Allegiance - Recap

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Pascal arranges a meeting with Emily at a horse race, claiming to want her help in taking Conrad down. He knows she has leverage on him. But Emily sees through this plan, knowing that Victoria is only using her new beau to spy on her and see what information she’s collected on her family. Emily tells him to tell Victoria nice try. However, the meeting wasn’t a complete loss. She’s able to get a digital copy of Pascal’s fingerprint for Aidan, who’s in the process of breaking into Pascal’s records room to see if there’s any proof in the files as to whether or not Oscar Chapman is still alive.

Nolan tries to make amends with Javier after the whole contract debacle. He agrees to talk later since he’s currently hiding a waiting Charlotte in his room. Charlotte convinces him to at least consider working with her brother Daniel rather than Nolan. Javier doesn’t want to hurt Nolan like that, but agrees to at least talk to Daniel before making a decision.

Victoria runs into Luke Gilliam at a horse race and the two get into a heated discussion, which Emily happens to overhear. Apparently, he was the one who was supposed to take the fall for the terrorist attack and not David Clarke, which has made Victoria loath him ever since. Javier warns Victoria to be careful with what she says to him because he has evidence about the entire scandal that he’s been holding onto and isn’t afraid to use it. He suggests she let go of the past and move on.

Emily relays everything back to Aidan along with her plan to get her hands on the evidence Luke has. Unfortunately, his quest for more intel about Oscar proved to be less fruitful, which means he still has no further leads.

Jack goes to see Margaux at work after being away for an entire week helping Stevie recover from her recent drinking binge. However, Margaux‘s attention is on trying to nail down a potential deal with Daniel involving Javier’s program. She promises that once the deal is closed she’ll be all his.

Conrad pays Victoria a visit and puts the idea in her head that Pascal had a hand in everything that happened to David Clarke. Victoria immediately confronts him about it, but Pascal assures her that he simply silenced a story that was about to come out that would’ve exposed both Conrad and her. He did it to protect her. This is just Conrad’s way of trying to come between them and Pascal thinks he knows how to put a stop to it.

Jack goes to see Emily, who asks for his help in bring her next target, Luke, down. She explains that the chemicals he uses at his company are toxic, which she believes she can use against him to gain access to the evidence he has.

Nolan comes to Aidan with a lead regarding Oscar’s whereabouts. Soon after his disappearance, a woman named Brenda Evans emptied out Oscar’s bank account, so she could potentially know his whereabouts. They track her down and discover that Brenda is actually Oscar in disguise.

Oscar explains to Aidan how his father had come to him with the David Clarke story. It turns out that he’d thought he was planting diamonds on the plane, not a bomb. He became so racked with guilt that he wanted to get the truth out there to try and make things right. Oscar had brought the story to Pascal, but immediately knew it was a bad idea. He tried to warn Trevor, but he was too late. Pascal killed Aidan’s father and made it look like a suicide. He agrees to come out of hiding and help finish what Trevor started.

With Jack’s help, Emily is able to infiltrate herself into Luke’s world and steal a sample of the chemicals he claims to be using at his company when really it’s all a lie. So when he ingests a sample during a ceremony in his honor to prove how harmless it is, a message flashes up on the prompter saying that he actually digested a real sample this time. He immediately falls down and needs medical attention.

Javier goes to meet with Daniel and Margaux and becomes immediately taken in by all the luxuries they can provide. They get his parole changed so he’s no longer under house arrest. They put a photo of him on a mock magazine cover and give him keys to a new car: it’s enough to completely win him over. He informs Nolan of his decision, but he knows Daniel doesn’t have Javier’s best interests at heart. He declares war on Daniel.

Pascal goes to see Conrad and informs him that he possesses recordings of every single conversation they ever had together about the bombing and David Clarke’s involvement. If Conrad doesn’t do everything that he says, he’ll use his magazine to expose Conrad to the world.

While Luke is in the hospital, a disguised Emily contacts him and threatens to destroy him if he doesn’t hand over the leverage he has about the Graysons involving the David Clarke scandal. Luke agrees as long as Emily promises to leave him alone.

Pascal pays Oscar a late-night visit at his home and shoots him on sight. Conrad quickly makes Aidan aware of this and proposes an alliance. Pascal will most likely come after Aidan next unless Conrad agrees to help protect him. In return, he wants Aidan to get his hands on something that Pascal has–-the tape recordings. Aidan walks away without agreeing to anything, but Conrad is confident that he’ll come around.

Once Jack learns about Javier’s decision, he confronts Margaux about it and tries to once again warn her against Daniel. He’s using her and Javier for his own selfish purposes, but she refuses to listen. Jack walks away, saying that while he still loves her, he can’t be around her right now. He goes to Emily for a quick visit and informs her it may be over between him and Margaux.

After Jack leaves, Emily proceeds to put an “X” through Luke’s face in her revenge picture.

Back at the mansion, Victoria is doing the exact same thing. She had dangled Luke in front of Emily to test a theory. Emily doesn’t just have a vendetta against the Graysons. It goes much further than that. She realizes that it’s a revenge for what happened to David.