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Patriot Games - Recap

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In Pottsboro, New Texas, Charlie drinks at a bar while a few men watch her. She goes to leave the bar but the door is locked. The men say she can't leave just yet and she fights them. She takes some men down but starts to feel groggy because one of the men drugged her. Monroe breaks open the door and pulls out two swords. He kills the men that are attacking Charlie.

Rachel wakes up in a bed and calls out to Miles and her father. No one answers so she goes outside. She sees children dressed for Halloween and follows them through the town. She sees a lot of US soldiers and even the American flag waving in the square. Miles tells her it's about time she woke up and hugs her. She was asleep for three days and has missed a lot. Miles introduces her to Ed Truman of the US government. They have come from Cuba and are working their way West. They have been tracking Titus for a month and have taken out half of his men. As Rachel and Miles walk away, Ed says they will be seeing a lot of each other and watches them leave.

In the Savannah Refugee Camp, Tom witnesses some men fighting. When he breaks up the fight, he ends up getting involved himself. His commanding officer, Cooke, tells him to get down to the docks. Cooke doesn't trust Tom and promises to shoot him when he messes up.

Aaron, Rachel, and Miles talk about the US government and how they are calling themselves Patriots. She wonders if the government knows they were with Randall when he set off the bombs. Miles says no one is allowed out of the fort and Rachel suspects that something is going on outside the walls. He tells her to stay in bed and get better while he wants to sneak out into Titus' camp.

Rachel walks the streets with Gene and thinks about Randall. A woman calls Gene away so Rachel is left to wander around by herself. Ken comes up to her and says she has that look again. He says it looks like she is ten steps ahead of everyone around. She enters a house by herself and searches through it. She finds documents and a map that has Willoughby Trainyard written on it. Ed enters the room and stops her. They leave the room together and Ed tells Gene that Rachel was in his office.

Back in his office, a soldier tells Ed that a man was found alone outside the walls. Ed says that they can use him. Ed goes to where the man is being held and tells him it's dangerous outside the walls. He says the man should be careful of Titus' clan because they will kill him. Ed pulls out a sword and kills the man.

Rachel tries to explain to Gene that the government is dangerous but he just wants her to get some rest. She feels that if she doesn't try to do something then no one will. He worries that she is going to get hurt again. Gene warns her that a lot of people died and he can't watch her head out again into danger. Ed shows up outside and shows them the dead man. He doesn't want anyone outside the walls because they can get hurt.

Charlie wakes up in the rain, laying by a fire near Monroe. He tells her she needs to drink water to flush the drugs out of her system. She asks why he is helping her and he says it's a show of faith. He wants her to take him to Miles and Rachel. She doesn't believe him though and thinks that he is simply a killer behind all of his lies. Rachel makes a move for a knife but he stops her. Monroe says that for the time being they are all on the same side against the US government men.

Aaron falls to the ground in his house and has a vision of Miles at Titus' camp. He wakes up when Miles looks at him. Miles is at Titus' camp being watched by the fireflies. He walks into Titus' office and Titus realizes who it is. He holds a gun and says that the Patriots are inhuman. Titus says that he lost everything and the woman he loved because of Miles and tries to shoot him. The gun is empty so the two get in a fistfight that ends with Miles stabbing Titus.

While Rachel drinks at a bar, Ken sits down with her and asks what's going on. He owes her because she was there for him when he was going through a rough time. He begs her to let him help her.

As Tom changes near Cooke, he notices needle marks on his arm. Later that night, Tom follows him to a house that is being used as a drug den. He pays a woman and she leads him to a back room. Tom asks for two hours alone in the room. He barricades the door once inside and turns around to see Cooke lying on the bed.

Rachel explains the whole story to Ken and he says it sounds crazy. She says it's true though so he asks her what he can do. People in town look up to him but she warns that they have to be careful. They go downstairs to get more wine. He unlocks a door in the basement when she notices papers on a desk that have the symbol that the US government is using. She tries to run away but he knocks her down.

When Rachel wakes up, she is tied up in the corner while Ken is digging a hole. He tells her that he has been a Patriot for seven years. He tells her that they have plans everywhere and want to take back every town in the country. She promises to not talk to anyone about this but he says he can't take the chance. Ken wishes it had turned out differently but there's nothing he can do now. As he goes to stab her she headbutts him to the ground. Rachel escapes her cuffs and grabs the knife before he can get up. She stabs him in the stomach and stands over him with the knife. Rachel buries Ken and hides all evidence that she was there.

Cooke wakes up strapped to a bed and promises that if Tom lets him go then they will be on good terms. Tom says they will make a deal. Cooke will put Tom in for a promotion and tell him where his son is. He claims that he doesn't know where Jason is but promises that Tom will get a promotion. Tom injects an overdose of heroin into Cooke's arm.

Aaron wakes up to find Cynthia watching him sleep. She's worried about him and wants him to go see Gene tomorrow. He finds it hard to sleep with her watching and she promises to stop.

Miles sneaks up on the train where Titus said his men were being held. He watches as a soldier shoots two men. The soldier is the same man who used a hammer to break Miles' hand. Two other soldiers are told to take the dead bodies into town and be heroes. A soldier sneaks up on Miles and asks who he is. Miles attacks the man and escapes. After he climbs a fence, he is stopped by two soldiers with guns. He sees the fireflies around and the two men set on fire. Back at his house Aaron wakes up from watching the event take place.

At the refugee camp, Tom takes over Cooke's job. Allenford asks what he's doing and Tom says he's covering for Cooke since he didn't show up. She says that Cooke was transferred to another camp and allows Tom to continue because he's doing a good job.

Back in Willoughby, Miles explains his escape to Rachel. She asks him about a note she found at Ken's that isn't written in English. Rachel says they need to be more careful since someone so close to her turned out to be a Patriot. Miles promises that they can fix the situation and says that since they are being occupied they should form a resistance.

Charlie and Monroe ride on a horse carriage together. They are on the road to Willoughby.