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Sex and Drugs - Recap

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The episode begins with Miles and gang rescuing Nora is injured. A militia man fires at them, but they make a getaway in a horse drawn carriage. Nora is in visible pain and Charlie is worried Nora’s cut might get infected. Miles informs Aaron that, they are 5-6 hours away from help. The scene flashes back to the night of the blackout. Priscilla and Aaron are sitting in a limo. Aaron wishes Priscilla “Happy Anniversary” the two, then sip on some wine. Suddenly, the power goes out and a huge trailer truck hits their limo. Back in the present, Danny is brought to Monroe. “I knew your father” Monroe tells Danny. “I see your mother in you” he adds.

Danny is surprised to know that, Monroe knew his mother. Danny asks Monroe about it, but he simply asks Tom to take Danny back to his room. He also tells Danny that, he is his guest and can therefore ask for anything that he wants. Monroe later tells Tom he is promoting him to major, and asks him to head intelligence and interrogation. Miles brings the gang to a huge mansion that is heavily guarded. Turn out, he knows the owner. Drexel the owner of the mansion comes out to greet the group. He asks the group to surrender their weapons before they go in.

The gang is allotted comfortable rooms to stay in by Drexel. While sitting alone in his room, Aaron flashes back to two months after the blackout. He is shown helping Priscilla walk, as she is apparently unable to walk by herself. Priscilla basically is sick and Aaron sits her down under a bridge, as she is unable to go on. A guy called Sean arrives at the scene a little later. Aaron tells Sean how Priscilla’s stomach is giving her problems and she is unable to hold anything down. Sean asks if she drank water from the lake and Aaron confirms that she did. He tells Aaron how the sewage pumps have stopped working, and all the sewage is offloading into the lake.

A doctor in Drexel’s lab on the other hand, attends to Nora. Monroe is planning to send Strausser, to get the necklace and also Miles. Tom later gives Strausser his orders. Nora is on IV, and Miles informs Charlie that she has 50% chance of survival, according to the doctor. Miles begins packing as he doesn’t want to stay a second longer in Drexel’s house than he has to. Basically, he isn’t too comfortable with the kind of guy Drexel is. Drexel comes into the room just then. “Did Miles ever tell you how we know each other?” Drexel asks Charlie and Aaron. He then reveals that, they know each other from back when Miles was a general of the militia. “He would order men in front of a firing squad like you and I would order a beer” Drexel tells the two.

Drexel reveals how Miles helped him eliminate his competition and in return Drexel filled his “war chest” with gold. Drexel also reveals how because of Miles deserting the militia he too was unfairly tainted, as he was on “Team Miles”. Drexel seemingly isn’t too happy about this fact. “Come with me” he tells Miles. Drexel tells Miles about an Irish family that lives nearby and has a problem with him growing heroin, in his garden. “Ok I will take care of it, but then we are even” Miles says. Drexel though, wants Charlie to take care of the issue, as he feels Miles won’t be able to get in. Miles protests, but Drexel warns Miles that if he doesn’t relent, he will start by killing Nora and then kill the rest of them. “I’ll do it” says Charlie.

Aaron feels the Irish are doing the right thing by torching Drexel’s heroine and therefore they don’t deserve to be murdered. “I don’t have a choice” yells Charlie. Drexel comes in and asks Charlie to pretend in front of the head of the family named O’Halloren that, she is being treated badly by Drexel. He then hands her a hair clip with a concealed knife in it. He asks her to stab O’Halloren in the eye, once she gets in close proximity to the man. Drexel punches Charlie in the face, so it looks as if Drexel has roughed her up. Aaron flashes back to eight months after the blackout, when two guys had tried to rape his wife.

Aaron couldn’t fight the guys, but Sean came to the rescue and neutralized both of them. Miles goes after Charlie to rescue her, as the Irish wouldn’t be too happy, once Charlie kills O’Halloren. Chalie on the other hand in brought to Bill O’Halloren, by his nephew. Bill tells Charlie how Drexel got his daughter Becca hooked on heroin and how eventually she died as a result of that. He promises Charlie, by the time he is done with Drexel; he wouldn’t be hurting anybody like her or Becca. Drexel is angry about the fact that Miles has escaped and decides to take his anger out on Aaron. Aaron says he is fine with Drexel taking out his anger on him, but he begs Drexel to let Nora go, as she has nothing to do with any of it.

Drexel isn’t down with that idea, and instead Nora who is unconscious is also brought to the front yard where Aaron is. The doctor then injects Nora with a dose of adrenalin and she immediately wakes up with a start. Drexel then tells Aaron that, he and Nora are going to shoot each other. Charlie knocks Bill unconscious and is about to stab him, although she doesn’t want to, but just then Miles enters the room and stops her. Drexel hands Aaron and Nora the guns, to shoot each other. Drexel informs that two that it’s a game and whoever shoots the other first, gets to stay alive. “Or you could refuse to play and I shoot you both” he says.

Aaron flashes back to eight months after the blackout. He is angry at himself for the fact that he couldn’t protect Priscilla earlier. He tells her how he used to spend a major part of his day trying to give her everything, but now he can’t give her anything. He basically feels completely useless in the present situation. She assures him that it doesn’t matter to her if he can help her or not, as she loves him anyway. “You are the only thing that matters to me” she says. Back in the present, Aaron asks Nora to shoot him. “Miles and Charlie need you, nobody needs me I can’t help anyone. You can help get Danny” he says. Nora isn’t ready to shoot him, so Aaron points the gun at his heart and shoots himself.

Drexel who is standing nearby comes to check if Aaron is dead. Aaron suddenly wakes up and shoots Drexel in the chest. Aaron then removes an alcohol flask from inside his jacket, into which the bullet is embedded. He then begs with Drexel’s men to let him and his friends go. “Grab your crap and go” says one of the men. Later, the four meet up and share their stories. The scene then flashes back and it’s shown that Aaron has left his wedding ring and letter for his wife and has left. “I can’t protect you. You’re better off with them. I’m sorry” the letter says.

She calls out for Aaron but to no avail. Later she is shown leaving the campsite with Sean and a group of other people. Aaron, who is hiding nearby, looks from a distance. Back in the present, Danny is brought to meet his mother. The two hug each other with tears in their eyes. The episode ends at this point.