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One Riot, One Ranger - Recap

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In Willoughby, Texas, Monroe and Charlie scout out the American troops that are located in town. Monroe wants to scope the area out first. They see a group of horsemen heading toward town and don't know who they are.

Inside the town, soldiers show Truman the bodies of the men who were burned to death. He tells them to send the bodies to Warren.

Rachel assures Miles that Ken's body is hidden and all evidence is gone. Aaron enters the room and asks Miles about last night. He knows everything that happened because he saw it happen. Aaron also suspects that he was the one who burned the men. Rachel says the nano technology isn't capable of that and Miles tells everyone to dial back the crazy. Bells are rung out in the town and they leave to see what the commotion is. Miles says the men riding into town are the Texas Rangers. John Franklin Fry, Secretary of Texas, tells Truman that they are an armed force on their soil and asks why he shouldn't kill him. Truman says they saved the town and wants a chance to explain. Miles recognizes Fry because he tried to kill him when Monroe was at war with Texas.

In the Savannah Refugee Camp, people swarm wagons that are headed to a new camp up north. Allenford has been called up to Washington and she tells Tom that he's coming with her.

Truman invites Fry to spend a day or two in camp to see that their intentions are true. He has no interest in that but promises to talk to the general of Texas. After Fry leaves, Truman tells a soldier to open the gates and stop the patrols. He wants whoever was in the train yard found before they talk to the Texans.

A boy walks up to Fry, hands him a county sheriff's star, and says it's from a friend. Fry meets Miles in the sheriff's office and they share a drink. Miles tells him that the government is dangerous and not American. He tells the truth about the bombs and says that Texas can stop them. Most of Texas' troops are on the southern border and they can't afford to open another front. The general of Texas wants a peace treaty, not a war. Fry needs proof to tell the general about the Americans. Miles invites him to a mill up the river at midnight. He will have proof there and asks Fry to trust him and go alone.

As Miles walks through town, he is greeted by Charlie. The two of them hug and Charlie says she came back to save them. She shows Miles the wanted sheet for Rachel. They don't know why the government hasn't just taken her yet. Before they meet with Rachel, Charlie has something to show Miles.

As Aaron packs his things, he has a flashback to when he applied to Cynthia to be a teacher in Willoughby. She at first declines him a job as a teacher but eventually agrees to have him on when he says how much it would mean to him. She only asks that he smile more. Back in the present, he looks around his room before leaving.

Charlie leads Miles to the surprise and she asks him to remain calm. Miles sees Monroe and asks what he did to Charlie. Monroe says he saved Charlie's life but Miles wants to just leave with Charlie. As he turns to leave, Monroe says he's there to help him. Monroe insists that Miles needs his help and asks for a truce. Charlie suggests that they grab Rachel and leave but Miles wants to start a war between the Texans and the government. Monroe says they will get proof for Miles to give to Fry.

Cynthia runs up to Rachel and says that Aaron packed up his things and left. She thinks something is happening to Aaron and he shouldn't be alone. Rachel promises to find him and meet back up at her house with him. Cynthia has a flash back to when she gave Aaron a gift to help him feel comfortable in town. Cynthia's husband Carl walks in while the two are sharing a laugh. Carl gets very defensive and acts hostile towards Aaron.

At the train yard, Miles is disappointed that the prisoners are no longer in the trains. He tells Monroe that while he may be useful, Miles won't let Monroe pull him back in. Charlie found some wagon tread and the three of them follow the tracks. Truman watches from the bushes.

Tom walks with Allenford's wagon when they come across another group US soldiers. He notices the other soldiers taking off their safety and he walks around the wagon. The leader of the group tells Allenford that he was sent to meet her. He pulls his gun but Tom kills him before he can shoot. A fire fight breaks out and many men are shot. Even Allenford is hit as she tries to escape with Tom.

Rachel finds Aaron sitting near the marina. She knows he's upset and he says it's more than that. He killed those two men and feels terrible about it. She says he saved Miles but he says this isn't the first time it has happened. Five months ago, he accidentally caught Carl having an affair with another woman. Carl hit him and told him not to tell Cynthia. Aaron walked away angry and the car the two were in set on fire. He tells Rachel that he couldn't get them out and now knows that it was his fault they died. Now Aaron worries that he could do something like that to Cynthia. Rachel says they need him and promises to work it out together.

Tom and Allenford escape to safety and he tells her the bullet needs to be taken out now. The ambush happened because she had written a letter to high command, protesting about the reconditioning center. Tom wants to be a patriot, not a fugitive, and starts to walk away. Allenford tells him that they have Jason at the reprogramming center. She will take him there if he helps her to live.

Miles, Monroe, and Charlie are ambushed as they make their way down a trail. Charlie covers them as Monroe and Miles make their way over to the men and engage in close combat. The two of them take down all of the men but one. Miles finds Garrett and says he owes him for what he did to his hand. They drag Garrett away and plan on getting him to talk about the Patriots.

Rachel walks back to town with Aaron when he collapses. He sees Miles, Charlie, and Monroe in his vision.

Monroe and Miles talk about what happened in the fight when Rachel and Aaron enter the building they are in. Rachel grabs a gun to shoot Monroe but Miles stops her. Charlie steps in and says she brought Monroe there to help them. Miles sends everyone upstairs because he is supposed to meet with Fry soon. Upstairs, Charlie hugs Aaron and asks how Rachel has been. Rachel is still mad that she brought Monroe back instead of killing him.

Downstairs, Fry enters the mill and asks Miles what he has for him. Miles leads him to Garrett but he's already dead. He had a cyanide tooth and committed suicide. Fry doesn't know what he can do to start a war without any evidence. Monroe walks up behind Fry and shoots him with a shotgun. Miles get mad but Monroe tells him to frame the Patriots for the death and Texas will start the war.