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Nobody's Fault But Mine - Recap

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The episode begins with a shootout. Turns out, it is the battle for Trenton, 5 years after the blackout. Miles and Monroe are fighting side-by-side. They crack a joke about running out of bullets and having to use swords. Miles gets shot and tells Monroe to leave him behind. Monroe refuses. “If you’re dying, I’m dying with you” Monroe emphatically tells Miles. Flash forward to present day. Charlie and gang are in Philly and need some place to find shelter for the night. Miles busts into the house of an old friend, “Kip,” who reluctantly takes them in. Maj. Neville comes to see Monroe and tells him there is intelligence that Miles is on his way into the city.

Miles is either here to rescue his family or to kill Monroe, maybe both. Neville suggests that Monroe go to a safe house in Boston. Monroe says, “I don’t run”. Miles goes out to scout the area. Neville and a couple dozen guards on the other hand bust into Kip’s house taking Aaron, Charlie, and Nora captive. They lock Charlie up in a room with her mother, Rachel. They have not seen in each other a decade. Charlie is shocked to see her mother, as all this while she had thought her mother was dead. Mom and daughter are at a loss for words and doing their best to process the situation. Rachel wants to give her daughter a hug, but Charlie backs away. She is unsure what to make of all this. She isn’t into reunions, but just wants to get her brother Danny back. “You really have grown up,” says Rachel.

Neville in the meantime is taunting Aaron and Nora. He tells them that they are bait in a trap for Miles. He also cracks a couple jokes about Aaron’s life before the blackout as a hotshot Google executive. Later, Neville goes home from his job of taunting and torturing. He is surprised to find Miles waiting for him there. Miles is holding a sword to Neville’s wife’s throat. Miles taunts Neville a bit saying “Want to make a deal? My friends for your wife”. Neville is mad but Miles is not intimidated. He demands Charlie and Danny. Neville’s wife, Julia, does not want her husband to give in. She almost seems willing to die. Neville says, “I have no choice,” and leaves. He returns with Nora and Aaron, but not Charlie and Danny. Neville tells Miles that the kids are being held north of town at “the power plant”.

He reveals that Monroe is there too. Miles locks the Neville family in a closet. At the power plant, Monroe brings Danny, Charlie, and Rachel together. He explains that Rachel is going to finish building the device that will allow them to power planes and tanks. Charlie tells her mother not to help. Strasser, the bloodthirsty militiaman, is there and pulls his gun, pointing it at Charlie and Danny. He tells Rachel, “Pick which one of your children will die.” Charlie steps up and says, “Kill me”, without a hint of fear in her eyes. “Stop” Rachel screams as she agrees to finish building Monroe’s power booster. Strasser backs down, as a result. Monroe tells him to take the kids back to the holding cell. He orders Strasser to kill both kids if Charlie makes any more trouble.

Later, Monroe is shown talking to Capt. Baker. Baker asks, “What are you going to do if you see Miles?” Baker knows the history between the two men, and is therefore eager to Monroe’s answer. He also volunteers to kill Miles if it comes to that. Monroe in turn tells him that, he can handle it. Flash back to 2 years before the blackout. Monroe is sitting in a cemetery and he is drunk. His family is buried there. They died when a drunk driver plowed into their car. He is a mess. His best friend, Miles, has come to take him home. “I got nothing left,” Monroe moans. “You got me, “says Miles, doing his best to console Monroe. The two are more than friends, they are like brothers. Monroe has a gun and is thinking about killing himself, as he feels he has nothing to live for.

Miles talks him out of it. Back in the present, Charlie and Danny trick the guard watching them and overpower him. Charlie grabs the guard’s gun as she and her brother escape. Aaron on the other hand has figured out how to get into the power plant through a large water intake pipe. Nora and Miles go in; leaving Aaron behind with some bombs he can use to cover their escape, “If things go badly”. Rachel in the meantime has completed her work on the power boosting device. Charlie and Danny get spotted and some guards start shooting. Everyone in the plant hears the shots. A guard is about to shoot Charlie when Miles jumps out and stabs him, just in the nick of time. Charlie tells Miles about Rachel. Miles goes off to save her and tells the rest of them to leave.

Rachel attacks Strasser. He crawls on top of her but she grabs a knife and shoves it through his stomach. Just then, Miles comes in. Rachel is visibly surprised to see him. She then slaps him for helping Monroe rise to power. Just then, Baker sees them. Miles and Rachel flee. As Miles and Rachel run through the power plant, they come across Monroe and several of his guards. Everyone freezes for a moment. Miles tells Rachel to run and says, “I’ll hold them off”. Miles then quickly shoots Monroe’s guards. He and Monroe finally have their faceoff.

They are holding guns to each other. Miles asks, “How could you hold Rachel all these years? She’s my family”. Monroe replies, “You and me, we are family” Monroe then slowly lowers his gun. “I’m not going to hurt you,“ he says, “I want you to come back. I forgive you. Come back and I’ll let your family live”. Monroe drops his gun to the ground. Miles is frozen, his rifle pointed at Monroe’s chest. Monroe says, “You can’t kill me”. Flashback to Monroe and Miles as kids; they are shown drawing matching “M” logos on their arms to symbolize their kindred spirits. Back tn the present, Miles lowers his weapon and says, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t kill you the first time. We are not family. You are nothing to me”. Monroe seems visibly insulted by what Miles has just said, as he clearly wasn’t expecting it.

The two men don’t have guns any more so they start hand-to-hand fighting, which then ends up in sword-fight. Baker and his men come across the fight. Monroe orders them to kill Miles, who quickly escapes through a window. Aaron on the other hand, uses the bombs Nora left him to blow a big hole in the power plant. Nora, Rachel, Danny, and Charlie come through the hole. A few seconds later, Miles is there too. As they begin to flee into the nearby woods, they hear a noise.

An attack helicopter, powered by Rachel’s device, hovers in the air over them. It points its machine gun at the group. Monroe looks over the to camp and it is shown that he has a fleet of helicopters. The machine gun on the helicopter gets ready to fire. The episode ends at this point.