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I'm the Good Twin - Recap

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The episode begins with Bridget walking down the aisle, and Andrew looking on affectionately. Both of them look visibly happy to be bound in holy matrimony. The two of them then move on to exchanging vows. Later, while the happy couple is being congratulated by everyone at the marriage reception, Bridget is mortified to see Bodaway walk up to her. She wakes up in cold sweat all startled, it turns out all that was only a dream. Later, at her support group, she thanks everybody present for helping her get through the tough times, and reveals to them that she shall be getting married in a week’s time. “Technically it’s a vow renewal, but it feels like the first time” she says.

She further adds that, she shall be in the night, telling her family the truth about who she really is. Later, she discusses her plan of revealing her secret to her family, with Solomon. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, as she stands a lot to lose in the bargain. She disagrees, and tells him that she can’t walk down the aisle till she comes clean with them. Later, Bridget tells Andrew to be home in the night, as she is going to cook. Tim, who is there, is shocked to hear that she and Andrew are renewing their vows, as he had sworn to destroy Siobhan. Meanwhile at the hospital, Henry tells Siobhan that the doctors need to run some tests to find out if everything is fine with her and the girls.

Henry then tells her, that he wishes for them to move to Chicago with the money Siobhan stole from Charles. He wants to move, so that he can be close to his family, and also because he is “done with all this”. He wants Siobhan to give up the idea of revenge, forgive Bridget, and move on. Back at the FBI, and Machado has been reinstated to active duty, but with one condition, that he is completely off the Macawi case. Machado doesn’t take too kindly to this order and protests, but his boss will hear nothing of it and threatens to sack him if he persists. Meanwhile, just as Bridget enters her house after some shopping, she is terrified to see Jimmy in her living room.

She tries lying to him that, she doesn’t know where Bridget is, but he says he doesn’t care and just wants money like the last time, if she wants him to keep his mouth shut. Later, Charlie walks into a bar and strikes up a conversation with Jimmy, introducing himself as John. He says he will pay double if Jimmy works for him. Just then Siobhan walks in, and offers to pay triple if Jimmy can “make Bridget run” to her. The scene flashes back to the conversation that Bridget and Jimmy had, where he asks her for 50k to go away and she replies “why should I pay you, you are an escaped convict, I could just report you to the authorities”. He threatens Bridget who he thinks is Siobhan, that he would tell Bodaway that she is Bridget, if she doesn’t agree to pay him.

Meanwhile, Siobhan is packing for Chicago, and tells Henry that she will be there once the girls are ok. He is overjoyed to hear this. She then offers to give Henry the down payment for their new house together in Chicago; he is visibly delighted and thankful for it. Meanwhile, at the FBI office Pettibone tells Machado that they have found a body and it might probably be Malcolm’s, although from its condition it is difficult to say. Machado is also informed that Jimmy has escaped from prison. Back at home, Bridget is absolutely placid and visibly worried at the dinner table, as she has to reveal the truth to her family now. Just then her step daughter gets a message and goes to her room, leaving Bridget alone with Andrew. Andrew tells her that he has written a poem for the wedding vows.

He reads out the very romantic poem to Bridget, and opens up his heart telling her how much of a difference her presence has made to his life. She is absolutely tongue tied with his overwhelming show of love and affection. She is thus, unable to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Jimmy is packing his things and leaving when he is startled to see Bodaway at the door. Bodaway stops a visibly afraid Jimmy from leaving; he tells him that he has found Bridget, and while he is doing so, he is stabbed by Bodaway, who then leaves. Meanwhile, Solomon and Bridget are discussing about Siobhan’s intentions. He gives Bridget the file with all his findings on Siobhan, and a gun to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Siobhan opens a letter and it has the results of the paternity test in it. She is visibly shocked, and questions Henry about it. Henry justifies that Siobhan was sleeping with Tyler, so he wanted to confirm if the twins are his. She lies to him that the twins are his, when the report clearly shows otherwise. Meanwhile at Tim’s office, Andrew is stopped by Tim as he wants to come clean with him about something. Later, Andrew walks into the party at his house and confronts Bridget, about her affair with Henry. Andrew tells her, how Tim has revealed everything to him. Andrew then walks out saying “this marriage is over”. Meanwhile, Siobhan finds out online that, her account has been drained.

Henry confesses that he is the one who stole all her money. He wanted to teach her a lesson, as he had already found out about the results of the paternity test. He tells Siobhan to leave, as he doesn’t love her anymore. Meanwhile, Bridget sees on TV that Jimmy has been murdered, she immediately calls up Machado. She confides in him her fear that, Bodaway is in town, and has killed Jimmy. Andrew walks into the room and after hanging up the call, she confesses to Andrew that she loves him more than anything else in the world. She also reveals to him the fact that she isn’t Siobhan but Bridget. Andrew is absolutely incredulous on hearing this, and is visibly shocked out of his wits. Andrew is outraged, at all that has been revealed to him, and vents all his anger and frustration on Bridget.

She then reveals to him every little detail, of how and why she became Siobhan in the first place. Despite her honest confession and expression of love, Andrew isn’t moved and asks Bridget to leave. She leaves, to spend the night at Greer’s house where Juliet is also staying. Bridget tells Juliet who she really is. Meanwhile, Andrew walks into Henry’s house punches him and then leaves. Meanwhile, Juliet is shocked to hear the truth. She reacts the same way Andrew does. Later, Andrew and Juliet leave for a holiday together. Just as they step out Siobhan walks into the building. She is there to steal from Andrew’s house, as she has no money left.

While she is at it, Bodaway enters the house and chokes Siobhan from behind. Siobhan tries explaining that he has the wrong girl; she then somehow manages to injure him and make a run for it. Just then Bridget walks into the building, while on the phone with Solomon, and finds that the security guard has been killed. She is mortified and tells Solomon to call 911. She knows that, Bodaway is there. Meanwhile, Siobhan is hiding in the house, with Bodaway looking for him. He finds her and a struggle for survival ensues. It is stopped on its tracks by Bridget, who enters with a gun, shocking Bodaway to no end. Bridget shoots Bodaway, still assuming that Juliet and Andrew are in the house, and are in trouble.

It turns out, Bodaway isn’t killed, he pins Bridget to the ground and tries to choke her, just then Machado enters the house, and Bridget manages to shoot Bodaway in the neck once again. This time it’s the kill shot. She is then informed by Machado that Juliet and Andrew are on a vacation. She is baffled as to who then was Bodaway, attacking. Later at the hospital, Siobhan tells the nurse that she and her kids have nowhere to go. Meanwhile, Solomon shows Bridget video evidence that Siobhan is still alive, much to her surprise. Later, Bridget goes to Henry’s for an explanation, he reveals that Siobhan faked her own death because she knew someone was trying to kill her. She is shocked to know that Siobhan wanted her dead. The episode ends at this point.