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Love Story - Recap

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Titus says that his wife is diabetic and to fix her blood he needs to keep replacing his wife's blood. Titus thanks Miles for the blood.

Rachel and Gene sneak into a drainage pipe. They make their way through it and end up in the room where Miles' blood is being pumped out of him. She knocks a guard out and he says that she shouldn't have come. Miles tells Gene to take Titus' wife and leave. Miles promises that he will be right behind him with Rachel. Mile leads her to the next room and they free the woman that was imprisoned next to Miles. One of Titus' men enter the room and a man who came with Rachel shoots him with a gun. Titus hears the blast and stands up from his desk. In the jail room, Miles and Rachel have their hands full fighting off Titus' men. They manage to escape and meet Gene who already has Titus' wife, Jessica, on their carriage.

Tom informs Jason that they are in and now work for the Patriots. They will use their aliases and cut all former ties. Tom plans to climb to the top and kill them all for Julia. Jason asks where they start. Their first job is serving food and Tom says the Patriots are smart and cautious. As they walk through the camp two men assault them.

Back in the fort, Aaron tries to explain to his girlfriend how he was healed by robots. He still doesn't know why though and she thinks that it was some kind of higher calling. The new sheriff yells for the gates to be opened. Rachel, Miles and Gene rush into the fort with Titus' wife. Aaron reunites with Miles and they are both surprised that the other is still alive.

All of Titus' men march on the fort. Miles says it was going to happen sooner or later. Since he took Titus' wife they have a chance at staying alive. Titus and Miles are at a stand still. Miles offers to have a talk with Titus, but he wants to see that Jessica is okay first. One of Titus' men wants to talk with him first. He tells Titus that he is being paid to scare the town, not gut them. Titus doesn't care if they are part of the US government, he just wants his wife back.

Adam tells Charlie that he can't let her kill Monroe. He asks if her business with Monroe is personal and she says that half of her family was murdered by him. Adam wants to capture Monroe to save his dad. The United States group wants to trade his father for Monroe. He warns her that if she kills Monroe it would be the same as killing his father.

Rachel tells Jessica that he will be visiting her to see that she's okay. His wife doesn't want to go back though. She was ready to die but Titus kept her alive and killed others for her sake. Miles overhears the conversation from the hallway. Rachel leaves the room and asks Miles what they can do. Miles can't fight and sees no other option than to send Titus his wife back in exchange for peace. Miles brings the woman to the gates and shows Titus that she is okay. He moves closer to talk to Titus.

The men who beat up Tom and Jason have kidnapped them. When Jason wakes up he struggles with one of the men and takes hold of his gun. Tom tells him to stop and give the gun back. They weren't being mugged they were being tested. An officer from the US government asks Tom who he is. Tom gives his fake name but the officer knows that he is Tom Neville and his son is Jason.

Titus and Miles talk over the peace agreements. Titus doesn't want to just let Miles go after what he has done. Miles says that once everyone in town is safe he can have his wife back and he can also have Miles.

Rachel enters Jessica's room wife and finds her covered in blood. She apologizes for slitting her wrist and says she had to get away. Rachel calls Gene in but it's too late.

As Charlie walks with Adam through the forest, Monroe jumps out and knocks Adam down. He tells Charlie that he has something to show her. He reveals a wanted poster to her for his capture. She isn't impressed by this but he shows her another poster for Rachel's capture.

Rachel finds Miles and tells him what happened to Jessica. He tells her to hide the truth and pretend everything is fine. Miles' plan is to get as many people out as he can before Titus finds out the truth.

Rachel talks to Ken about leaving the city. As they converse, one of Titus' men runs hidden on the rooftops. Aaron asks Miles if something is wrong but Miles only tells him to get Cynthia and get out of town as fast as he can. Cynthia doesn't want to leave without Aaron but he says this is the reason he was brought back, to protect her.

The US officer talks to Tom and says that he deserves execution for being disloyal. He doesn't believe that Tom wants to help the government. Tom says he's there because he knows who dropped the bombs and killed his wife, Sebastian Monroe. He says he wants to help find Monroe but the officer thinks he is lying. Justine Allenford stops the officer from killing Tom and says she doesn't know if he's telling the truth. She says that a man with his skills may come in handy though and whether he tries to help or hurt them she will keep him close. Tom asks about Jason and Justine says she has a special plan for him.

Titus' man sneaks into Jessica's room and finds her body.

Charlie pours water on Adam's head to wake him up. She asks why Rachel is wanted but he doesn't know. Adam says there are probably 50 other bounty hunters with the same posters. Charlie asks if he lied about his dad. Adam admits to lying and Monroe wants to kill him right there. Charlie stops him though and says she doesn't like unnecessary killing. Monroe knocks him out and Charlie asks what is next. Monroe says they are both going to warn Rachel and Miles. He says that if the US government is as bad as Randall, they are all in trouble. Charlie doesn't want to go with him though and leaves by herself.

In the fort, Miles prepares plan B in case their first fails. Rachel tells Miles to come with her but he says he can't leave. Rachel feels like she went through too much to just let him die. Gene threatens to throw her on the wagon if she doesn't get on.

The first wagon full of people rolls through the gates but it is quickly attacked by Titus' men. Aaron is on this wagon and picks up a gun. He fires it and runs into a building with some other people.Miles yells for the barrels that are part of his plan B. He lights a fuse that is attached to them and runs away. Inside, Titus weeps by his wife's body. The US government agent puts a bag over Titus' head and says he should have listened to him.

Rachel and Miles are surrounded in an alley and do their best to fight off the men. Rachel is shot in the shoulder with an arrow while Miles finishes the other men off. He tells her to hold on but he is outnumbered three to one. A man is about to decapitate Miles when a machine gun fires and kills all of the attacking men. A man from the US government runs up and calls a medic for Rachel. Miles watches as a troop of soldiers carrying assault rifles walks by. They are everywhere cleaning up the bodies and even raising a US flag.