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The Love Boat - Recap

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The episode begins with Miles and Nora blowing up a Monroe Republic lab and kidnapping a scientist. Two days earlier, Georgia has sent Tom Neville to Miles with reinforcements. Tom is now a commissioned officer of the Georgia Federation. If Miles refuses Tom, then Georgia reinforcements and weapons disappear. Miles is willing to give up Georgia’s help, but Tom also brings news that Monroe is weaponizing anthrax; Dr. Ethan Camp is in charge. Miles as a result will need Tom’s help. Nora and Charlie are skeptical of Miles helping Tom, but Miles makes it clear that they don’t have a say in this matter.

The team hops onto a Georgia Navy steamboat that is disguised as a fishing vessel. On the steamboat, Tom tries to re-bond with Jason, but they remain antagonistic. Tom’s wife caught hypothermia while they were fleeing the Monroe Republic. He blames Jason for their predicament and for his wife almost dying. In Philly, Flynn does not agree with Monroe’s plans to use anthrax. Monroe calls Flynn his “I.T. guy” and threatens Flynn’s life if Flynn doesn’t speak with Monroe with a little bit more respect. Tom stays behind on the steamboat while Miles, Nora, Charlie, and Jason break into the lab and kidnap Dr. Camp and bring him back to the boat.

Elsewhere, Rachel and Aaron are trying to get food, but can’t get anyone to barter with them. Aaron eventually gets caught stealing food. The owner of the food is about to execute both Aaron and Rachel, but Rachel shoots first, with a handgun that Miles gave her. The two of them run, but Rachel gets injured in the process. On the ship, Tom toasts Miles with some alcohol. Tom tells Miles that in the last couple of years, Monroe has been recruiting younger and dumber people into his army. Tom says it was a pleasure to operate with a true professional like Miles. Dr. Camp is worried. Monroe kidnapped his family. It turns out that while Miles and his squad were kidnapping Dr. Camp, Tom and his squads were kidnapping Camp’s family.

Now, Tom and Miles tell Camp he will help Georgia or never see his family again. Charlie is upset with the turn of events. Nora is also mad at Miles and says she’ll transfer to another rebel unit once they reach shore. Aaron carries Rachel to an abandoned truck where he helps to fix Rachel’s injured leg. Rachel tells Aaron to leave her, but he won’t abandon her. A siren on the boat rings. A Monroe Republic river patrol boat is approaching. It might just be a routine inspection. The boat is boarded, but they don’t find Neville or Dr. Camp. The Monroe patrol officer does find a shell of ammunition, which is illegal to have.

The Georgia captain has to bribe his way out, but is seems everything is okay. Apparently, the Monroe patrol officer doesn’t seem to recognize Miles on the boat. As the boat is underway again and Tom comes out of the hiding space, he punches Charlie for defending Camp. While they were hiding, Tom was prepared to kill Camp instead of letting him fall into Monroe’s hands. While Tom had his pistol aimed at Camp, Charlie aimed her pistol at Tom. Miles intervenes and warns Tom to never touch Charlie again. Rachel and Aaron survive an encounter with two armed men, who were looking for them after they shot the man with the food.

Aaron was instrumental in the fight, and Rachel looks genuinely and pleasantly surprised that they survived. On the boat, Miles and Charlie argue. Charlie asks how holding Camp’s family hostage is any different from Monroe holding Rachel hostage. Miles admits that it isn’t different. He tried to escape all this madness by hiding in Chicago, but this war eventually got the better of him. He now has no other option but to go all out, even if that means holding Camp’s family hostage. Later, Charlie locks Miles in his cabin. Jason knocks out Tom. Nora, Jason and Charlie hold the Georgia boat crew at gunpoint. They fake distress, so that the second boat with Camp’s family will arrive to help.

Camp’s family is rescued. Tom awakens and regains control of the situation. The boat crew is now armed. Tom and Jason get into a heated argument and Tom knocks out Jason. Tom confronts Charlie, saying she is one of the biggest pains in the ass he has ever met. Before he can attack Charlie, Miles, who has also escaped from his cabin, punches Tom. Tom orders his soldiers to shoot them all, including Miles and his squad. Luckily for Miles, the boats were passing a nearby Monroe guard post on shore. The Monroe soldiers open up with automatic gunfire at the two Georgia boats. The Monroe river patrol officer did, in fact, recognize Miles, but was afraid to get into a fight with the feared Miles Matheson while onboard. He would rather target the boat from afar with machine gun fire.

While the Monroe soldiers provide ample distraction, Miles and his rebel squad escape on the smaller Georgia boat with Camp and his family. Tom and the Georgia crews are left on the larger boat fighting off the Monroe soldiers. Charlie thanks Miles for saving her. Miles says he’s the one who should thank Charlie, for helping him maintain his humanity. Camp will work for neither Monroe nor Foster. Tom has escaped from the firefight on the river. He threatens to take all of his troops back to Georgia. Miles doubts that. Foster cares about winning battles, which Miles is doing. Tom leaves pissed. As Miles is relaxing with some alcohol, Nora arrives dressed in some intimate apparel.

She tells Miles that he’s not such a bad guy after all. The two of them kiss and presumably go farther. Rachel tells Aaron that he has to reach the Tower. He won’t leave Rachel, but she tells him he needs to be the one who reaches the Tower. She hands over Dr. Warren’s leather notebook and tells him to turn to page 74. On that page, there is an article clipping of a younger Aaron. He’s confused and a little freaked out as to why he would be involved. Rachel doesn’t really know either.

In the Tower, Grace has activated the elevator. Flynn’s lieutenant takes the elevator down and tries to get to the 12th floor. However, the elevator stops at the 7th floor. Something attacks the lieutenant. The elevator starts coming back up. When the elevator doors open back up, Grace has a look of terror on her face. The episode ends at this point.