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Soul Train - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom boxing and beating some of the men in his company. He tells Danny to jump in and proceeds to give him a thrashing, just like he gave the men before Danny. Tom flashes back to his life pre-blackout and it seen that, he was fired for essentially being too nice. Back in the present, Maggie is buried. After 30 minutes Miles wants to get going and they head off to try and find Danny. On their way through the woods they hear what sounds like a train, much to their surprise. They run to the woods' edge in order to get a clearer picture, and are surprised to discover that Monroe's side has a train.

Monroe tells Rachel that Danny will be boarding the train when it leaves first thing the following morning for Philly. He says that means they can be together again. She asks him to let Danny go, saying "I'll tell you everything", in return for letting Danny go. He says the reason he's confident she will tell him what she knows is the fact he has Danny. Miles on the other hand is sure Danny will be on the train to Philadelphia. Miles concludes that, if they don't get him before then, he says, "he's gone". Tom tries to tell Danny a story about his history and he tells him to "shut up", making it clear that he isn’t interested.

This seems to bother Tom greatly and Danny asks Tom, as to what it says about Tom that he beat up 18-year old kids, to show how tough he is. Tom flashes back to the night of the blackout and it is seen that his neighbor was asking him politely to keep down his loud music as it keeps his kid awake. It is then shown that, before dinner Tom goes downstairs and hits a heavy punching bag. While he is at it, he also teaches his son how to punch the lights go out. Nora goes to the bookstore in town and asks for a biography of Joe Biden. This is clearly a signal, and asking for the biography is just a ruse.

The man named Hutch tells her he's the only one left of his unit. The militia wiped out the rest, including his wife, he tells her in utter dismay. Charlie runs into Tom. He asks her what she's doing and she says she's concerned her boyfriend is cheating on her, as she can’t think up of any other convincing story. They then shake hands and she realizes who he is. Tom pretends not to know who she is, just so she doesn’t suspect anything, and then grabs her around the corner, much to her shock and horror. Miles comes to her rescue just then and tells Charlie to run, while he deals with Tom. Miles and Tom fight and whiel they are at it also talk.

Miles wants to trade for "Nate". Tom makes it amply clear that he isn’t interested. Miles tells Tom he'll kill him and Tom says "do what you gotta do". Nora and Hutch return to their hideout. She tells him to warn Miles that she's putting a bomb on the train. She says killing militia officers is the priority for her and also that says Miles will simply have to find Danny first. Miles yells at Charlie for ruining the element of surprise they had. Charlie is visibly hurt at Miles telling her off. She's sad that Miles has become so nasty. Tom wants to move Danny to a more secure location, as he feels Miles and team might try to rescue him.

Danny observes that Tom looks nervous and he grabs Danny by the neck. Tom then flashes to six weeks following the blackout. His neighbor breaks into his house and begins beating Tom, much to his shock and horror. Tom turns the tables eventually and punches the neighbor relentlessly. Charlie wants Miles to stop Nora from blowing up the train, as she feels it would be too risky for Miles to try and save Danny with the train about to be blown up. Charlie demands "Nate" give her some information, but he says he can't help her. Mile pulls out a sword and Nate manages to escape. Monroe on the other hand talks to a high-ranking lieutenant named John about taking over North America. Nora sneaks onto the train, just as planned, so she can plant the bomb. The bomb is hidden inside a log and she sticks it on a woodpile.

Danny is loaded onto the train way ahead of schedule and it begins to pull out of the station. He is being shipped away on Monroe’s orders. Nora sees this and wants them to get the bomb off, as she feels it would risk Danny’s life. Hutch thinks they have to do it for his wife and stabs her in the stomach when she tries to stop the train. Nora tells everybody else about the bomb and Danny, both being on the train. She gives them its location, so they can either save Danny, or try to get the bomb, before it detonates. Miles and Charlie steal some horses and go after the train. They get on the train and Miles heads for the woodpile, as instructed by Nora.

Charlie on the other hand makes her way towards Danny. Danny spots her and jumps on Tom to give her an opportunity. Tom though, manages to turn the tables and gets Charlie up against a wall before Danny helps her out. The two manages to get the better of Tom. Miles manages to pull the bomb out of the fire and throw it off the train, just before it is about to detonate. Before Charlie and Danny can escape, Nate shows up and grabs her. Tom has a gun to Danny's head. Tom gives Nate and order to bring her to him, but Nate tosses her off the train, rather than bring her to him. Tom puts Danny in cuffs and when Nate points a gun at Miles he jumps off the train.

Tom glares at Nate clearly not happy with what Nate has done, and says "I told you to bring me the girl". Charlie stares at the train as it heads away with tears in her eyes. Miles tells her he can't be the uncle she knew, in large part because he's going to have to go to Philly and kill his best friend, as he can think of no other option. The next stop is Philly, he decides. Tome arrives triumphantly in Philadelphia, despite the hiccups. He embraces his wife, who looks at Nate with a smile. "Hello, Jason". Nate is Tom's son, as it turns out.

Another flashback ensues, this time Tom is shown teaching his young son that they can't be scared. Monroe again asks Rachel what Ben was working on. She then sits at a desk and begins writing. She says they were both working on it, and draws him a picture of the pendant Aaron is wearing, in order to make him understand things more clearly. She then reveals to him that, there are 12 of them. The episode ends at this point.