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The Song Remains the Same - Recap

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The episode begins with Monroe and Flynn telling Tom that they want him to go on an extremely important mission. At home, before he embarks on his mission, Tom and Julia have a talk about Jason. Tom urges her to forget about Jason, saying if Monroe finds out Jason went AWOL, he will have them killed. At the rebel camp, Miles and his ex-militia friends are training everyone to be fighters. In another part of the camp, Rachel is explaining to Aaron everything about her experiment. She shows him the drawing of a device and says there are billions of them floating around in the air and they are all the size of a virus.

She says this device is programmable and follows two commands: absorb electricity and replicate it. This device virtually ended the world after something went wrong with the “Tower” and the device began replicating itself. Aaron feels they should go to this Tower and reprogram it, so this device can be destroyed and power restored. Rachel refuses to do any such thing, saying it’s too dangerous and she can’t leave Charlie because her daughter is all she has got left. Miles is informed about an approaching convoy that will be at the camp within the hour. The convoy is being headed by Tom, who is enjoying some Lionel Richie.

While he is busy making small talk with his subordinate, there is a huge explosion and the truck accompanying Tom’s vehicle is blown to bits. Tom’s vehicle crashes into the truck and spins out of control. Tom is still alive but barely able to stand. He somehow makes it out of the vehicle and collapses to the ground, which is when he sees Miles, Charlie and a bunch of other rebels approaching him. Tom is brought back to the camp and when Rachel sees him, she asks Miles what they planning to do with him. Miles says they can get some valuable intel out of Tom, but Rachel isn’t too happy to hear this and says Tom deserves to die.

Tom is tied to a chair in an empty room and soon after, Miles arrives to question him. Despite taking a numbers of blows to the face, Tom refuses to yield and is even willing to die, but Miles says he isn’t planning to kill him. Instead, his plan is to keep torturing him till he talks. A group of rebels from another campsite arrives at Miles’ camp and Jason is part of that group. Jason knows that Miles and team have captured Tom and he wants to talk to him, but Miles refuses to allow that. In the night, on the pretense of bringing him food,

Rachel arrives outside the room, where Tom is. She knocks the guard unconscious and is about to go in, when Charlie arrives and asks her, what she is planning to do. With a smile on her face, Rachel truthfully tells Charlie that she is planning to kill Tom. Charlie tells her mother to back away from the door, saying they need Tom right now. She promises Rachel she will personally kill Tom once Miles is done questioning him. Rachel is confident that they won’t get another opportunity to kill Tom because he will escape before that, yet she reluctantly walks away. Rachel runs into Miles outside and breaks down in his arms.

Jason sees that Miles is distracted and uses this opportunity to gain entry into Tom’s room. He asks Tom, why he was so hard on him all the time, despite him always doing what he was asked to. Tom says he didn’t want him to be weak, which is why he treated him harshly, but adds that he was always proud of him. Jason feels Tom is saying all this only, so he would free him and begins to walk away. Tom stops him, saying even if he doesn’t care about him he should care about his mother, who will be killed by Monroe if he doesn’t succeed in his mission and return home. Jason knows, what Tom is saying is completely true and is in a quandary about what he should do.

In the end, he frees Tom and volunteers to come with him because he knows his way around the woods in the surrounding area. He asks Tom about his mission and Tom says he has to go to an old cement factory in the neighboring town, but refuses to reveal anything more. Before opening the door to escape, Jason tells Tom that he has revealed enough and once the door is opened, Tom is shocked to see Miles and a couple of other rebels standing outside. Tom immediately realizes his son set him up. While he is being restrained to the chair again, Tom tells Jason that his mother will be killed for this, but Jason seems unmoved.

At Philly, Monroe is worried because there is still no word from Tom, so Flynn volunteers to make the pickup himself. At the rebel camp, Miles and team locate the cement factory on a map and Charlie tells her mother that she will be going with them. Rachel sees her off with a smile on her face and jokes that she will try to not kill Tom, while she is away. While Miles and team are making their way to the cement factory, Tom calls the priest to his room and says that he wants to make a confession, so he can meet his maker with a clear conscience. While he is talking to them, Tom reveals that he has managed to free himself from the chair. Before the Padre or a rebel accompanying him can do something about it, he kills both of them.

After he has killed them, he looks at a nail, which he used to free himself. The next day, Miles and team arrive at the cement factory and from a distance, see that it’s heavily guarded. They see Flynn walking out of the factory with a large briefcase in his hand and Miles says they have to take him down. Jason volunteers, and is about to shoot an arrow at him, when he is spotted by one of the soldiers, who begins firing at them. Flynn rushes into his vehicle and drives away, while the soldiers at the factory begin firing in their direction. The rebels eventually manage to take down all the soldiers and inside the factory they see cases of what seem to be radioactive material and also plans of some sort.

In Philly, while Julia is having some tea with a couple of ladies, Tom storms into the house in a state of panic. He frantically begins packing all their stuff, saying they have to go before Monroe’s men come and kill them both. Miles and team return to the camp with the plans and Rachel on seeing them figures out that it’s the plans for a nuke. Rachel looks at Aaron and says there is still one way to stop Monroe. Rachel then tells Charlie that she has to leave for a mission.

While she packing stuff for her mission, Miles tries to stop her, saying it’s too dangerous for her to go and try to destroy the Tower by herself, but she is adamant. Aaron is going with Rachel and before leaving, asks Miles to find Monroe’s nuke, saying he will sleep better if he does. Charlie wants to accompany Rachel, but she refuses to take her along and leaves after bidding her a final goodbye. The episode ends at this point.