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Season 3

37 :03x01 - Wipe Out

The trio stresses over a new P.I. company who seems to be taking all of their business. With the lack of business, the trio reluctantly accept a case sent in anonymously concerning the death of a surfer in 1964.
Guest Stars: Richard Hatch (1) as Billy Hagan | David A. Penhale as Dean | A.J. Freeman as Eric | Michael Galardi as George Minelli | Mitchell Anderson as Chris "Spud" Miller | Ted Neeley as Larry Bloom | Suzanne Snyder as Beverly Lancaster | Simone Griffeth as Sherry Lancaster
Director: Bob Bralver

38 :03x02 - Thirty-Six Hours 'Til Dawn

The trio are hired by the US Government to head to Mexico in order to find and bring back an estranged wife of a well-known crimelord.
Guest Stars: Rickey Yribe as Mexican Boy | Luis Contreras as Mexican Farmer | Paula Jones as Reporter | Buddy Adler as Attorney | Castulo Guerra as Carlos Nunes | Stewart Moss as Sonny Sinclair | Michael MacRae as Malcolm Sawyer | Cristina Raines as Renee Sinclair
Director: Bob Bralver

39 :03x03 - Does Not Compute

A city councilman becomes surrounded in controversy when he is unable to pay several financial obligations and blames it on the right wing police department who he claims tampered with his computer.
Guest Stars: Jack Wells as Unknown | Toni Attell as Unknown | Jerry Potter as Unknown | R.J. Adams as Cop | Mark Pilon as Technician | Johnny Lee (1) as Unknown | Howard Caine as Unknown | Sharon Barr as Bobbi | Tracy Reed (2) as Pamela Owen | Chuck Bowman as Anchorman | Steve Gorman as CHP Officer | Paula Jones as Reporter | Cheryl Henry as Anchorwoman | Larry Linville as Edgar Harrison | Nicholas Pryor as Howard McBride
Director: Michael Lange

40 :03x04 - The Bargain Department

The agency falls on some hard financial times, forcing Cody to think about selling the company.
Guest Stars: Wendy Sherwood as Receptionist | David J. Partington as Guard | Leland Murray as Charlie | Barbara Keegan as Tina | Jerry Prell as Clarence | Patti Jones as Zelda | George Solomon as Unknown | Bill Cort as Donald W. Brookman | Jan Merlin as Hub Wheeler | Sol Trager as Dale Riskin | Robert Walker, Jr. as Oscar Davenport | Kate Charleson as Maybeth Wheeler | Tom McFadden as Butch Biker | Gary Parker (4) as Mel Starrett
Director: Kim Manners

41 :03x05 - Who Really Watches The Sunset

A reporter is diagnosed with an incurable disease and she hires the trio to find out who infected her.
Guest Stars: Nancy Linari as Zeller | Jim Bentley as Rockwell | Paul Willson as Don Orley | Harvey Vernon as Robert Stockwood | Darleen Carr as Marlene Lewis
Director: Michael Lange

42 :03x06 - Still Goin' Steady

Murray participates in "Brain Basher", a TV game show.
Guest Stars: Louisa Abernathy as Mary Lou Henson | Lee Arnone as Hotel Clerk | Harry Woolf as Horst Dunkman | Darrell Carey as Mr. David | Johnny Mountain as Bart Beaman | James Carroll Jordan as Eddie Gerrard | Michael Lombard as Vince Drayger | Kay Lenz as Brenda Malloy
Director: Michael Switzer

43 :03x07 - Robin And Marian

While at a party on Pier 56, the trio learn that all of the boats have been robbed.
Guest Stars: Olivia Burnette as Lulu Flynn | Suzanne Dunn (1) as Cheryl | Bob Bell (3) as Al | Ray Rayner as Winston | Noreen Reardon as Hostess | Robert Apisa as Reed | Gabriel Damon as Simon Flynn | Scott Nemes as Peter Flynn | Rex Ryon as Unknown | Geno Silva as Juan Cordon | Michael Champion as Arnold Skullen | Frank Ramírez as Fernandez | Miriam Flynn as Guest Star | Walter Olkewicz as Robin Loxley
Director: Robert Sallin

44 :03x08 - Requiem For Icarus

The trio run into an old friend while at a party.
Guest Stars: Gus Corrado as Tim Gates | Carl Strano as Balmer | Carl Franklin as Ray | Lisa Denton as Cathy Skinner | Clu Gulager as Doug Skinner
Director: Chuck Bowman

45 :03x09 - Home For Christmas

Nick, in order to escape having to celebrate the holiday, accepts a mission from Colonel Ryan, his Army Reserve commander.
Guest Stars: Stephen Liska as Girl #2 | Anne Bellamy as Girl #1 | Hugh Cillin as Phil Resnick | Fred Holliday as Ricky Wilkenson | James David Hinton as Lieutenant Walker | Ken Swofford as Colonel Ryan | James Whitmore as Ben Wilkenson

46 :03x10 - Lady Killer

Nick and Cody attempt to be suave with a woman they meet at a grocery store, but instead end up making fools of themselves.
Guest Stars: R.J. Adams as Policeman | Jim Boeke as Vic Burrows | Deborah Scardilli as Sandy | Lena Pousette as Stephanie | Brian Matthews as Dave | Eli Marder as Carol | Robin Strand as Rob Edwards
Director: Michael Lange

47 :03x11 - A Matter Of Policy

When Cody comes back from a trip visiting his mother, he finds that his boat has disappeared. While he was away, Nick damaged the boat in an accident.
Guest Stars: Richard Mehana as Brian Dent | Arnold Roberts as Robert Gordon | Isabel Cooley as Maid | Patricia Sherick as Helen Gordon Dent | Deborah Voorhees as Tippy | Anita Jesse as Secretary | James F. Kelly as Bolvis | John S. Ragin as Lewis Gordon | Richard Sanders as Pierce Fenner | Kim Darby as Beverly

