Exodus - Recap

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Once again, Emily is on a yacht in her wedding dress with a champagne glass in hand. She walks forward and apologizes for something just before an unseen person shoots her twice in the stomach. She falls back into the water, bleeding, and slowly closes her eyes.

12 Hours Earlier…

While Emily is busy drawing blood from her vein into a syringe, Nolan and Aidan are fretting about how Emily is going to get Victoria to agree to go to the wedding, which is now only hours away. Emily doesn’t seem worried about it, however, and has faith that blood is thicker than water.

Conrad stumbles upon the evidence that Lydia had collected about the David Clarke scandal, realizing that she’d planned on using it to help Margaux put them all in prison. Lydia admits that her initial plan was to extract revenge on him, but all of that has changed now and she’s not going through with it. Conrad isn’t buying it though and tells her to get out, which she does…but not before eyeing that photo of Emily before she was Emily Thorne.

Upon receiving an urgent text from Emily, Conrad heads over to her place to visit. She informs him that Victoria has no intention of attending the wedding. He is upset, but not surprised and admits that he has absolutely no sway with making his wife change her mind. Emily offers the suggestion that if Patrick were around, he’d be a reminder to her of the consequences that come from missing out on special moments in your child’s life like she would be doing with Daniel. Conrad makes a mental note of the suggestion.

While Daniel is at work finishing up last minute business, Sara drops in to tell him that because of him, she’s getting a lot more baking jobs after making his wedding cake. He tries to apologize for everything, but she stops him and says that he just can’t fix everything. She offers her congratulations and walks away.

As Emily suggested, Conrad finds out Patrick’s whereabouts and has him invited to the wedding. After showing up at the mansion, Victoria is beyond thrilled to see him again, but doesn’t trust Conrad’s motivations for wanting Patrick around. Conrad concedes that he’s willing to set aside his differences for Patrick so long as Victoria promises to attend all wedding functions for Daniel’s sake. She solemnly agrees.

Meanwhile, Aidan, Nolan, and Emily go over the entire revenge game plan. Once they board the yacht, Emily will find a way to make Victoria have to excuse herself from the festivities. Then Aidan will lock her in the changing room as Emily is pouring her recently drawn blood on the yacht deck before firing two gunshots into the sky and jumping overboard. The plan is solid and Emily is ready to finally start putting it into action.

Since Jack won’t be attending the wedding, Emily heads over to the Stowaway to say goodbye. It’s here that Emily reveals to him that she was with Amanda when she died. She explains that after saving Jack, she went back for Amanda, but couldn’t get there in time. Before she died, however, Amanda had made her promise to take care of him and Carl. Jack gets upset once again for how much Emily’s vendetta has taken everything from him. Emily tells him that she hopes one day he can understand why she needed to do all of this. She leaves in tears.

Now that he’s back, Patrick goes over to see Nolan, but not for the romantic rendezvous Nolan was hoping for. Patrick explains to Nolan that Victoria needs him and he really just has to focus on her right now. Nolan tries to get him to come over for their own little private after party once the wedding is over, but Patrick rejects him, saying it’s for the best.

Lydia goes to see Emily and shows her the photo. She threatens to expose Emily for the fraud that she is unless she agrees to give her the beach house back. Since Emily plans on “dying” soon, she agrees to the terms right away so long as Lydia doesn’t ruin her wedding.

Before the ceremony starts, Aidan slips in to see Emily in her wedding gown. She informs him of the Lydia situation and he promises to take care of it, but before her goes he slips her wedding garter on for her with a jewel emergency beacon hidden inside. They both doubt she’ll have to use it if all goes according to plan.

Nolan walks Emily down the aisle. As she begins saying her vows, a series of flashbacks fly across the screen, incorporating her happy childhood days and all of the events that led her up to this moment. The priest then officially pronounces them husband and wife.

Emily and Nolan share a dance together during the reception where he informs her that he was unable to coax Patrick back to his place once all of this is over. Emily reminds him that she can’t have Patrick aboard the yacht since it’s unlikely he’d let Victoria out of his sight, but Nolan promises that he’ll handle the situation. She says that she trusts him with her life.

Conrad makes Margaux aware that he’s now up-to-date with her recent collaboration with Lydia and warns her not to take anything Lydia said seriously. But Margaux assures him that their alliance is no longer in existence since Lydia’s feelings for Conrad made her switch sides. Conrad looks surprised, but pleased. He goes to see Lydia and asks her if she truly does love him. She admits that she does and they decide to get back together.

Patrick gets a text from Nolan saying he knows all about what happened to Father Paul. Patrick quickly makes an excuse and heads over to Nolan’s place to confront him.

Victoria has a little chat with Daniel, who has had more than his fair share of drinks, and informs him that he doesn’t look like a happily married man — he looks trapped. Just then Conrad enters with Lydia and informs them all that she will also be joining them on the yacht, which makes both Emily and Victoria very displeased. Emily privately reminds Lydia of the deal they had agreed upon and asks what more she could possibly want to which she responds, “I want you to get exactly what’s coming to you.”

Sara and Jack are watching the news coverage of the wedding on the Stowaway TV. Sara has been drinking heavily and even propositions Jack for a one-night stand. He politely declines, but offers to help her get home.

Patrick shows up at Nolan’s place, expecting for Nolan to blackmail him. But Nolan assures him that he’s known he was the one behind Conrad’s accident for weeks now. He just wanted to find a way to get him over here and prove that Patrick is safe with him.

Once everyone is on the yacht, Emily presents a slideshow she’d made composed of many different photos of her and Daniel. As the presentation starts up, she “accidentally” spills a drink on Victoria’s dress, which prompts her to go tidy up. But unlike the original plan, Lydia follows and presents Victoria with the photographer she found, making her realize what she’s known all long: that Emily Thorne is a liar.

Meanwhile, Daniel gets a phone call from Sara’s roommate who informs him that Sara tried to kill herself. Daniel is beside himself with grief. Charlotte tries to comfort him, but he walks away, preferring to be left alone.

Just as Emily is getting ready to jump off the side of the boat, Victoria comes up behind her and presents her with the photo, accusing her of targeting her family for years. What Victoria doesn’t realize though, is that she wasn’t doing it for the money. She still has yet to make the connection that Emily is the real Amanda Clarke. Regardless, she tells Emily that she’s as worthless to her as the bracelet she’s wearing (which Emily had previously coated with gunpowder). Victoria throws it into the water. In the nick of time, Aidan comes up behind Victoria, covering her mouth and carrying her away. He tells Emily to wait two minutes and then fire the gun.

Unfortunately, during their talk, Daniel was nearby and overheard Emily admit that she wasn’t really pregnant and had just said that to get him to go through with the marriage. Furious, he picks up the gun and shoots Emily twice in the stomach, causing her to go overboard. Shocked by what he did, Daniel throws the gun into the water and heads below deck with the others.

Soon after, the alarm is sounded that someone went overboard. Everyone goes above deck to see a trail of blood and part of Emily’s wedding dress. They all start to wonder what happened to Emily and where Victoria was. Daniel just stares off, not saying a word.

Having officially made up, Patrick is just about to join Nolan in the shower when he comes across a special remote button in one of Nolan’s drawers. He pushes it, which reveals a hidden safe behind a painting. Patrick looks at it skeptically.

Jack and Aidan search for Emily along the beach and come across her blood-covered wedding dress, but there’s absolutely no sign of Emily herself.