You're Way too Pretty to Go to Jail - Recap

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The scene opens with Tyler bringing Siobhan flowers and reports with suspicious data; for her to check out. The numbers don't match those she has on a flash drive, and he wants to go to the authorities about it. However, she points out as Andrew's wife, she'll be left with nothing if he does that. They need to be smart about it; if they are going to do something about it. He just wants them to be together and a family once again. Andrew explains himself to Bridget and says he's found a way to get out of it. He didn't tell her when she had suspicions before because he thought she'd turn him in; but now as he can trust her; he confides this fact in her.

Siobhan wakes up to a note from Tyler saying he's doing what's best for them—and her flash drive is gone, much to her surprise. Tyler calls Lanfare to say he has proof against Martin/Charles. He can't get immunity until they see something; as they need conclusive proof to build a case. Bridget tells Malcolm what she's learned, and he ends up suggesting that Andrew could've been involved in Siobhan's death when Bridget mentions she had suspicions; although it’s difficult to confirm this fact at the moment. Bridget refuses to believe he's capable of killing someone as a matter of fact, and the conversation ends on a bad note for the two; as they clearly don’t see eye to eye in this matter.Meanwhile, Machado joins the Macawi task force, but things have changed.

They're going after him for cigarette trafficking, and Bridget's no longer part of the case. A flashback shows Bridget as a stripper approaching Machado at the bar, but he wasn't interested in her; a fact he makes amply clear. He was focused on Shaylene, and amidst some flirting, she agreed to work for him; with the attraction between the two clearly visible. Malcolm talks to Henry about Andrew and wants him to convince Bridget to put distance between herself and Andrew. Speaking of Andrew, Olivia's not happy to hear he told his wife the truth; a fact she makes amply clear. While he's looking at the company's future, she's prepared for when it collapses, as she is sure that it eventually will. He just wants to be with his wife, but she reminds him of the drastic measures he's taken in the past concerning her.

Once she finds out the mole's name, Andrew tells her to make sure he doesn't talk—as Bridget overhears the whole conversation. Bridget calls Malcolm with what she's learned to forewarn him. She's going to stay at a hotel and hopes Tyler has some answers for her, which would prove to be useful. As she's leaving though, she runs into Andrew and says she has to think about things. He tries to convince her to stay, but she still leaves, as her mind is preoccupied at the moment. Meanwhile, Siobhan calls Henry and tells him Tyler stole the flash drive. With him en route to New York, she wants Henry to get it back and keep Bridget from him. When she finds out about Malcolm, she tells him they need him gone. Bridget finds out where Tyler's staying from Claudine. While staking out a warehouse, Machado remembers Shaylene meeting him outside the club.

Since she was no longer just an informant, he wanted her to quit so they could start over together; as he saw a future with her. She convinced him to let her attend a party that Bridget Macawi has asked them to attend first, but she would be done after that; she solemnly promises that to him. Shaylene had something to tell Machado, but didn't; she probably decides to do so later, from the look of things. It's pretty easy to guess what that was, from how things are turning out. At work, Olivia tells Andrew someone entered three incorrect passwords into his system and Malcolm accessed files and the algorithm on her computer. She's going to deal with Tyler. Malcolm receives a call from a blocked number—Siobhan posing as Bridget, angry he talked to Henry about her.

He tries to defend himself, but she tells him they're done; as she is clearly angry about all that has happened, and is in no mood to hear any explanations. Meanwhile, Andrew finds out about Bridget's call to Claudine about Tyler. Tyler gets a call from Lanfare to come by his office with the files and that he'll have immunity if he can convince them. As Bridget goes to follow him out of the hotel, Henry stops her and kisses her; but she is obviously preoccupied. She pushes him away, and he tells her they used to meet up there. Henry and Siobhan are quite the pair from the look of things. By the time Bridget gets outside, Tyler's already in Olivia's car and they're driving away; much to her dismay. She hails a cab, in order to trail him. Olivia fires Tyler and warns him that if the company goes down, he'll be implicated and Lanfare won't help him out in any way.

She tells him, "You're way too pretty to go to jail," and he hands over the files, but not the flash drive, as he wants something that would safeguard his interests, in the time of emergency. Machado's still working the case from the Shaylene murder angle, and he refuses to stop; as its clearly personal for him. A flashback shows him identifying her body in the morgue after she never checked in after the party. She was four weeks pregnant. What else could she have wanted to tell him but that; from the look of things. Back in his hotel room, Tyler calls Siobhan to tell her what happened. Bridget's about to get out of the cab when she sees Andrew and a voicemail from him. His voicemail is pretty simple: he knows she's been in contact with Tyler and he refuses to let her destroy his life.

Tyler tells Siobhan he still has the flash drive, and she tells him to come back to Paris. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen, as he finds someone in his room; and is immediately on the alert. Bridget finds his hotel room door open, and Tyler inside—dead; much to her shock and horror. Meanwhile, Malcolm calls Machado and tells him he's pressing charges against Macawi for kidnapping. He's hoping that after he testifies, Bridget can return to her old life, and things can go back to as they were. Machado tells him he'll meet him at the NY field office to discuss things over.

Meanwhile, Bridget's leaving Malcolm a voicemail about what happened and tells him she thinks Andrew and Olivia are capable of murder; although she can’t be sure of it. That certainly seems the case though, as Olivia now has the flash drive, thus pointing at her involvement in the murder. Malcolm's getting his stuff together when he sees Bridget's voicemail. However, he ignores it to answer the door. Andrew stands on the other side, looking very creepy. This is not an Andrew you want to cross, from the look of things. The episode ends.