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Fear and Loathing - Recap

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Armed men drag Monroe and Connor to a large cage. Charlie watches them from nearby bushes. She finds Duncan and follows her. Gould admits he knows who Monroe really is. He tells Monroe that he will have to fight Connor to the death tomorrow. Gould warns they will both be killed if he senses them pulling their punches. Monroe hopes Charlie will break them out. In the mean time, he wants to teach Connor how to kill him.

Tom, Jason, Miles and Rachel scout out the Patriot's cam and see them renovating the hospital tents. Rachel spots Victor Doyle but Tom pretends to not know who it is. Miles wants to pick him up and have a chat.

Charlie sneaks into Duncan's camp but some men stop her. Duncan asks where her diamonds are and Charlie explains that Monroe was caught. Charlie warns that Monroe will die without her help but Duncan has a better idea. Her men carry Charlie off.

Tom asks Jason what Doyle's doing there. He says a re-education center is being built. The barrels that are being gathered are empty. Cadets go in them for extended periods as punishment. Tom reminds him that they are there to kill Monroe so that Julia will be freed.

Rachel asks Miles if he trusts Tom but he isn't sure. If there's any chance Tom's telling the truth it's worth it. He wants Rachel to stay back alone. If Tom's lying, he can easily use her against him. He promises to stop worrying about her but still wants her to stay back.

In Lubbock, Aaron remains locked in the room. Nanobots appear as Cynthia and tell Aaron to save them because they're dying. Priscilla saw her father say the same thing.

Monroe practices fighting with Connor and trains him. Connor thinks this is crazy and suggests taking the guards. Monroe knows that's not possible and says the only way out is killing him. He admits to Connor that his mother died because of him. Connor thinks he's lying but Monroe insists it's the truth. This angers Connor enough to attack Monroe.

Miles outlines their plan to Tom. He says they make a good team but Miles remembers that they never really got a long.

Peter enters Aaron and Priscilla's room and asks if they saw the vision too. He asks what they think it means and apologizes about locking them in the room. He thinks there's a problem with the code and Aaron says eventually the nano will corrupt and die. Peter wants to save it and tells Aaron to have faith. Priscilla thinks Peter is crazy and says she wants the nano to die. Peter warns them not to make him do something he doesn't want to.

The guards slide Monroe and Connor some food. Monroe apologizes about Connor's mother and says he loved her. She wasn't the only one he has hurt along the way. He wants Connor to get the republic back so that it becomes something bigger than Monroe. He gives Connor a warning not to be alone in his life.

Duncan brings Charlie to Gould and says she had no idea Monroe was going to steal the diamonds from him. Gould is glad to have Charlie and agrees to be even with Duncan. He tells her about the fight between Monroe and Connor and promises to save her a seat. Gould takes Charlie on a cart by the cage Monroe is in. They now realize they won't be rescued. Charlie overhears Gould telling one of his men to take out Duncan. He doesn't believe that she had no part in the heist.

Priscilla can't believe that Aaron is thinking or helping Peter save the nano. She wants to let it die and says she's not afraid. Aaron reminds her that Cynthia died the last time he turned his back on the nano. He needs her help but she's not sure she can. They look outside and see a huge thunderstorm brewing. Aaron doesn't think they will have a choice.

Charlie sits in a trailer tied to a bed as Monroe and Connor are lead to the cage to fight. Duncan has a front row seat but doesn't see the man lurking behind her. A man enters Charlie's trailer and says he paid top dollar to have the first go with her. Connor promises Monroe that he will make sure people remember his name. As they fight, Charlie also fights the man in the trailer. She smashes his head through the pole she is chained to and moves towards the keys on the wall.

A man with a knife approaches Duncan. As he readies the weapon, Charlie makes the man stab himself. She tells Duncan she owes her for saving her life.

Connor gains the upper hand and Monroe nods at him to finish it. Before he does, Duncan's men start firing at the crowd. Charlie shoots the lock off the cage and frees Monroe and Connor. Duncan finds Gould in the crowd and shoots him.

Aaron and Priscilla meet with Peter. They are on board for helping but don't know where to start. A computer turns on and shows them the code.

Tom, Jason and Miles wait to ambush Doyle.'s cart. Inside the cart, Doyle tells his men he wants Miles alive. Miles orders Tom to let the cart ride by because he suspects Tom is working for them. He noticed the wagon was weighted down and probably contained more men. Jason arrives and points his gun at Miles. Rachel also appears and takes part in the stand off. Miles asks for the truth and Tom tells him. He needs Monroe to save Julia. After that he offers to come back and kill all the Patriots in town. Miles tells him Monroe is on their team now.

Monroe talks to Duncan after the rescue. Duncan gives him some men to take and fight Patriots with. He asks them to follow but Duncan reveals one hitch. It was Charlie she owed so it's only Charlie that the men will listen to.

Peter, Aaron, and Priscilla write out all of the code on the walls in their room. After looking around, Aaron finds a memory leak that will eventually crash the whole system. He thinks he can fix it though. Priscilla asks him one last time not to do it but he says they have no choice. The nanobots appear as Cynthia and ask why he's trying to destroy them. Peter tries to stop him but Aaron knocks him out. He gives the nanobots a virus that destroys them. Explosions go off and he wakes up next to Priscilla before the black out.