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The Plague Dogs - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie tricking a militia guard into being captured, by them. Miles questions him about the next move the militia is planning to make and he quickly tells them Daniel is with Tom's unit and is less than a day away, from where they presently are at. Charlie is very curious about Miles' background and asks more about it, since so many people are terrified of him or want him dead, so he basically wants to know what Miles is all about. Miles gets fed up with all of the questioning and tells her he doesn't owe her an explanation, visibly tired of her questions. Maggie and Aaron on the other hand wait for Charlie.

Maggie flashes back to talking to her kids on Skype the night of the blackout. They want her to read them a story, but she tells them they need to go to bed, as it’s really late. Then, everything goes black. Back in the present, Aaron tells her they can't tell anybody about the pendant, and that it has to be their little secret. Charlie arrives and they are reunited, and relieved at the fact she is back at last. Later, Charlie and gang run into a pack of wild dogs, while trying to change their location. Miles yells "run" and they're able to get over a fence, and therefore manage to get away from the dogs. Daniel tells Tom the unit should find shelter with a storm on the way, as it would be unsafe for them to keep moving ahead with the storm on its way.

Monroe asks Rachel what Ben was working on, as he basically is sure Ben on was working on something really important. When she says he was just a math teacher and nothing more, Samuel brings up the fact he was working for the Department of Defense and was therefore working on something important, and therefore he wasn’t a simple math teacher as Rachel would like them to believe. Also he had called Miles the night of the blackout, in order to inform him of something important. She on her part continues to say nothing and Samuel brings in someone with what looks like torture equipment, so she can be made to talk, as he is sure she knows something that she is deliberately hiding. Miles tells Nora he thinks it's better for everybody if he leaves, as he has lost everybody’s trust and no one wants him there.

She thinks he needs to honor his promise. He says "family or not, I'm not doing this anymore". Charlie hears this last bit and Miles walks away. In this moment Charlie flashes back to Rachel leaving the family for several months to "look for supplies". A young Charlie is then shown looking devastated. Tom's team hustles into a barn to find shelter as the storm begins, as they can’t move forward with the oncoming storm. Miles on the other hand notices something and leaves the group briefly. He sneaks up behind "Nate," who has been following them, and catches hold of him. Charlie thinks they should use him for information and he's cuffed, so they can get out of him all the information that is possible.

In a "Buffalo, New York" flashback, Maggie tells a man on a dock she needs to get home. He tells her there's no way to get to England anymore, as a result of the current situation. During the storm Daniel make a break for it. Tom chases after him and the two, jump into a storm cellar together. Miles tells Maggie that Charlie is better without him, and he is nothing but trouble for her. She says he's not better off without her, mentioning that she searched for her family for years but was never able to get across the ocean. She says she wandered, eventually making herself some poison, as she had no wish to continue living anymore. But before she could kill herself she ran into Ben, who invited her to his campfire, and she therefore decided to continue living.

The group is able to escape the pack of wild dogs and duck into a restaurant, which they feel would be a good, enough shelter for the moment. Maggie as it turns out, trails behind and as a result is grabbed by the dogs' owner who ends up stabbing her in the leg. Maggie says her artery has been hit and she's bleeding out, because of the attack. Tom tells Daniel he reminds him of his own son. He tells Daniel what it was like in the immediate aftermath of the blackout, and details all the experiences he has had. Miles heads for the roof to get the dogs' owner to call off his animals.

Maggie wants them to leave her as she shall prove to be a liability to them and will slow them down in her current situation, but Charlie isn't having it, and doesn’t in any way plan to leave Maggie behind. The storm knocks pieces of the structure onto Tom. Maggie tells them they'll need to stitch up her wound, as that is the only way she shall stop bleeding. While looking for something to sterilize the equipment the dog owner grabs Charlie and pulls her into another room, much to her shock and horror. Miles cuts off Nate's cuffs so he can help him search for Charlie, as Nate would prove to be useful in the search, and also because he might need his help in case of an eventuality. Tom is trapped underneath some rubble, thanks to what happened earlier.

Tom tells Daniel that leaving him there is the same thing as murdering him, and basically tries to appeal to his better judgment. "What would your father do?" Tom asks. Daniel then frees Tom from the rubble, just before he would have been crushed to death. Tom then immediately places him back in custody. Charlie is tied up, by the dogs’ owner. He tells her his wife is dead. She got tetanus and he couldn't save her, as he did not have any medication to help save her life. He clearly doesn't trust anyone, as a result of this. She then hears Nate's voice and screams for help, hoping she would be heard. Miles and Nate then arrive at the scene after hearing her yell and fight the man off, with Nate eventually plunging an arrow into his chest.

But Charlie as it turns out has been booby-trapped; with a crossbow pointing at her should anyone open the door to the room where she's being held. She manages to avoid the arrow and is rescued. Aaron performs the surgery, but Maggie says she's lost too much blood. She asks for her phone and begins to smile. Charlie remembers reading to her children as she dies. Samuel asks Rachel how she could have abandoned her children. He promises that when Daniel arrives he'll be tortured.

Rachel flashes back to leaving her family. She walks directly to a farmhouse, turning herself in to Miles. She asks him to promise she'll see her kids again and he puts her in cuffs, right after she has done so. The episode ends at this point.