Season 2

32 :02x01 - End of a Dream

A fast talker persuades Holden to transport a group of pioneers to some new land they recently purchased from him.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson as Martinus Van Der Brig | Robert J. Wilke as Red Dog Hanlon (as Robert Wilke) | June Vincent as Countess Elona de Madrigal | Ben Wright as Robert Shaftoe | George Mitchell as Mr. Gaines | Adrienne Marden as Martha Shaftoe | Theodore Newton as Henning Kronen | Alice Backes as Mrs. Gaines | Harry Swoger as Horse Salesman | Anthony Jochim as Old-Timer | Susan Cummings as Tekla Kronen

33 :02x02 - That Taylor Affair

When the Enterprise is impounded, Grey has to sell a partnership to master pilot Bill Blake. However, both men soon end up having to get a local sheriff's cooperation by offering him a trip on President Zachary Taylor's inaugural voyage. And to pull that off, they'll need to shanghai the contract--and the President-- from a rival captain, "Bloodhead" Morgan.
Starring Roles: Jack Lambert (1) as Joshua MacGregor | Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Guest Stars: Arlene Dahl as Lucy Belle | Robert Ellenstein as Sheriff Hagekish Stone | Stanley Adams as Captain Morgan | Milton Frome as Governor DeWitt | William Giorgio (1) as Morgan's Son (as Bill Giorgio) | Peter Hornsby as Red | Paul Fix as Zachary Taylor |
Uncredited: Gilman Rankin as Billingford Pierce
Director: Allen H. Miner

34 :02x03 - The Two Faces of Grey Holden

Holden discovers that a young girl that he assumes wants a casual relationship with him is actually in shock over the death of her fiancé. She believes that Grey is her lost love and brings Grey home to her village in the swamps. The villagers are more than willing to keep Grey there to keep her happy.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Co-Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Marie Tourette | Thomas Gomez as Louis Tourette | Nino Minardo as Sebastian | Lillian Buyeff as Anna Tourette | Herb Ellis as Papite Roget | Celia Lovsky as Grandma Jo | Lomax Study as Father Paul

35 :02x04 - River Champion

An old friend of Grey's, Gentleman Dan Muldoon, bets heavily that his boxer, The Dublin Boy, can win. But when Dan discovers that Dublin Boy has a glass jaw, he has to go into the fight himself. When Grey discovers that the next punch will blind Dan, he ties up Dan and goes in himself.
Starring Roles: Jack Lambert (1) as Joshua MacGregor | Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Guest Stars: Dennis O'Keefe as Gentleman Dan Muldoon | Norma Crane as Sarah Prentice | George Kennedy as Gunner Slagle | Slim Pickens as Porter Slagle | Denny Miller as The Dublin Boy (Dennis Fogarty) | Ralph Reed (1) as Bates | Jack Hogan as Fletcher | John Harmon (1) as Gordon | Charles Horvath as Fighter |
Uncredited: Terry Frost as Glen City Sheriff
Director: William Witney

36 :02x05 - No Bridge on the River

When the Enterprise collides with a railroad trestle, Holden brings suit for damages and ends up facing a young attorney named Abraham Lincoln in court.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Guest Stars: Hayden Rorke as Ferdinand Maret | Patricia Michon as Marie Maret (as Pat Michon) | Denver Pyle as Jim Bledsoe | Bartlett Robinson as Grimes | Tyler McVey as Judge | Holly Bane as Lead River Rat (as Mike Ragan) | Charles Fredericks as Riverman on Dock | Dal McKennon as Court Reporter | Gil Rogers as Boy on Railroad Bridge | Sandy Kenyon as Abraham Lincoln |
Uncredited: Jimmie Booth as Trial Spectator | Forrest Burns as Man on Dock | Paul Kruger as Juror | Walter Lawrence as Trial Spectator | William H. O'Brien as Juror | Joe Ploski as Trial Spectator | Olan Soule as Jury Foreman

37 :02x06 - Trunk Full of Dreams

Holden rescues two shipwrecked actors then books them as the entertainment aboard the Enterprise.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Guest Stars: Raymond Massey as Sir Oliver Garrett | Bethel Leslie as Juliet Garrett | Willard Waterman as de Lesseps | Hugh Sanders as Beauregard | Mary Tyler Moore as Lilly Belle de Lesseps | Jody Fair as Birdie Belle de Lesseps | Robert Foulk as Captain Smiley |
Uncredited: William Benedict as Crewman | Richard Reeves as Bartender

