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Born In The U.S.A. - Recap

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Miles counts down from 20. He is counting down to when the ICBMs will hit Atlanta and Philadelphia. Aaron frantically tries to stop the countdown.

Six months later at a bar in the Plains Nation, Charlie talks to Jeff, a bartender. He brings up where he was when the power came back on but she doesn't want to talk about the power. He asks what it is that she wants to talk about and the two go into the back room together.

Miles exits a small shack with his hand bleeding heavily. He sits the shack on fire and walks away. He enters a town and walks by Aaron. Aaron asks what happened to his hand but he makes no response. A woman with Aaron asks what got into him but Aaron says you can never tell. Miles walks up to a house. Inside Rachel helps patch up a man who was burned by the bomb that hit Atlanta. She is assisting her father, Dr. Gene Porter. The burned man says that Atlanta and Philadelphia are completely gone now. They are just dead zones full of radiation. Miles walks in and hears the end of the conversation.

At the Savannah Refugee Camp in the Georgia Federation, Tom searches for his wife, Julia, with the help of his son, Jason. The refugee camp stretches for as far as the eye can see in all directions.

Dr. Porter patches Miles' hand up and says he's fresh out of anesthetic. He says that when Rachel was younger she always chose the wrong men, until she met Ben. He thought she would finally be happy with Ben but he noticed how Rachel looked at Miles at her wedding. Porter is happy that Miles brought Rachel back to him but pissed that he let Charlie go. He says that the last thing Rachel needs is the wrong guy.

Jeff the bartender cooks breakfast for Charlie. Jeff notices that Charlie has a Monroe militia tattoo and he says it's alright because he has one too. He even saw Monroe not too long ago but he was in rough shape. Charlie asks where he was headed to.

Rachel is still haunted by images of Randall's suicide. Gene comes in and tries to comfort her. He says that the last few months have been tough for them and asks her not to go looking for a relapse. Rachel suggests that Randall may have been following orders to bomb the cities and Gene asks who.

In a dark building a man walks by some cages, he leaves the building and it is revealed to be the White House.

Rachel asks Miles why he is leaving now, all of a sudden. He says the town is just not his speed. He says he will see her around and hugs her goodbye. Rachel says goodbye and walks away from him. She turns around and says he could stay, just a little longer. Miles reminds her that bad things happen when they are together. Looking sad, Rachel walks away.

Six months ago, Miles and Charlie show up at the gate of the town and meet with Gene. He is happy to see his grand daughter again. He asks why they came here and Miles said this is the only place he could think of to go. Rachel is with them but she sits quietly on the horse. She is depressed because she blames herself for the bombs going off.

Back in the present day Miles is on a horse when he sees some men kill a man and drag his wife into a corn field. Miles runs into the field and stops to listen for them. A man tackles Miles and the two wrestle on the ground. Miles manages to pick up his sword and he slashes the man's throat.

Charlie walks through the woods with her bow and arrow when she comes across what looks to be a big party in a tent city that goes by the name of New Vegas. There are a lot of scantily clad women walking around. One man even says they have David Schwimmer, the last surviving Friends cast member, performing shows. Charlie walks into a tent where two men are boxing. The man who wins the match is Monroe. Charlie stays hidden while she watches him.

Aaron holds his pendant and watches a fire. His girlfriend asks what's bothering him and tries to reassure him that if the power came on once it can always return a second time. He says that isn't going to happen but he can't explain to her how he knows that. He goes outside to cut fire wood and a huge cloud of fireflies appears near him, glowing bright.

The next day, Aaron asks Rachel what is happening that is causing everything to go weird. The tower can't explain all the strange things that have happened to them. Just then a man yells for the sheriff. Miles enters the town with the body of the man he killed on his horse. Miles points out that his tattoos point out how many men he has killed and he is probably from a war tribe. He suggests that the tribe will come and kill everyone. He asks the sheriff when he can have rangers come to town and help protect it. Gene says that he guesses Miles isn't leaving just yet.

Jason finds his father holding his gun and picture of Julia. Jason asks for Tom's gun and says he won't let him commit suicide on his watch. He tells Tom to get up and then punches him. Tom stands up and the two of them leave their tent. They head to the riverside where a ship, flying the American flag, sails by.

Four months ago in Texas, Miles tells Charlie that Rachel needs her. Charlie wants to leave though and Miles acknowledges that there is nothing he can do to stop her. He asks her to keep her stupid to a minimum and she leaves town. Back in the present, Charlie continues to follow Monroe. She passes by another man who is also watching Monroe. Monroe stops to play roulette and loses. A man tries to make conversation with Charlie and says that the man Charlie is watching goes by the name of Jimmy King. He runs the bets on the fights if she is interested in getting in on the action. She shakes loose a few gems into his hand and he says there's no fight tonight. She replies that it's not a bet.

Rachel asks if Miles is a deputy now. He thinks it's funny and that the sheriff has no idea what he is in for. He offers to run away with her but she wants to stay and wait for Charlie. Miles says that Charlie may be a little wrecked right now but she will find her way home. Rachel apologizes for bringing him here but he says he's not leaving her alone here.

Monroe reads a pamphlet on the Philadelphia Holocaust. He looks at his arm where there is a destroyed Monroe Militia tattoo. The man who runs the bets says there is a girl that wants to meet him. Monroe says it is late but the man assures Monroe that he will want to wake up for this one. Charlie lies in wait with her crossbow. Just as she shoots at him though another man knocks him out and loads him into a carriage. It was the man that was seen watching him after the fight.

Secretary Justine Elmford from the US government talks to the Savannah refugee camp. The government was forced to hide in Cuba. When they heard that Monroe launched missiles they knew they had to return to the mainland to help. She says that the president is making his way to the White House as they speak. She apologizes for not being there to help the rebels fight but they are there now and want help in making the country great again.

Aaron closes the blinds and tells his girlfriend that Miles, he goes by Stu in town, isn't one to over exaggerate. She doesn't know what she did to deserve Aaron. He says there are a lot of nice guys. She tells him that the scar on her arm was given to her by her husband, who attacked her. She says that in this day and age being sweet is a rare quality. She invites him to the bedroom and when he follows her in he finds a man attacking her. He defends her and tells her to run. The man slices Aaron with a sword and runs off into the night. Rachel and Miles run when they hear cries of help. Rachel does her best to stop the bleeding while Miles chases down the attackers. Two of them have kidnapped women. The sheriff comes to Miles' rescue and shoots most of the men. The women run free and a man knocks the sheriff out. Miles turns to see that he is surrounded. Gene does his best to help Aaron but his injuries proved to be too much and he dies.

Jason says that Tom looks better and Tom thinks that all a man needs is a purpose. He says that the American government has arrived at the perfect time and suspects that Randall Flynn was involved with them. Tom accuses the US government of being responsible for the bombings and Julia's death. He promises to tear them apart form the inside.

Miles and the sheriff are taken to the bandits hideout. Titus Andover welcomes them and says that the bandits are his family. He offers them some tea.

Gene breaks the news to Rachel that the bandits are gone. Rachel asks if anyone has seen Miles or the sheriff but Gene says they are nowhere to be found in the town. He says he is sorry and leaves her alone.

Aaron's girlfriend is outside when she sees the fireflies gather again. Inside the house, Rachel stares at Aaron's corpse when he suddenly comes alive and draws a large breath.