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There Will Be Blood - Recap

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Aaron comes back to life and Rachel yells for her father, Gene. The two give him CPR and Aaron comes around. Gene says this isn't possible.

Somewhere in the Plains Nation, Monroe is held captive in an empty swimming pool. He is guarded by an old man with one eye. Charlie sneaks up on the old man and knocks him out with a wood plank and takes his gun. While she peers into the pool at Monroe, a man wakes up nearby and shoots at her. She falls into the pool and loses the gun.

Near Miles, a man begs for his freedom. He is taken into the next room. Sheriff Mason asks another imprisoned woman, Sara, what's behind the red door. She says that everyone who goes through doesn't come back. Miles asks Mason how he ended up being sheriff. Mason says his father used to tell tales about a tough ranger and always wanted to be like him. Men enter the room and inject something into Miles' and Mason's arms. A man looks at the two blood samples and allows Miles to live but kills Mason.

In Willoughby, Texas, Rachel asks Aaron how he's feeling. Aaron's heart had stopped for two and a half hours before he came back to life. His girlfriend Cynthia is crying because she had been praying for a miracle. Aaron says it must be the nanotechnology and asks Rachel what is happening to him. She doesn't know though.

A man rides a horse up to the city gates. The guards venture out to see who it is and when they get close they see it is a dead Sheriff Mason.

Aaron tells the children of the tale of the Ghostbusters. Rachel asks her father to ask the deputy to save Miles. Gene says no one is going anywhere and refuses to let her leave to try to save Miles. Gene says he is grateful that Miles brought her to him but she wants to keep what he gave her.

Charlie wakes up tied up near Monroe. The man who kidnapped Monroe asks how she found him. She remains silent though, even when he says that he understands why she would want to kill him. He has been tracking Monroe for months and they are taking him to their employers, the US government. She suggests that he just kill Monroe but the government wants him alive.

In his cell, Miles manages to untie his hand and escape his handcuffs. He unlocks his cage but is stopped by Sara, the woman in the next cell. He unlocks her as well but a couple men attack him. He fights two off but the third holds a knife to Sara's throat. The man says Miles must be special and Titus will want to have a word with him.

Tom Neville pretends to be drunk to get close to an American soldier. He meets with his son, Jason, and a friend. Tom says that they are using the American flag has a mask and they are the ones who dropped the bombs. Tom thinks that they created the problem and are now trying to create the solution. Tom says that he will assassinate Secretary Allenford.

Monroe asks Charlie where Miles and Rachel are. He also asks if Randall was the one who pushed the button that set the bombs off. He feels bad for leading Randall there but Charlie doesn't believe he feels bad. She suggests that maybe he just sucks at his job and he tells her to watch her mouth. Charlie says doesn't get to tell anyone anything. Monroe laughs and says she is just like Rachel.

Back in town, Rachel asks Ken, the butcher, if he will help her. Ken says that they need everyone possible to protect the town and he can't leave to help her.

Titus sips a drink across the desk from Miles. Titus says he shouldn't have gone back for the woman and maybe he would have escaped. Miles calls Titus a creep and a bodyguard punches him. Titus reveals that the night the power went out he was supposed to be arrested for child pornography on his computer. After the blackout he was free to do whatever they want. He thinks it's a better world now that there are no limits and no rules. Titus shows Miles the body of the man who was supposed to ride to Austin to get help for his town. Miles asks Titus why he's this far south and what he wants. Titus says he won't kill Miles right now, because of a surprise, but he can't have Miles kill anymore of his men. Titus' bodyguard takes a hammer to Miles' hands.

Tom and his team follow Secretary Allenford and slowly get closer. Tom nods to Jason's friend and the man kneels and pulls out a gun. Tom yells that there is a gun and for people to get down. He then shoots Jason's friend. The secretary's men detain Tom.

Aaron finds a dead rat and pokes it with his cane. He comments that he guesses it's not as lucky as him. A gun shot comes from down the hall and Aaron goes to investigate. He finds a body on the floor, it's Ben. All he says is "It's you", before he dies. Cynthia comes to Aaron and he realizes it was just a hallucination.

Charlie asks her captor what he is going to do to her. He says she was a pain but he doesn't like killing, unless he has to. He allows her to go free. Monroe has snuck a piece of pool tile into his hands and manages to cut his ropes loose. He jumps out of a moving carriage and runs into a forest. He tries to climb a fence but the old captor pulls him down. Monroe kills the old man. The young captor tackles Monroe in anger and the two exchange blows. Monroe begins to kill this man too but Charlie runs up and beats Monroe with a weapon. He punches her to the ground and runs off. Charlie chases after him but he steals the carriage and gets away.

Rachel prepares to leave and Gene walks up behind her. Gene and two men are going to come with her to rescue Miles. He just asks if Miles is really worth saving. She says he is and they prepare to leave.

Aaron explains his hallucination to Cynthia. She says he is driving himself crazy and he says everything that has happened is crazy. She suggests that it's some miracle but he doesn't believe in God. Aaron explains to her what really brought him back to life. He also says he knows what caused the blackout. Aaron has a flash back to when the nukes went off. He was almost able to stop it but he couldn't.

Miles, back in his cell, suffers from the pain in his hand. A man enters the room and says it won't hurt for much longer because he is next. The man goes to his room where he writes a note and seals it with a pyramid symbol.

Secretary Allenford reads the note from the man and burns it afterwards. She meets with Tom Neville, who says his name was Edgar Crane. She thanks him for saving her and he says that he had spotted that man earlier in the day. He wants to help protect her and she asks why she should trust him. He says that besides saving her life he would like to be an American again. She says she'll just have to keep her eye on him.

Rachel rides with the other men and she asks for a torch when they stop. Using the torch she sees that the ground around them is covered in dead rats.

Miles is dragged by men through the red door into the room beyond. In the room a music box plays. On the bed is a very frail looking women with Titus sitting beside her. It looks like they are going to do a blood transfusion.