel meet up at the Farmer’s Market together where Daniel admits to her that he can’t stop thinking about the kiss they shared over the Fourth of July. But Sara doesn’t want to be the other woman, especially after seeing something similar happen with her parents. He’s getting married in two weeks and she can’t come between that. He grabs some strawberries and begins to walk away. However, Sara stops him and offers to meet him there again on Sunday. He smiles and drives away. Then Sara turns around and Emily is standing right in front of her. Emily demands to know how long the affair has been going on and breaks down crying on the spot. But Sara assures her that she is not a homewrecker and that nothing is going on between the two of them. Relieved, Emily apologizes for jumping to conclusions and chocks it up to wedding stress.

Conrad visits Margaux’s office to inform her that a different publishing company made him a better deal, so he’s taking the rights to his memoirs elsewhere. Margaux is furious that he only used her to start a bidding war and determines to dig up his dirty little secrets on her own. While there, Conrad then stops into Daniel’s office and assures him that he followed his advice about not working with Margaux. She was already looking back into last year’s events, which would only lead to trouble. Conrad notices the strawberries on Daniel’s desk and figures out that he’s been spending time with Sara. He instructs Daniel to come with him on a little road trip since he needs to show him something.

Margaux goes to Jack to complain about how Conrad double-crossed her. He suggests looking to Nolan for answers to see if there’s anything to her theory. After she leaves, Charlotte gives herself props for hooking the two of them up. Jack casually brings up Aidan in their conversation, asking what he used to do for her parents. Charlotte doesn’t know the specifics, but she makes it clear that he “fixes” things by any means necessary. Charlotte then goes to check her email and discovers she has a new message from someone, but she is not happy about it. Jack asks her if everything is alright and she lies and says it is.

Sara and Victoria have a follow-up meeting, but it’s not the news Victoria wants to hear. After talking with Emily, Sara feels too guilty about trying to break up the marriage and wants nothing more to do with it. But Victoria assures her that Emily is only out for herself and doesn’t actually have Daniel’s best interests at heart. She asks Sara to give her a chance to prove it to her. She reluctantly agrees.

Conrad takes Daniel to a secret place that has been passed down to the Grayson men from generation to generation. It’s a love shack of sorts, which offers a temporary escape from the woes of marriage. Conrad sayhs that none of the wives know about it. He gives Daniel the keys to the place, telling him it’s time for him to have it now. If he ever finds himself slipping for the sanctity of marriage, thereis a place where he can fall without regret.

Emily is sure that after her breakdown, Sara is out of the picture. She even found a necklace Daniel had stashed away as a bridal shower gift, which means she needs to give him something of equal value. Nolan suggests she get a specialized high-tech watch, but not for Daniel—for her as part of a backup plan in case anything goes wrong in the future.

After receiving a panicked text from Charlotte, Aidan heads over to the Stowaway and bumps into Jack, who becomes immediately protective of Emily. Aidan warns him to mind his own business and storms out of the bar to wait for Charlotte. She informs Aidan that while she was in Europe she allowed a photographer to take some nude photos of her. They were on her phone, which has been stolen and found by a guy who’s blackmailing her to give him $40,000 or he’ll release the pictures to the press. Aidan assures her that he can handle it; he’ll just need to borrow her computer to set up a time to meet him. Charlotte is grateful, especially when he says he’ll do it for free.

Daniel and Emily show up at the bridal shower, but things start to get awkward once they notice that Sara is there, working. Charlotte delivers her little impromptu speech, but immediately rushes off after she’s been delivered a message telling her to go to the Stowaway ASAP. It’s then that Victoria announces it’s time to play a little game.

Aidan meets up with the blackmailer and starts beating him right outside of Jack’s bar. Due to all the commotion, Jack comes out and tries to stop it, but Charlotte arrives and tells him to leave it alone. Aidan searches the guy’s pockets, finds Charlotte’s phone, and returns it to her.

