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The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Recap

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The episode begins with Monroe being told by the captain of his militia that Tom and his wife have fled the city. He is also informed that Tom’s son is alive and has joined the rebels. After hearing all of this, Monroe is clearly mad and comments, how the captain and Tom were really close. He also assumes the captain had inkling about, what Tom was up to. The captain says he didn’t, assuring Monroe he is loyal to him, but Monroe doesn’t buy it and shoots him in the head. At the rebel camp, Miles receives intel from one of his spies that Monroe has sent the nuke with a two man strike team to Atlanta.

He along with Nora and Charlie decide to stop Monroe’s men before they get an opportunity to use the nuke. Elsewhere, Rachel tells Aaron that they need to find Dr. Warren, who according to Rachel knows the Tower better than anyone else. Miles, Charlie and Nora sneak past the borders of the Monroe Republic into Georgia. Miles tells Charlie that Georgia is a whole different world, for starters everything runs on steam here, the weather is better and people are filthy rich. At an army outpost there, they go in and see a couple of soldiers lying dead on the floor. Miles concludes Monroe’s men have already been there. Miles is really disturbed on seeing a knife that he used to own lying there and concludes Alec did all this.

He walks out really upset and recalls the time from seven years after the blackout, when he and Alec were hanging out at a bar. They were both in the militia and apparently were really great friends. While having a heart to heart at the bar, Miles had gifted Alec the knife. Back in the present, while walking through a forest in search of Dr. Jane Warren, Aaron and Rachel run into a couple of militia men. They are about to rape Rachel after pushing Aaron away, when both the men start burning up. Eventually, they collapse to the ground and their bodies are completely charred. A while later, Jane appears with some device in hand that she apparently used to killed those men. Jane invites the duo back to her house, after Rachel tells her that she needs her help.

In Georgia, wearing soldier uniforms they stole from the army outpost, Miles, Charlie and Nora gain entry into the bustling city of Atlanta. They split up and begin looking for the nuke using flashlights. Miles knows the pendants that power the nuke would also power up the flashlights the moment they are near it. Miles arrives near a deserted alley and his flashlight powers up. He sees the nuke hidden in a drain. Just as he is about to remove it, Alec arrives and pushes him away. They both draw out their swords and a duel ensues. Eventually, Alec overpowers Miles and is about to kill him, when Charlie arrives and shoots an arrow into him. An injured Alec makes a run for it with the nuke. Miles and Charlie give him chase and eventually Miles catches up with him.

Alec takes a cop hostage to stop Miles and makes a run for it after shooting him. He deliberately does this, so Miles gets blamed for killing the cop. Miles looks on helplessly as Alec disappears and moments later cops arrive and arrest Miles. Charlie and Nora see Miles being hauled into the police station and conclude they have to quickly come up with a plan to get him out. At Jane’s, Rachel and Aaron meet Beth. While Beth goes in with Aaron to get him some food, Jane and Rachel have a talk. Rachel tells Jane about her plan to destroy the nanites and turn the power back on for everyone. Jane isn’t happy to hear this because it’s the nanites that are keeping Beth’s cancer from progressing by eating away at it. She as a result refuses to help Rachel get into the Tower, despite Rachel’s argument that her cause is for the greater good.

At Atlanta, while Charlie is lurking outside the prison walls trying to figure out a way to get Miles out, Alec arrives. He tells Rachel that she is nothing more than Miles’ new pet project just like he was years ago, but she refuses to believe him. After he learns, who she is, Alec tells her to ask Rachel, what Miles did to her. While they are at it, a helicopter flying overhead drops flyers to the ground. The flyer warns President Foster, the leader of Georgia, of an imminent nuclear attack if Georgia doesn’t join the Monroe Republic. At President Kelly Foster’s office, Miles is brought to see her. Miles tells her that he has trained Alec, so he can probably hunt Alec down and stop him. Kelly still remembers what Miles was and what he did to her and her army, so she can’t see a reason to trust him.

Miles argues that she has nothing to lose because if Alec isn’t caught they will all turn to dust anyway. His logic apparently appeals to Kelly because Miles is set free. He meets up with Charlie and Nora and they begin looking for Alec. Flashback to nine years after the blackout, Alec returns to Philly after a mission and meets Miles. Alec had been sent to assassinate the army general heading Texas, but he failed and his face was also seen by the general. Miles tells Alec that they can’t afford an all out war with Texas, which is why he has no other option, but to hand him over to Texas to avert war. Alec pleads with Miles to not do this, but Miles coldly looks on, while Alec is hauled away. Back in the present, from a distance, Miles sees Alec sneaking into a building. At Jane’s, Beth overhears Rachel and Jane talking.

She is shocked to learn the truth and tells Jane that she will kill herself if she (Jane) doesn’t give Rachel what she wants. Jane reluctantly hands Rachel a diary and says it will tell her everything she needs to know. At Georgia, Charlie, Nora and Miles split up and begin looking for Alec inside the building that Miles saw him enter. Miles finds Alec and while they are busy talking about all that happened in the past, Alec gets instructions on the radio to detonate the nuke. Soon after, Miles and Alec get into fight with Miles doing his best to stop Alex from getting to the nuke. Eventually, Miles stabs Alec with the knife that he had given him. While Miles is sitting by himself grieving Alec’s death, Charlie walks up to him. She tells Miles what Alec told her earlier and asks what he did to her mom. Miles isn’t specific, but tells her that he has a habit of hurting people, who trust him and care for him, so she should get away from him.

After summoning Miles to her office, President Foster tells Miles that if Monroe wants a war she will give it to him. She tells him she will attack the southern border of the republic. She wants Miles and his rebels to attack the republic from the inside. For this mission, she offers Miles a couple hundred men, a thousand guns and asks him if he is ready to be a general again. The episode ends at this point.