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The episode begins with Monroe and Jim having a drink together in an army tent. Captain Dixon, of the Georgia Federation, comes in and congratulates Miles for the victory, which they have just achieved. Apparently, Miles with the help of the Georgian army has managed to defeat the militia in a particular area. In Philly, Monroe isn’t too pleased on learning that the rebels with the help of the Georgian army, has conquered many of their forts. Monroe knows that Miles is heading the rebels and concludes he has to be killed as soon as possible, so he can’t create any more trouble.

Monroe knows it’s going to be difficult to find Miles, which is why he wants to lure Miles to him instead. In the dead of the night, Rachel and Aaron arrive at the Western Borders of the Monroe Republic. They hand over a bunch of diamonds to a man there, who then welcomes them to the Plains Nation. Monroe and his men arrive at a quaint little town in their choppers. Monroe, whose hometown it is, asks his men to round up all the townsfolk. At the Plains Nation, while Rachel goes through Dr. Warren’s diary, Aaron walks through a marketplace looking for supplies. Suddenly, he sees his wife Priscilla at a distance and is shocked. He makes his way through a crowd, while yelling out her name. Eventually, when he gets to the place she was at, he sees that she has disappeared.

At the Georgian military camp, Miles is told that someone from the militia is there to see him. The messenger gives Miles, Monroe’s message. Monroe has asked Miles to come to their hometown by himself and if he doesn’t comply, everyone in their hometown will be killed. Monroe has specifically mentioned that he will start by killing Emma. Turns out, Miles and Emma were lovers, when they were young. In his hometown, Monroe, who also apparently had a thing for Emma, is surprised to see her at his doorstep. She asks him the reason for his visit, but he refuses to give her a clear answer. He orders that she too be taken to the courtroom, where the rest of the townsfolk have been rounded up.

At the military camp, Charlie is told that Miles snuck out a while ago, which is why Jim and his men are trying to get the militia messenger to reveal everything. At his hometown, Monroe recalls that he and Emma also had a thing going, when they were young. Charlie, Nora, Dixon and Jim are out looking for Miles. At the Plains Nation, Aaron sees Priscilla sitting in a bar and walks up to her. She introduces Aaron to Steve, her husband. She tells Steve that Aaron is an old friend. Aaron is too stunned to react on hearing this. Rachel realizes that Priscilla has moved on and tries to get Aaron out of there, but Aaron isn’t willing to believe it. Eventually, he walks out of the bar with a stunned expression, all the while looking in Priscilla’s direction. After the duo leave, it’s shown that Steve had a gun pointed at Priscilla from under the table.

Aaron and Rachel have a talk about the issue. He feels something wasn’t right and adds that he won’t leave her this time round. At his hometown, Emma tells Monroe that she knows why he is there. She heard a few of Monroe’s men whispering about it. She urges him to let everyone go, saying Miles probably won’t come. She reminds him, how he loved her once and adds that she loved him too. She appeals to the part that is kind and decent in him. Her beseeching him in this manner brings tears to Monroe’s eyes. Outside, Miles makes it to the roof of the courthouse. Monroe’s guards see him and fire at him.

Inside, Monroe on hearing the gunshots figures out that Miles is here. Monroe tells Emma that he wants to again be the person that she knew. They kiss and before walking away, Monroe tells her that the person she knew is dead. He tells the guard at the door to move everyone to the basement and set the courthouse on fire. At the Plains Nation, Aaron finds Steve dumping a gagged and restrained Priscilla in the back of a carriage. He realizes Steve isn’t her husband, so the two get into a fight. While Steve is busy kicking Aaron’s ass, Priscilla renders Steve unconscious by hitting him on the head with a crowbar. At his hometown, Monroe sees Miles, who has been shot in the leg, entering the courthouse. He instructs his men to go after Miles and ensure that he doesn’t leave. Miles rescues everyone from the basement, but their path is blocked by the blazing fire at the entrance.

To make matter worse, from outside, Monroe’s men begin shooting at them. Miles knows they are trapped. He is about to give up hope, when Nora and gang arrive and shoot down Monroe’s men, who are at the entrance. Miles asks everyone to quickly rush out and picks up a gun to deal with Monroe’s men. After the exchange of some gunfire between the two parties, Monroe calls out to Miles. He from his cover sees Emma being brought forth by Monroe with a gun to her head. He asks Miles to come out. While he is busy threatening Miles with killing Emma if he doesn’t come out, she shocks Monroe by telling him that she doesn’t want to die because she wants to see her son again. She tells Monroe that the child is theirs. Monroe recalls, how he and Emma had gone all the way, when they were teenagers.

A stunned Monroe, asks her where his son is, but before she can tell him, Dixon fires. The bullet passes through Emma and hits Monroe. Miles in anger kills Dixon. Monroe is livid on realizing Emma is dead. Before he can retaliate, Monroe is rushed out of the scene by his men because he has been hit. Monroe and his men escape in the chopper, while Miles rushes to Emma’s lifeless body. Later, a distraught Miles tells Jim that he was at one point engaged to Emma. At the Plains Nation, Priscilla tells Aaron that Steve was a bounty hunter. She is wanted by the Monroe Republic for murder because she stabbed a militia sergeant, who tried to hurt someone she cared about.

Aaron apologizes to Priscilla for abandoning her, saying he was only trying to protect her. She counters with tears in her eyes that everyone he left her with, died and then she was left all alone. Aaron asks her to come with him. She says she can’t because she has an 11- year-old daughter and a family waiting for her in Texas. Aaron agrees with Priscilla on hearing this, although he is clearly shocked. She tells him that she loves him and always will. She kisses him and bids him goodbye. In Georgia, Tom arrives at the President’s office. He is being sent by President Foster to assist Miles in his mission and also to keep him in check. The episode ends at this point.