Conrad places a blindfold on Daniel and tells him to name the next voice that he hears, which turns out to be an old school friend. Meanwhile, Margaux makes good on her intent to talk to Nolan about the Graysons, but he assures her that there’s no story there and definitely nothing worth writing about.

Next up, it’s Emily’s turn to be blindfolded by Victoria. But she’s in for a much different blast from the past. Rohan appears, offering Victoria the perfect opportunity to announce that Emily has been married before. However, this had been Emily’s plan all along and she was more than prepared to explain herself. It was a marriage of convenience, so she could help Rohan obtain his green card and allow him to be with his true love—who happened to be a guy. It was simply one good friend helping out another and a great way to make Victoria look bad.

This is enough to convince Sara that Victoria is the one who is vindictive, not Emily. She tells Victoria to let Daniel go as she plans on doing the exact same thing.

Afterward, Nolan learns that Rohan also trained with Takeda, which explains how he and Emily know each other. Surprisingly, the whole story about the marriage was entirely true, however, so Rohan was more than happy to help Emily in her quest to bring Victoria down. The court will be able to use this after Victoria goes down for Emily’s murder. Witnesses will be able to recall how much Victoria always had it out for poor Emily. And taking Nolan’s advice, Emily decided to get the specialty watch like he suggested and asks Rohan if he would encrust it with rubies as part of her wedding present. He happily obliges.

Daniel asks Sara to meet him at his recently-inherited secret lair. She agrees, but only to inform him that she can’t bake the wedding cake anymore. She comes clean about being in cahoots with Victoria and doesn’t want to be that kind of person. Daniel reveals that he can’t go through the marriage now that he’s seen how Emily and his mother are so similar. He pulls out the necklace that Emily had assumed was meant for her. It turns out that it used to belong to Sara before the accident and he’s kept it with him all this time. He gives it back to her and confides that he can’t commit to Emily when he feels this way about her. They embrace, but Sara doesn’t want to go any further until after he’s talked to Emily.

Meanwhile, Victoria presents Emily with a little bridal shower gift of her own. She hands over a card that has the name and phone number of the “secret” place the Grayson men pass down to each other. It turns out the wives have always known about this hideaway and have passed the card down to each new Grayson wife. So now it’s Emily’s turn. Emily informs Victoria that they’re nothing like her and Conrad, but Victoria has her call the number, which reveals that Daniel is there right now. Emily knows she’s very close to losing Daniel and having her entire plan spiral out of control.

Jack shows up at Emily’s door under the pretense of talking about Charlotte and the whole blackmail fiasco. But really it’s to talk about Aidan and his violent behavior. He wants to make sure Emily knows what she’s getting into with this guy. He confesses that even as a kid, Emily was always so secretive and never wanted to tell him what she would wish for when they would watch shooting stars. Jack also admits that he doesn’t hate Emily like she believes. He just can’t, no matter how hard he tries. Before he goes, she reveals what she used to wish for as a child: that things would never change.

Nolan returns home to find Aidan using Charlotte’s computer to purchase a gun under Victoria’s name, as future evidence to help frame her for Emily’s fake murder. Nolan asks if Emily knows he’s using Charlotte as the means to bring her mother down, but Aidan doesn’t see a problem with it. He’s not going to run every little thing by Emily as long as the job gets done. He does, however, need Nolan’s help with something and makes him promise not to tell anyone.

Daniel returns to Emily’s house and tells her they need to talk, but Emily insists that she go first. She admits to following him to the Farmer’s Market and questioning Sara about if anything was going on between the two of them. She was acting out of character, so she went to the doctor and discovered that she’s pregnant. She shows Daniel a picture of the sonogram. It looks like she found a way to keep him from calling off the wedding after all.

Jack is on the phone with Margaux and asks her to come by. However, she can’t since she’s meeting someone who claims to know all about the Grayson’s deep, dark secrets. She hangs up and is immediately face-to-face with none other than Lydia.