Adventure series set in the 1840s aboard a riverboat named The Enterprise. Darren McGavin played the owner of the riverboat and a young Burt Reynolds played the craft's pilot. Unfortunately, the two actors did not get along leading to Reynolds getting the axe from the show after its 21st episode. Noah Beery replaced Reynolds on the series beginning in Season 2.

Episode Info

Final: 2x13 -- Listen to the Nightingale (Jan/02/1961)

A showman wants the Enterprise to take his troupe to New Orleans but he doesn't have any money for passage. Grey agrees once he's convinced that the showman's lead singer will bring in enough money to cover the showman's IOU. However, when the singer's necklace is stolen, she refuses to perform unless Grey finds it.
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Grey Holden
Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
As Ben Frazer (S01, episodes 1-21)
Noah Beery, Jr.Noah Beery, Jr.
As Bill Blake (S02, as Noah Beery)


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2x13: Listen to the Nightingale recap: In Memphis, Grey and Bill are standing on the street. Grey watches a young woman, Julie Lang, and her escort, dandy Alex Jeffords. As the couple cross a plank across a muddy spot of road, two local ruffians step out onto the other side and start jumping up and down. Grey bets Bill that Julie will make it but Alex doesn't. The ruffians shove Alex into the mud and Grey goes over to help Julie. He throws the two men off the plank, picks up Julie, and carries her to the boardwalk. She thanks Grey for his help and stares at him for a moment, and Bill quickly grabs his partner and ushers him back to the Enterprise. Alex comes over and suggests that Grey might want a reward. Julie figures that Grey is too uncomplicated and basic for money to interest him... read more.

2x12: Zigzag recap: In the swamps outside of Killian Station, a man named Crowley approaches a cabin, knife drawn. He peers in the window and then knocks at the door. There's no answer and the door is unlocked. Once Crowley is sure no one is inside, he calls to his three gang members. Two of them bring in their wounded blind friend, Lear, while Crowley goes through the cabin and finds a revolver. When one of the men, Egan, complains that Crowley has the gun, Crowley says that he got there first. Egan warns that they can't stay there but Crowley figures they can deal with the owner when he comes back. He reminds Egan that he chose to break out of Hillsboro Prison with the rest of them, but Egan points out that Lear is dying. Egan asks Lear where he buried the money, and Lear says that he'll tell them if they bring his son... read more.

2x11: Duel on the River recap: At the Grand Palace Hotel in Vicksburg, a drunken Carney comes staggering in. Grey and Grey follow him in and they go to the bar for a drink. The maitre d' approaches and tells them that their drinks are waiting compliments of Mr. Brian Cloud. Cloud and his bodyguard, Job, are seated at the end of the bar and the three Enterprise crew go over to join him. Grey suggests that he get to the point and Cloud tells him that he controls the Yazoo River and everything that ships on it. When he says that he controls the cotton, Grey and Bill find the concept amusing. Cloud explains that he doesn't control the crop, but the planters, and walks away... read more.

2x10: Chicota Landing recap: A group of Mexican bandits ride through the wilderness with their prisoner. They hear the whistle of the Enterprise up ahead and pick up speed, heading toward Taylorsville... read more.

2x9: The Quota recap: In River Point, LA, Sgt. Dan Phillips and Corporal Sam Giler are at a local saloon trying to recruit riverboat man Joe Rogers. They want to fill in a new company in time for a visit by General Winfield Scott and claim they only have room for three more men. Phillips offers a toast to the general just as the riverboat whistle sounds. Joe thanks them for the drinks but says he has to unload cargo. Phillips and Giler offer to make sure he gets there, but as soon as get him into an alleyway, they knock him out. Giler worries that they're taking too big a risk but Phillips figures that nobody will miss him. Once he gets two more recruits, he'll meet his quota... read more.
Recurring Guests

Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler (41 eps)
Jack Lambert (1) as Joshua MacGregor (23 eps)
Michael McGreevey as Chip Kessler (17 eps)
William D. Gordon as Joe Travis (13 eps)
John Mitchum as Pickalong (10 eps)
Bart Patton as Terry Blake (6 eps)
Stuart Randall (1) as Chief Running Bear (3 eps)
John Harmon (1) as Oliver (3 eps)
Robert Emhardt as Jeb Carter (2 eps)
Richard Reeves as Casey (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1959
Ended: January 16, 1961
• Aventureros en el Mississippi (Used In Argentina)
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