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Dead Man Walking - Recap

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Monroe and Miles work to clean up the Texas ranger's blood. They attach a cinder block to the body and throw it in the river. In town another ranger reports that Fry is missing. A team of them head out in search of Fry. They pass by Aaron, Rachel and Charlie. Rachel and Charlie returns to Gene's house and he's happy to see his grand daughter again. Gene can sense something is up between Charlie and Rachel but they won't say what it is.

The rangers discover where Fry's tracks lead and one of them find a shell from a patriot gun. The rangers see footprints leading into the river and the drag Fry's body out. One ranger wants to slaughter every patriot in Willoughby but another says they need to do this right. Miles and Monroe watch from some nearby bushes. Monroe says that the war Miles wanted is here.

Monroe moves the body of a patriot out of a shed, when Miles walks up. He says they were supposed to be keeping low until Texas attacks and asks where Texas is with the war. Monroe says his plan worked and he now knows a lot of information about the Patriots.

Allenford stops and tells Tom that Jason is two hours away from here. She doesn't want to get near the center but he tells her she's not free until he sees his son. The two come across a tent with dead bodies. She says that the cadets from the academy were sent here to kill anyone they see. They come under fire and make their escape. Tom points his gun at one of them and sees it's Jason. This doesn't stop Jason who fires on them as they hide in a building.

Rachel is still mad that Miles is working with Monroe. Miles shows her all the intelligence that Monroe got but that doesn't satisfy her. She thinks he's full of crap when he says that if Monroe isn't doing the dirty work he would have to.

A grenade flies in the building that Monroe is sitting in. He jumps out of the way and runs outside to find who's responsible. He's surrounded by many armed men who proceed to take him prisoner. Truman states that on behalf of the US government and the state of Texas, Monroe is under arrest.

A bell rings in the town square as a caravan of Patriots and Texans enter the town. Monroe is being held in a cage by them men. The leader of Texas, General Carver holds a meeting in the town square. He congratulates Malcolm Dove on arresting Monroe. The crowd cheers as Carver shakes hands with Truman. Miles doesn't know how they found him. Carver promises a trial and says that Monroe won't live to see another sunrise.

A woman named Bonnie Webster talks to Aaron in the bar. She used to work at Forbes and recognized him. She works for the press in Texas. Her job isn't to tell the truth though, it's to make a hero out of Carver.

Miles says that now that Texas is teamed up with the Patriots there is no way the can win without Monroe. He plans to help break him out with Charlie. Miles has a flashback to when he was with Monroe soon after the world changed. Monroe was set to have a baby with a woman.

Allenford warns Tom that the cadets won't stop until they are dead. She's sure that Jason is no longer Tom's son. Her own son went through the training and she had no choice to continue with the Patriots because her husband is Patriot High Command. Her son was never the same after the training but Tom says he will get his son back no matter what. Allenford thinks that their situation can only end one of two ways, either they die or the cadets do.

Miles and Charlie watch as the Patriots move Monroe to the bank vault. Charlie doesn't understand why they would move him all of a sudden. Miles confronts Rachel and asks if she's responsible. She admits that she was the one who alerted them to the jailbreak. Rachel claims to have done this so that she won't lose another child but Charlie is upset about what she has done.

A judge declares that Monroe will be executed by lethal injection at midnight.

Tom and Allenford hide in a building as the cadets move through it. Tom takes out two of them and confronts Jason. He sneaks up behind Jason and tells him to drop his gun. Jason drops the weapon but fights back against his father. Tom ends up on the ground and Jason chokes him. Allenford comes to the rescue and knocks Jason out with a pipe.

Monroe sits in his cell and thinks back to when his wife Shelly was giving birth. There were complications and Miles and Tom were sent to get water and towels for the midwife. When they arrived back Monroe's wife had already died. Miles walks into the bank vault and asks Monroe why he is there. Monroe was given a last request so he asked to speak with Miles. All he wants is to shake hands and say goodbye. Before Miles leaves, Monroe admits that he had a son with Emma. He asks Miles to find his son and take care of him. Miles says he knew about the son and guarantees that he's fine. He's the one who hid the boy from Monroe because he was crazy. Monroe gets angry and asks Miles how he could do that to him.

Monroe is led to the chair where he will be executed. The whole town is gathered outside the building to watch. Monroe tells Charlie to look after Miles. Gene tells Monroe that he is honored to prepare him for execution because Monroe murdered his grand son Danny. Monroe has a flashback to 3 years after the blackout when he gutted a nearby camp at the command of Miles. He said there were no survivors but Miles says no one was to die. Back in the present, Monroe is strapped into a chair. Rachel hands the injection to Gene and he approaches the chair. Monroe apologizes for what he has done and he dies. Gene closes his eyes and checks for a pulse. A bell rings out in the town square to let everyone know that Monroe is dead.

Jason wakes up and recognizes Tom standing over him. He says that he will kill Tom but the two are just going to wait until he comes down from the drugs he was given. Jason says that Julia was having sex with Colonel Reed and Tom gets angry. He punches Jason and says that he has lost everything in the world except for his son.

Monroe's coffin is thrown into a hole in the ground and buried. A ranger looks around as dirt is shovelled onto it.

Charlie finds Miles and lets him know that she's around if he needs her. At the bar, Bonnie says it was nice meeting and he should leave with her. Texas signed a treaty with the Patriots and Willoughby was given to them. Bonnie says that there is no way that Malcolm Dove tracked Monroe down. She thinks that someone handed Monroe over but doesn't know how they found him.

Truman tells Gene this kind of thing will never happen again. He says this wouldn't have happened if Rachel and Miles had never entered the town. Gene was the one who was feeding information to the Patriots but Truman finds Rachel and Miles to be a pain. Gene warns him not to harm them or else Dr. Horn will hear of it.

Aaron leaves the bar and sees Dr. Horn pass on a wagon. The side of the wagon has the same symbol as the one written in his comic book.

Rachel stands over Monroe's grave and starts shovelling the dirt off.