Rich Bride, Poor Bride

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 02/Feb/2006 It's Not in the Budget!
2 1x02 09/Feb/2006 Double or Nothing
3 1x03 16/Feb/2006 Size Matters
4 1x04 23/Feb/2006 East Meets West
5 1x05 02/Mar/2006 A Little Bit Rock & Roll
6 1x06 09/Mar/2006 Wheel and Deal
7 1x07 16/Mar/2006 I Want Gerberas
8 1x08 23/Mar/2006 Family Connections
9 1x09 01/Jun/2006 Analysis Paralysis
10 1x10 08/Jun/2006 Penny Pinching
11 1x11 15/Jun/2006 Hey Big Spender!
12 1x12 22/Jun/2006 Organized Chaos
13 1x13 29/Jun/2006 Can't Get No Respect!
14 1x14 06/Jul/2006 People Pleaser
15 1x15 13/Jul/2006 Money Talks
16 1x16 20/Jul/2006 Agree to Disagree
17 1x17 27/Jul/2006 In with the Old, Out with the New
18 1x18 03/Aug/2006 Without Limits
19 1x19 10/Aug/2006 Downtown Chic
20 1x20 17/Aug/2006 Time Is of the Essence
21 1x21 28/Sep/2006 Go Big or Go Home
22 1x22 05/Oct/2006 Something Old, Something New
23 1x23 08/Oct/2006 Back to Reality
24 1x24 15/Oct/2006 Pipe Dreams
25 1x25 22/Oct/2006 Everyone Loves Italian
26 1x26 10/Dec/2006 Class with Minimal Cash
27 1x27 28/Dec/2006 Battle of the Budget

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
27 2x01 15/Mar/2007 Going Bridal
28 2x02 05/Apr/2007 Princess Bride
29 2x03 05/Jul/2007 It's All About Control
30 2x04 12/Jul/2007 I Speak for Him
31 2x05 19/Jul/2007 Mum's the Word
32 2x06 26/Jul/2007 Role Reversal
33 2x07 02/Aug/2007 A Compromising Position
34 2x08 09/Aug/2007 It's Just One Day
35 2x09 16/Aug/2007 As Seen on TV
36 2x10 23/Aug/2007 Stepping Into the Ring

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
37 3x01 23/Dec/2007 It's All About Me
38 3x02 30/Dec/2007 If the Shoe Fits
39 3x03 06/Jan/2008 Really, I'm Not Picky
40 3x04 03/Feb/2008 I Speak for Him
41 3x05 10/Feb/2008 It's Just One Day
42 3x06 10/Feb/2008 Stepping Into The Ring
43 3x07 17/Feb/2008 Going Bridal!
44 3x08 24/Feb/2008 A Compromising Position
45 3x09 07/Dec/2008 Money Doesn't Grow on Trees
46 3x10 14/Dec/2008 The Buck Stops Here
47 3x11 21/Dec/2008 Image is Everything
48 3x12 28/Dec/2008 Battle of the Budget
49 3x13 04/Jan/2009 It's Not Easy Going Green
50 3x14 11/Jan/2009 Money Masquerade
51 3x15 18/Jan/2009 Building Up the Budget
52 3x16 25/Jan/2009 The Jousting Match
53 3x17 01/Feb/2009 Kevin and Lindsey
54 3x18 08/Feb/2009 Blasts from the Past
55 3x19 15/Feb/2009 Fighting Form
56 3x20 22/Feb/2009 When Did We Become Me?
57 3x21 01/Mar/2009 Too Many Cooks

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
58 4x01 03/Jan/2010 Royal Rumble
59 4x02 10/Jan/2010 Dancing Around the Budget
60 4x03 17/Jan/2010 Monkey in the Middle
61 4x04 24/Jan/2010 Two for the Price of One
62 4x05 31/Jan/2010 Rush 'N to the Altar
63 4x06 07/Feb/2010 For Love or Honey
64 4x07 14/Feb/2010 Free Ride Bride
65 4x08 21/Feb/2010 And All the Fixin's
66 4x09 28/Feb/2010 Falling Dollars
67 4x10 07/Mar/2010 Dollars and Sense
68 4x11 14/Mar/2010 Every Dollar Counts
69 4x12 21/Mar/2010 Exchange Rate
70 4x13 28/Mar/2010 More Bang For Your Buck

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
71 5x01 02/Jan/2011 A Tale Of Two Parties
72 5x02 09/Jan/2011 You Get What You Pay For
73 5x03 16/Jan/2011 Glam Slam
74 5x04 23/Jan/2011 Bigger Better Bolder
75 5x05 30/Jan/2011 Totaling The Tropics
76 5x06 06/Feb/2011 Gimme More
77 5x07 13/Feb/2011 Burning Up The Budget
78 5x08 20/Feb/2011 Father Knows Budget
79 5x09 27/Feb/2011 More is More
80 5x10 06/Mar/2011 Whine Themed Wedding
81 5x11 13/Mar/2011 Hallo Wedding
82 5x12 20/Mar/2011 Love at First Bite


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