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A Whole New Kind of Bitch - Recap

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The scene opens with Bridgett calling Gemma. Henry asks why Gemma left the Hamptons and asks what she said to her. Bridgett remembers telling Gemma and she didn’t believe Bridgett. Andrew tells Bridgett that Gemma is sure to show up. They go home to find that Siobhan’s picture has the word “whore” written on it with red lipstick and there is loud music blaring. They find a stranger in their home who stumbles out. Juliet is there and she is passed out. Andrew wakes her up and she asks why Bridgett is quiet. Andrew says that she needs to apologize for destroying Siobhan’s photo. He says that she is going to apologize. Juliet doesn’t care about it and Andrew tells her that he thinks that they all need to go back to therapy. Juliet storms out of the room. Bridgett calls Gemma again and leaves another message for her.

Henry gets home to find Gemma looking at photos. He asks what her issue is and just as she is about to go off on him, he sees a mark on Siobhan’s arm. She tells Henry that she needs some space and walks off. Back at Siobhan and Andrew’s place, Bridgett asks if she could do anything and Andrew says that he doesn’t understand because the way that she and Juliet were when she was sick was very sweet. Bridgett goes through Juliet’s things to see where she keeps the drugs, but they are nowhere to be found. Bridget says that she had a cousin who went through this and that she knows about what Juliet is feeling. Andrew tells her that he has this covered and that he will handle it. Later, Gemma comes up to Bridgett and asks to see her arm. She says that Siobhan had a scar from when she burned herself and Bridgett doesn’t have one. They talk in private. Meanwhile, Botowaj and his crew are still trying to get information from Malcolm, but he is not talking.

Juliet gets home and finds her room torn apart. She tells her friend that it is Siobhan’s fault and she takes her wedding dress out and dumps alcohol on them. She finds a pamphlet in Bridgett’s purse and tells her friend that she has to go. Bridget and Gemma talk and Gemma says that she can’t believe this and asks how long she has been faking that she is Siobhan. Gemma says that she can’t believe that Bridget would do something like that and says that she is like Siobhan because she has made it all about her. Gemma gets up and says that she doesn’t have to listen to a thing she says and leaves. Bridget goes to her Narcotics Anonymous class and tells about her issues. Afterward, Charlie, another addict, comes up to Bridget and tells her that she has been in her shoes. Juliet sees Bridget talking and hides away. Back with Botowaj and the gang, Malcolm wakes up to find the gate unlocked. He walks out and escapes through the door. However, it was only a dream and he wakes up still in the cage with a guard.

Later that evening, Juliet says that she is sorry that she ruined the wedding dress and Bridgett says that she is just worried about her. Juliet asks what Bridgett did and says that she saw her at the Narcotics Anonymous group and says that she is not going to be put into Rehab. Andrew says that he told her to allow him to handle it and she agrees to allow him. Gemma comes in and tells Andrew that she needs to talk to him. Gemma tells Andrew and Bridget that she can’t continue to work on the loft and says that she will recommend replacements. Bridget thanks Gemma and she tells Bridget that she is going sleep with Henry so that she will have proof of his infidelity so that Henry won’t get a dime of what she has. She says that she will sleep with her husband or she will tell everyone she really is. Later, Bridget looks at pills and tries to call Malcolm, but he is still tripping on the drugs. Bridgett tells him that she is suffocating. She dumps the pills and calls up Charlie. They meet and he tells her that he can be her sponsor and says that she needs to preserve her dignity with any of her problems. She tells that she has a sponsor and Charlie asks where he was when she was having a problem earlier.

Gemma gets home and Henry tells her that he doesn’t want to do. Gemma says that he needs to make a real effort. He says that he doesn’t want to lose it. Gemma says that she doesn’t have to lose it. However, Henry says that the publishers are dropping him. Gemma is confused because she thought that he was talking about their relationship. Bridget goes up to Gemma at the loft and tells her that she isn’t going through with her proposal. Gemma says that she doesn’t have a choice and says that Andrew is going to be devastated and that she is also going to tell FBI Agent Machado about her and the fact that she is still alive. Gemma says that she doesn’t have a choice. Meanwhile, Andrew tells Juliet that she is going to go to Public School. Juliet says that she doesn’t want to go and says that this is all Siobhan’s fault. Andrew asks why she hates her so much and Juliet says that Siobhan is a woman who sleeps with married men. Andrew is shocked.

Later that evening, Bridget goes up to Henry and tells him that Gemma knows about them and the baby and that they need to do something. He says that he doesn’t care and says that he loves Siobhan. However, Bridget says that Henry needs to go home and tell Gemma that he loves her. He says that he won’t do it. Bridget says that she is out of moves them. Bridget gets home to find Andrew alone. He says that Juliet told him and says that her mother told her that he cheated on his ex-wife with Siobhan. Andrew says that he should call her and Bridgett gives Andrew the match box that she found in Juliet’s room and tells Andrew that she will be there. Bridget tells Andrew that she will meet him there. Back with Botowaj and his men, they tell Malcolm to call Bridget, but he smashes the phone. They put a plastic bag over his head to kill him. Gemma gets to Siobhan and Andrew’s and sees Bridget there. Bridget says that she needs to go back home and forget this happened. She says that she is tying to repair what her sister messed up and Gemma realizes what kind of person she is being right now and leaves Bridget alone.

In the cab back to her house, Gemma gets a call from Henry who tells her that he knows about her plan to catch him and take away the boys from him. He says that Siobhan told him all about it. Andrew and Bridgett go into the club where Bridgett told Andrew to go to and they see Juliet. She tells them that she says that Siobhan is the reason why Andrew and her mother are not together still. Bridgett says that she is right and says that she never meant to break up the family and says that she has to stop hurting her father and herself. Bridget apologizes and says that she has done a lot of crappy things and wants to make up for them. Juliet says that she wants to go home. She says that she has a headache and Andrew says that he will stop by the Drug Store. Andrew gets a call from an emotional Gemma. She says that it is an emergency that he comes to her house. Bridget cleans up the “Whore” writing and Juliet helps. Andrew gets to Gemma’s and Henry answers the door. He says that he hasn’t seen her and says that he has a lot of work. Henry goes back inside and there is blood spatter on the wall. The episode ends.