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Grey Holden, played by Darren McGavin

An older experienced riverboat captain, Grey specializes in the business of running the Enterprise. He's a competent pilot but prefers to take on experienced pilots like Ben Frazer and Bill Blake. Grey primarily procures cargo and handles the day-to-day matters. The job requires a talent for charming anyone, and Grey mixes up truths, lies, and half-lies with equal aplomb.

Although he suffered the tragic loss of his true love, Grey is somewhat of a ladies man. He has a tendency to fall for a pretty face but mot of his romances are one-night affairs as he moves from port to port. Very few women want a life of either sitting at home waiting for their husband to visit, or traveling from port to port on a riverboat.

Grey is an experienced barroom fighter but has very little professional training. He's good with a gun and has some training with a sword from his time fighting in the Black Hawk wars as a militia soldier. His greatest asset is his sheer tenacity. Whether he's fighting in a ring or staked out in the hot sun to die, Grey has reserves or stamina that let him keep going when any other man would fall.
Ben Frazer [S01, episodes 1-21], played by Burt Reynolds

A young but talented riverboat pilot, Ben tends to lead with his heart rather than his head. He often defers to his boss, but Grey has a healthy respect for Ben's talent even if he rarely admits it.
Bill Blake [S02, as Noah Beery], played by Noah Beery, Jr.

A master pilot with over thirty years of experience on the rivers, Bill Blake buys his way into a partnership with Grey when the latter is in desperate need of financing. Ten thousand dollars lets Bill buy a 50% ownership in the Enterprise and captain's authority when Grey isn't on the ship.

Bill is fairly temperate compared to his more devil-may-care partner. While he knows the basics of all aspects of riverboat trade, Bill's primary expertise is in piloting. However, he's still interested in getting a controlling share of the Enterprise. If Grey gets into financial straits, Bill is always there to let him put up his remaining 50% as collateral on a loan.
Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1959
Ended: January 16, 1961
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