38 :02x07 - The Water at Gorgeous Springs

Grey and Bill unwittingly book two feuding families as passengers on board the Enterprise.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler | Jack Lambert (1) as Joshua MacGregor |
Guest Stars: Buddy Ebsen as Niles Cox | Sherry Jackson as Inez Cox | Barry Atwater as Gould Jennings | Jocelyn Brando as Charity Jennings | Gregory Walcott as Salem Cox | Lance Fuller as Rush Jennings | Dodie Heath as Lovie Jennings (as Dody Heath) | John Strong as Barry Jennings (as John C. Strong)

39 :02x08 - Devil in Skirts

Grey will gain a profitable cargo of cotton for the Enterprise if he can lure a conniving damsel away from a wealthy planter's son. He refuses to compromise his principles, but the woman convinces him to play along, hoping to make the son jealous so he'll stand up to his father and marry her.
Guest Stars: Gloria Talbott as Lucinda Jennings | Frank Silvera as Colonel Anthony Ashley | Arthur Batanides as Matt Jennings | Brad Weston as Tony Ashley

40 :02x09 - The Quota

An Army sergeant illegally shanghais an Enterprise crewman. When Grey confronts him, the sergeant has no choice but to shanghai him as well... and break him until he agrees to serve.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler | Jack Lambert (1) as Joshua MacGregor |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Evans as Sgt. Dan Phillips | James Griffith (1) as Corporal Sam Giler | Ron Hagerthy as Phelan | Tom Gilleran as Joe Rogers | Stuart Randall (1) as General Winfield Scott | Jack Mather (1) as Mr. Latimer | Jackie Searl as Trooper (as Jack Searl) | James Nusser as Wilkins (as Jim Nusser) | Vince Williams as Lieutenant | Robin Blake as Mary Latimer | Edward G. Robinson, Jr. as Trooper | Steven D. McAdam as Boy | Nan Adams as Miss Owens |
Uncredited: Kermit Maynard as Trooper | Bob Woodward (2) as Driver

41 :02x10 - Chicota Landing

A gang of Mexican banditos takes over the Enterprise and their power-mad generale loads the Enterprise up with a cargo of stolen gunpowder and turns the riverboat into a bomb to use against his enemies.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler | Jack Lambert (1) as Joshua MacGregor |
Guest Stars: Joe De Santis as Juan Cortilla | Connie Hines as Lucy Bridges | John Harmon (1) as Sheriff Dave Matson | Ted de Corsia as La Carniceria | Richard Chamberlain as Lt. Dave Winslow
Story: Herman Groves | Teleplay: Raphael Hayes

42 :02x11 - Duel on the River

The beautiful wife of a plantation owner tries to convince Grey to ship their cotton, breaking the monopoly of a greedy local businessman. However, the owner considers himself honorbound to abide by his debts, and his wife refuses to compromise for fear of losing her family lands.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Co-Guest Stars: Fay Spain as Laurie Rawlings | Claude Akins as Beaudry Rawlings | Robert Emhardt as Brian Cloud | Edgar Buchanan as Wingate Pritchard Pardee | Michael Greene (1) as Job (as Michael Green) | Jack Halliday as Maitre d'
Director: Tay Garnett

43 :02x12 - Zigzag

In a case of mistaken identity, three prisoners abduct Bill, thinking he's the son of a dying fourth prisoner who can lead them to $100,000 in stolen money.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Crowley | Stella Stevens as Lisa Walters | William Fawcett as Pinty Winters | John Milford as Egan | Don Kelly (1) as Clyde (as Don O'Kelly) | Tom Fadden as Lear | Ray Teal as Sheriff Clay | Phil Tully as Bartender
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Writer: David Lang

44 :02x13 - Listen to the Nightingale

A showman wants the Enterprise to take his troupe to New Orleans but he doesn't have any money for passage. Grey agrees once he's convinced that the showman's lead singer will bring in enough money to cover the showman's IOU. However, when the singer's necklace is stolen, she refuses to perform unless Grey finds it.
Starring Roles: Dick Wessel as Carney Kohler |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeanne Bal as Julie Lang | Jack Albertson as Samson J. Binton | DeForest Kelley as Alex Jeffords | John Warburton as Gabe | Claire Carleton as Billie | Paul Stader as 1st Ruffian | Hal Needham as 2nd Ruffian
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Songs: Frederick Herbert -- I Like What I See When I Look at You
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1959
Ended: January 16, 1961
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