That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life - Recap

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The scene opens, and Machado is shown going after the shooter, who gets the chance to run when a crowd emerges into the alley. Machado briefly catches up to him despite the crowd, but he gets away much to Machado’s frustration and anger, leaving behind the Tower card. Meanwhile, Bridget tells Juliet what happened when she joins her in the waiting room. Juliet wants to know why someone's trying to hurt her, and Bridget says she doesn't know, and doesn’t have the faintest idea. Juliet wakes Henry up to tell him what happened, and he tells Siobhan Andrew was the one shot. Machado can't figure out what the Tower card means and knows they won't get anywhere looking for the hitman, and thus he plans to pursue the lead based on the clue at hand. He goes back over the case with the fellow agent and wonders what's going on with Martin/Charles.

The investigation into the business has been put on a backburner though, as there are more pressing issues that demand their attention. Meanwhile, Henry joins Bridget and Juliet in the waiting room. Andrew's still in surgery, and Henry says he'll pull through it, he is absolutely confident about that. The doctor walks over and tells them just that, confirming what he was feeling, much to his relief. When Henry gets home, he tells Siobhan about Andrew saving Bridget's life; much to Siobhan’s surprise. He now has a new theory that Andrew was never going to kill her, and she's the one who put the hit out on Bridget, thus she is possibly the real culprit. He even brings up the fact that he's not sure the babies are his and kicks her out, clearly angry about the whole thing. Siobhan is clearly shocked by all that has just transpired.

When Andrew wakes up, Bridget kisses him, taking care of his questions about them; she clearly seems to have forgiven him. She's coming home. When she asks about his visit to Malcolm's room, he explains it was Olivia's idea to offer a bribe. He took the money, and Andrew says he deserved it to start a new life. He apologizes for not being honest, and she confesses she hasn't been honest either. She tells him that someone tried to kill her in the loft and she killed him, but the body disappeared strangely enough. She admits she wasn't sure if he was involved, and he tells her he never meant the threat, and it was only meant to intimidate her. He would never hurt her in any way. She believes him now, after what he has done for her. He tells her Olivia knew she knew, and she was supposed to be the one to take care of Tyler while he talked to Malcolm and Bridget.

He realizes Olivia's behind it. Henry's having Tim take his boys for the weekend and tells him they're still family even with Gemma gone. Because of that, he tells Tim to pull his investment from Martin/Charles. Machado has some questions for Andrew and the first is about Malcolm. He claims to have gone there after they spoke to check on him but found out he checked out. Machado brings up that Malcolm was going to testify, much to Bridget's surprise, it clearly wasn’t something she was expecting. He suggests Olivia could be the next victim, but once he's gone, Andrew tells Bridget, "That woman's never been a victim her entire life." She knows someone who could help out in such a situation. Solomon goes to Olivia's for some quick snooping and notes her computer's gone and finds the impression of a number on a notepad, which might be a clue to something pertinent.

He looks at the last call—the police station—and gets out just before Machado shows up at the scene. He joins Bridget in the hospital and tells her that signs pointed to Olivia leaving in a rush and shows her the number, which he has just found out about. Juliet finds Catherine in Andrew's room, and he tells her they want her to go to Miami until they know it's safe in New York, but she doesn't want to go and wants to stay put. Catherine follows her out and says this is what they wanted. However, Juliet doesn't want anything to do with Catherine after Tessa, but Catherine tells her to get used to it. Siobhan leaves Henry a message saying she didn't hire anyone to kill Bridget and loves him; thus trying to drive home the fact that she is completely innocent. She's going to tell Andrew the truth, just to prove her innocence.

Bridget finds Juliet packing and notes that she's packing wool for Florida, obviously a really odd thing to do. She calls it fashion, but clearly seems to be trying to cover up something. Juliet's still upset, but Bridget explains it's not safe and they just want to protect her, and hence she is being sent away. As she leaves, Juliet tells Bridget to lose her number. Once outside, Juliet tells Catherine she wants to say goodbye to people at school. Someone's taking pictures as they leave. Machado follows up a lead on the tarot card to a dry cleaner, where someone used to do readings on the side. They used to give them out to customers. Once Machado's gone, the woman calls someone to say the card came in and tells the person about Machado, who's calling for the cleaners' records.

Siobhan visits Andrew, and Henry walks in after a brief police search. He pulls her out into the hall as Andrew's phone rings. Henry tells her he believes her and wants them to be together too. She quickly disappears when she sees Bridget down the hall. When Bridget enters his room, she finds Andrew sitting up. Catherine had called to tell him Juliet's missing, a fact that seems to have clearly worried him. Catherine heads back to the school to look again, and Bridget brings out the paper from Olivia's—the address of the school. Though Henry and Siobhan have made up, he has one more confession: he went looking for the flash drive, fought with Tyler, and Tyler hit his head; that is how he died. He switched the flash drives.

He didn't tell her about the accidental killing because she had been lying to him. She thinks it will be over soon, but he gave the flash drive to Tim. Andrew thinks Olivia plans to blackmail him into taking the blame, but doesn't know where she could be hiding Juliet at this present moment. Bridget remembers her packing wool; something that should provide some clue to her whereabouts. She doesn't think Olivia's behind it. Machado arrives at a crime scene and is handed Malcolm's wallet before being led to a body. Bridget finds Juliet in the East Hampton house, and Juliet tells her all about the con, and how it was carried out. They return to the loft to find Machado waiting; much to their surprise. The body was one of the Macawi's lieutenants. He thinks he didn't know Bridget was a twin, so she's still in trouble. The episode ends on this note.