48 :03x12 - The Wedding Bell Blues

The trio take on their weirdest case yet -- a wealthy, eccentric man wants them to track down a model he wants to marry, but has never met.
Guest Stars: Leeza Gibbons as Herself | Dolly Parton as Shirley Hader | Michael Barnes as Michael Jackson | George King (1) as Mr. T | Mark Habit as Jamie | James Purcell as Bertolucci | Molly Fontaine as Danielle | Al Ruscio as Monty Paradise | Paul Lambert as Tony Farnell | Richard Lewis as Andy Fitzsimmons Carlton III | Christian LeBlanc as James Purcell
Director: Michael Switzer

49 :03x13 - The Frankie Kahana Show

Murray's girlfriend tries to set up either Nick or Cody with a music teacher she knows.
Guest Stars: Nathan Jung as Kona | Jineane Ford-Passolt as Lisa | Jeri Gaile as Carla | Carl Bellini as Tommy Lemana | Andy Bumatai as Frankie Kahana
Director: Bruce Kessler
Writer: Frank Lupo

50 :03x14 - Smiles We Left Behind (1)

Lucy, a bride-to-be, hires the agency for help when only her cousin's luggage arrives for the ceremony.
Guest Stars: Scott De Venney as Roger Dorkette | Christopher Pennock as Mark Edwards | George Cheung as Danny Lee/Mal Fay | Rosalind Chao as Lucy | Joel Brooks as Jerome Sedgewick | Jane Badler as Janet Ingram
Director: Tony Mordente

51 :03x15 - Smiles We Left Behind (2)

The trio meet with Parker, a man who had responded to one of the Danny Lee posters.
Guest Stars: Scott De Venney as Roger Dorkette | Christopher Pennock as Mark Edwards | George Cheung as Danny Lee/Mal Fay | Rosalind Chao as Lucy | Joel Brooks as Jerome Sedgewick | Jane Badler as Janet Ingram
Director: Tony Mordente

52 :03x16 - The Pirate And The Princess

Cody, Nick and Murray go to Martigua for a vacation to visit Angelo, an oceanographer, who is searching for Tyson's sunken treasure.
Guest Stars: Christopher Cary as Captain Jack Scofield | Ava Lazar as Giovanna Guirilini | Paul Land as Guido | Warren Berlinger as Hawkins | Russell Todd (1) as Tony Guirilini | Christopher Neame as Klaus Gunter | Cesar Romero as Angelo Guirilini
Director: Kim Manners

53 :03x17 - Playing Hardball

The trio are hired by Hal Potter, a sportscaster and the owner of a minor league baseball team, to investigate the use of drugs by his players.
Guest Stars: Jose Santana as Pedro | E.J. Gordon as Boy | Jeff Hartman as Fan | Pete Conneau as Father | Henry Ford Robinson as Manager | Robert Hanley as Jordan Young | Rod Stryker as Landon | Barbi Benton as Gina Potter | Linda Thompson as Arlene Young | Ray Abruzzo as Eric Peters | Nicholas Guest as Warren Newman / Jason Young | Steve Allen as Hal Potter
Director: Bob Bralver

54 :03x18 - The Play's The Thing

Gloria Burghoff, an aspiring FBI agent, returns to the agency for help in her latest case.
Guest Stars: Joseph Ruskin as Don Sprague | David Ruprecht as Randall Pierson | Terry Kiser as Mark Rothman | Bernard Fox as Professor Holcomb | Gino Conforti as Lieutenant Stupin | Robin Riker as Gloria Burghoff

55 :03x19 - Dead Men Don't Floss

A reporter with a crush on Nick writes an article about the Riptide Detective Agency and names Nick as the head of the agency. The article spurs an argument between the Riptide trio.
Guest Stars: Laurie Ambert as Cindy Houser | Kit Fredericks as Unknown | Carmen Filpi as Unknown | Jeff Silverman as Unknown | Tony Montes as Mike | Bruce Tuthill as Guard | Peggy Walton-Walker as Amy Bernbaum | Lisa L'Heureux Nelson as Lisa Dowd (as Lisa Nelson) | Dennis Burkley as Kickstart | Danny Cooksey as Jordan Bernbaum | Stephen James (1) as Y. Pocon | Lu Leonard as Bella | Christopher McDonald as Johnny | Lee Wilkof as Harvey Putnam
Director: Chuck Bowman

56 :03x20 - Chapel Of Glass

Nick, Cody and Murray investigate how an unqualified chemical company won a disposal contract that led to the contamination of a local beach.
Guest Stars: Gil Birmingham as Cop | R.J. Adams as Steve | Lewis Dauber as Unknown | R.J. Bonds as Burton Gentry | Cliff Emmich as Langston | Michael David Lally as Mark Gurnow (as Michael Lally) | Vincent Baggetta as Michael Todd
Director: Bob Bralver

57 :03x21 - If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Parisi has the trio work as consultants for a TV detective series.
Guest Stars: Tony Mordente as Director | Thom Sharp as Jim Schneider | Danny Wells as Myron Bell | H. Richard Greene as Cary Russell | Annette McCarthy as Rosalind Grant | Al Pugliese as Kyle Ludwig
Director: Tony Mordente

58 :03x22 - Echoes

In the series finale, the trio are hired by a man, Warwick, to find his missing son.
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Sheriff Caine | Elinor Donahue as Elaine Warwick | Erik Stern as Pitts | Linda Roy as Ellie Matthews | Chris Doyle as Nathan Warwick
Director: Perry King
Warning: Riptide (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 03, 1984
Ended: April 22, 1986
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