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Chained Heat - Recap

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The episode begins with a flashback to the Matheson family leaving their home after the blackout. Then back in the present day 15 years after the blackout, Miles wins a sword fight with a bounty hunter, but Charlie keeps Miles from killing him, although Miles seems visibly inclined to do so. Miles then brings the group searching for Danny into the city looking for somebody. Miles tells somebody that he's looking for Nora Clayton and then runs into the very same bounty hunter who he had fought with earlier. The bounty hunter shows Miles, he's got Maggie, Charlie and Aaron in custody, and asks him to not try any of his tricks.

To keep them from being killed Miles let’s himself being taken into custody, as he sees no other option left. Later, Miles eventually manages to break out of custody and is told where to find Nora Clayton, who he desperately seems to be seeking. Tom and his militia party on the other hand, pay a visit to a man with a dead deer hanging on his lawn. There is buckshot in the animal and Tom wants to know how that happened. The man gives up one of his guns but eventually tries to shoot it out with Tom's guards and gets killed in the process. Monroe is shown questioning a rebel, asking where the rest of the rebels are located, but the man seems defiant, and isn’t ready to reveal anything to Monroe.

The man further tells Monroe that he's not afraid of him. Monroe is visibly agitated to hear this and as a result slits open the defiant man’s throat. Miles leaves the other three to go find Nora, who he is desperately seeking. He says he'll meet back up with them in Indiana in two weeks, but for now he has to do this, and hence has to leave them behind. The next morning, Maggie and Aaron find that Charlie is missing, and are visibly worried upon discovering this. She's has left a note revealing that, she went to follow Miles, as she is worried about his well being.

In the process of following Miles, Charlie is trailed by Nate; she realizes this and decides to do something about it. She's then able to outsmart him and leaves him handcuffed to a rock. She asks why he saved her. Maggie on the other hand wants to go after Charlie as she is worried about her and therefore wants to help, but Aaron doesn't think it's a good idea, as she won’t be able to make much of a difference, he feels. She then talks about not having any pictures of her children to remember them by, since they were all stored electronically, and have thus been lost, seemingly forever. Tom on the other hand sits with one of his dying troops, giving him a medicine of some kind to finish the job.

Charlie flashes back to somebody robbing them of their food when they went out into the world after the blackout. Charlie tells Miles she thinks Danny being gone is her fault, because she wasn't there when he was taken, and she should have been, because if she was there she could have done something about it. She clearly feels guilt for what has happened to her family, and is apparently feeling helpless that she can’t do anything about it. Aaron shows Maggie the device Ben gave him, he tells her about his desire that he take it to Grace, so she can do something with it. He wonders if perhaps there is a way to get the power back, with the help of the device. Tom reasons with Danny that, he thinks the militia is the only thing keeping them from complete chaos, and hence its presence is necessary.

Danny though, doesn’t buy Tom’s logic and instead tells him that, he thinks Tom is a murderer who likes to kill, and is trying to justify his actions with his absurd logic. Tom isn’t too happy to hear this. Miles and Charlie watch Monroe's prisoners performing manual labor. Miles notes the guard's rifles and tells her they have no answer for such weapons, as they are too powerful for them to counter in any manner, in the present situation. In the night Miles helps Nora, who is one of the female prisoners, escape, from captivity. Surprisingly she's upset with him for freeing her.

She explains her reason for being upset, by saying she had been on the chain gang intentionally in the hopes of stealing one of the sniper rifles as that was the only way to get back at them, and now her plan has been foiled thanks to him. She then makes it very clear to him that, she won't go with him without getting the weapon like she has planned. The next morning Nora fashions a makeshift weapon that can only be used from very close, and won’t be of much help if it is used from a great distance. She wants to take out the warden, and plans to use the weapon she has made to do so. Although, both Miles and Nora don't think they'll be able to get close enough to do it and contemplate of a way the task can get done.

Charlie volunteers for job, as feels she might be able to get close enough to the warden to carry out the task successfully. She puts the gun on her wrist under her shirt, so as to avoid any sort of suspicion, arising and then proceeds for the task. Later, when the warden asks that Charlie be brought to him she again flashes back to the man who robbed her family all those years ago. As it turns out, her father pulled a gun on the man and got her back. But he would not shoot the man as he took all of their food. Instead her mother did, which young Charlie standing right next to her, witnessed. Back in the present, just as planned, Charlie manages to successfully shoot the warden with help of the gun she acquired from Miles and Nora.

Afterwards, Charlie expresses regret over having to kill to people that day, she is visibly disturbed that she had to indulge in such an act, and expresses her guilt. She wishes things were different, and she didn’t have to do what she did. Miles on the other hand is visibly upset that Nora has joined the rebels. She on her part explains to him that, her plan is to take out Monroe, and that is the very reason she has joined the rebels. As it’s the only way she can ever come close enough, to actually killing him.

Somebody on the other hand comes to Grace's house. Grace is apparently shocked to see the person. She then hurriedly slams the door and rushes upstairs to her computer, in visible panic. She then types in "Randall is here". Just then the person, who was at the door, walks into the room with a stun gun of some kind. Rachel is shown sitting with Monroe. He tells her Ben is dead, and Danny is in his custody. The episode ends at this point.