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The Dark Tower - Recap

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The season finale of Revolution picks up where the last episode left off, with Miles and Monroe in the Tower. The men have guns trained on one another, but before they can finish their fight they are forced to work together as they are attacked. With Nora in tow, Miles and Monroe escape, only to find they get carried out of the Tower through an underground water system. Nora is separated from the pair during their descent, calling out Miles’ name to no avail.

Aaron has a conversation with Grace about turning the power back on, asking her what she meant when she said that it could set the world on fire. Grace tells Aaron that if the wrong command code is used on the nanites that they could malfunction and essentially set the air on fire by ripping apart the cells in their bodies. Rachel tells Grace that this doesn’t matter, because the nanites have already malfunctioned and are replicating out of control. Rachel tells Grace that the nanites need to be shut down. The people who protect the tower get word that Miles and Nora have left the tower and tell Charlie. They also don’t agree with Rachel and say that they will kill all of those involved with turning on the power.

Neville tricks the militia men into believing he was shot at, allowing him to get away with shooting and killing a Monroe man standing in his way. Neville succeeds in taking control over Monroe’s men, but Jason does not seem to believe his father’s story, and looks skeptical. Miles wakes up on the banks of a river, with the water system pouring out behind him, and Monroe standing above him. Alone again, they continue to fight without any weapons. They are still being shot at by someone in the woods, who runs away when Monroe steps out and identifies himself. Miles runs away while Monroe is preoccupied.

It is ten years after the blackout and Miles and Monroe are sitting in a bar reminiscing about past birthdays. There is a sudden explosion and everyone is thrown from their tables and onto the ground. Miles is unconscious as Monroe lies next to him and stares.

Aaron is using a computer in the tower when he finds something that shocks him. He locates Grace, in the infirmary, and asks to speak to her privately. He was snooping on her computer when he found a code that looks like something he wrote at MIT. Grace tells him it is his code and that the University sold it. It has become the Towers operating system, and tells him that is why Ben found Aaron in the first place.

Neville is shown standing in front of a large supply of explosives as Jason walks up to him. Neville tells him that it is for a demolition project to stop Rachel from turning on the lights. Jason is angry at his father for switching sides again, but Neville interrupts him and asks for his help, saying he is the only one he can trust in the world. Jason tells him he will help, as long as Charlie and Rachel are kept alive. A Monroe militia member runs up and tells Neville that General Monroe has been spotted out in the woods.

Grace and Rachel are back in the infirmary, talking about the day Danny was born. Rachel tells Grace that they have to stop the militia to set things right so that Danny didn’t die for nothing. Grace continues to say that it is too dangerous, and so Rachel incapacitates her and takes the key card. Aaron and Charlie walk in and close the door behind Rachel, the group all leaving together.

Miles is walking through the woods when he has a flashback, yet again it is set 10 years after the blackout. In the flashback Miles wakes up with cuts and bruises all over, with Nora sitting next to him. Monroe is there as well, and he explains that U.S. rebels blew up the bar they were in and that they did it because they want to bring back the United States. Outside the window men are loading coffins onto a wagon. Monroe says that he is going to make an example out of the man who tried to kill them.

Rachel, Aaron and Charlie are hiding when Aaron notices a back door in his code, and tells them he thinks that the blackout was done on purpose. Nora comes around the corner and embraces Charlie. The group learns about what happened to Miles, but no one knows if he is alive or not.

Back again with Miles outside, he is ambushed by Monroe and they begin to fight again. Overtaking Monroe, Miles pushes him to the ground and walks away, leaving him alive. Monroe accuses Miles of starting everything bad that has happened and tells him he feels betrayed by Miles. Their argument is interrupted by a helicopter that flies in above them and tries to cut them down with bullets. The pair runs away into the cover of the woods, but Monroe is taken down and captured by militia. Monroe is brought back to camp and presented to Neville in his tent. Neville makes it clear to Monroe that the power has shifted and that he is now in charge. Elsewhere, the pile of explosives blows up a concrete wall into the Tower. Jason enters the tent to let Neville know that the explosives have gone off, and Neville gives the orders for his men to enter the Tower and leaves Monroe alone. Miles cuts his way into the tent and frees Monroe, telling him that they are “still brothers”. Just before he leaves, he yells that Monroe is escaping, but Monroe runs through the trees and gets away.

Nora, Charlie, Rachel, and Aaron overtake the people guarding level 11 of the Tower with one of Nora’s bombs, but Nora is shot in the stomach in the process. The group does not have any meds or stitches to help Nora. Rachel makes the decision to leave, and takes Aaron with her, to go and unlock the door while Charlie stays behind with a dying Nora. A man breaks into the room after hearing Nora cry out in pain, and he almost kills Charlie, but Miles shows up at the last second and kills the man. Nora tells Miles to leave her and go help Rachel turn the power on but he refuses to leave her. Carrying Nora in his arms, Miles and Charlie leave the room they were hiding in to find the infirmary, but Nora dies on the way.

Grace wakes up to find Neville and his men have entered the Tower. They force Grace into helping them find their way to Level 12, and they meet Rachel and Aaron as they reach it at the same time. Charlie and Miles show up from behind and open fire on Neville’s men, allowing Rachel to run ahead and open the room. Everyone gets in safely before the door locks behind them. Inside the room are a number of high tech computers. Aaron gets access to one of the computers and begins running the shutdown script. Neville orders his men to blow open the door and kill everyone inside. Jason is visibly upset at this decision. Inside the room, Aaron is hesitant to authorize the execution, but goes through with it anyways. Once he presses enter on the computer, lights turn on all around the world. Individuals in different parts of the globe stand in shock as their lights, radios and other devices turn back on all at once.

As the group is absorbing what they have just done, Randall forces his way into another part of the control room. Randall tells them that his plan the whole time was to have the power turned back on so that he could take control of the East Coast. Randall launches missiles from the control room at Atlanta and Philadelphia, and then he takes his own life. Rachel and the group are unable to do anything to stop it, separated from Randall by bulletproof glass.

A man turns a light on and off in a dark room, while seated behind a desk. Another man enters the room and tells him “Sir, Randall did it. It’s time to go home Mr. President.” The camera zooms out and the first man rises from the desk, behind which is the United States flag. The President’s location is The United States colony in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

By Rachel Anne