Surrender - Recap

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Daniel and Emily are having their pictures taken in full bride and groom outfits for his upcoming magazine issue to promote their wedding. The reporter asks what’s next for them and if the public should expect a little baby on the way anytime soon. But before Emily can respond, Daniel interrupts and says that, for now, they’re just trying to focus on the wedding. In private, he explains to Emily that he just wants to keep the pregnancy under wraps until after they’re married.

Meanwhile, Margaux has been keeping Lydia hidden from the public eye while learning all about the conspiracy theory surrounding David Clarke. But the thing is, she needs proof before she can release the news of his framing to the world. She asks Lydia to come up with a list of people who were connected to what happened.

Sara goes to see Daniel at work. It’s been over a week since he said he was going to leave Emily and he still hasn’t done it. She gives him an ultimatum, telling him to make up his mind; otherwise she wants nothing to do with him.

Emily goes to see Nolan and Aidan. She can sense that Daniel is still acting distant toward her even in light of the pregnancy. She thinks he’s keeping the news of the baby quiet, so Sara doesn’t find out and leave him. She can’t leak the news herself since he’d know it was her who did it, so she plans to figure something out during her get together with Victoria later that day.

While discussing the seating arrangements for the wedding with Victoria, Emily notices a bunch of clothes being thrown from Victoria’s bedroom balcony. They go to investigate and discover Lydia, alive and well. But while Emily is completely shocked by this reveal, Victoria is not. It turns out she helped save Lydia from the plane crash and knew she was alive all along. And now she wants revenge on Conrad for basically sending her to her death. She tells Victoria to keep her little drop in between the two of them.

On her way out the door, Lydia gives Emily a little shove, which makes her fall down a few steps. Having arrived a few moments earlier, Daniel comes to her aid. Victoria assures her there’s nothing to worry about, which leads him to reveal the real reason behind his concern: Emily’s pregnant.

Jack goes to see Margaux at her office and notices files regarding Conrad Grayson on her desk. He realizes that she’s still looking into the family’s history and becomes immediately worried.

Victoria informs Conrad of Emily’s alleged pregnancy, and while he is thrilled with the news, Victoria is convinced that Emily is faking it just to ensure Daniel marries her. Conrad pleads with Victoria to give it a rest and reveals that TIME magazine just called him earlier that morning, hoping to make him the cover of their next issue. Assuming that Lydia is somehow behind this, Victoria tells Conrad that he’s definitely earned what’s coming to him.

Jack goes to see Nolan and informs him that Margaux is still digging into Conrad’s past. He wants Nolan to hack into her computer and see how far she is from uncovering the truth. Nolan agrees, but suggests that Jack just talk to Margaux and tell her the truth about everything. She may back off once he explains things to her. But Jack fears she’d want to turn him into her next big source and tells him to just go ahead with his original plan.

On their way to a doctor’s appointment, Emily and Daniel are immediately swarmed by the press who begin inquiring about her pregnancy. Emily wonders how they could even know about it since they’d only told Victoria, which leads Daniel to accuse his mother of spreading the gossip. When confronted, she assures Daniel she had nothing to do with it and that it’s probably Emily’s way of ensuring that he’ll go through with the wedding. She reveals that Emily knows about his little rendezvous with Sara and is just trying to trap him into the marriage. Daniel assures her that the wedding is happening whether she wants to believe it or not and storms out.

Conrad shows up to his supposed meeting with TIME magazine and finds Lydia waiting for him. He acts genuinely happy to see that she’s still alive, but Lydia refuses to fall for his lies. It’s because of him that she was even on the plane in the first place. But Conrad works his magical charm and assures her that he had tried his best to get her off of that plane and he’s relieved that Victoria had decided to save her as well. She seems to fall for it, at least a little bit, but tells him to get out. Once he’s gone, she pulls out a tape recorder, which had been recording the entire conversation.

After hearing about the baby, Charlotte goes to see Emily and congratulate her on the exciting news. She apologizes for not being a better Maid of Honor and promises to make it up to her by hiring people to pamper her with a mani-pedi for the afternoon.

Margaux gets a phone call from Aidan, pretending to be a worker from the hotel Lydia is staying at. He informs her that her guest just had Conrad Grayson as a visitor. And since this means Lydia violated the terms of their agreement about remaining out of sight, Margaux informs her that their arrangement is henceforth terminated.

At the shooting range, Aidan updates Emily on Lydia’s faux pas, leaving him to predict that she’ll go rushing back into Conrad’s arms. For her part, Emily has stolen one of Victoria’s bracelets to wear during her shooting practice — that way it will be covered in gunshot residue, which will help further frame her for Emily’s murder.

Sara and Daniel meet outside of the Stowaway. In light of Emily’s pregnancy, she now understands why Daniel was hesitant to leave her. She suggests that they just weren’t meant to be and returns the diamond necklace he gave. Daniel drops it into the water.

Aidan and Emily spend one more night together before her final showdown with the Graysons begin, given that the wedding is now only a day away. Once this is over, they can both be together. Aidan tells her that the one good thing that came out of all of this sadness is the fact that they found each other. He asks her to marry him and she happily accepts.

Margaux goes to see Jack and reveals that Nolan paid her a visit earlier that. He informed her that the story about Conrad that she’s been looking to uncover involves Jacks and he suggested that she go talk to him about it. Jack finally comes clean and explains that Conrad is responsible for both his wife and his brother’s deaths. The secrets are the reasons why they were killed and he doesn’t want Margaux to be the next one in danger. She understands and tells him that there will be plenty of other stories. She promises to drop it.

On their last night before becoming husband and wife, Daniel goes to leave for the night, but first confronts Emily about the whole Sara situation. He tells her that he knows that she knows that he’s been somewhat seeing her recently, but swears that they didn’t sleep together. He assures her that it’s over and that he’s all in with their marriage. Emily says she feels the same way.

Lydia goes to see Conrad, hoping to reconcile their relationship. After sleeping together, she notices all the files that Conrad has dug up to help him write his memoirs. As she starts going through it, she notices a New Years album and finds the picture with Emily in the background as a server way before she ever came to the Hamptons as Emily Thorne.

Victoria goes to see Emily and informs her that she has conceded that the wedding is actually happening, but she wants no part of it and therefore won’t be attending the wedding. This is certainly going to throw a wrench in Emily’s plans.