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Riverboat: Payment in Full

A simple-minded man, Hunk Farber, inadvertently turns in his friend and employer for the reward, thinking he'll be arrested and get a fair trial. When the employer is gunned down, Hunk is consumed with remorse but still hopes he can have a life with his girlfriend using the reward money.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Sunday September 13th, 1959

Director: Douglas Heyes
Writer: Douglas Heyes

Starring Roles
William D. GordonWilliam D. Gordon
As Joe Travis (as William Gordon)

Guest Stars
Charles H. GrayCharles H. Gray
As Cal (as Charles Gray)
Aldo RayAldo Ray
As Hunk Farber
Louis HaywardLouis Hayward
As Ashley Cowan
William Bishop (1)William Bishop (1)
As Monte Loman
Nancy GatesNancy Gates
As Sister Angela
Barry KelleyBarry Kelley
As Police Inspector
John LarchJohn Larch
As Touhy
Will WrightWill Wright
As J. C. Sickel

Dick WesselDick Wessel
As Carney Kohler
Duane GreyDuane Grey
As Monte's Friend
Nolan LearyNolan Leary
As Old Man
Robert CarsonRobert Carson
As Passenger
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Grey Holden
Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
As Ben Frazer


At a racetrack in St. Louis, Monte Loman and his friends watch as Monte’s horse wins. Monte’s handyman Hunk Farber comes over and explains that the jockey is walking the horse, and asks if his boss has collected his winnings. Monte says that he gave his money to Johnny Phillips to bet for him, figuring the senator’s son could get better odds than him. Hunk tells Monte that Johnny took off in the opposite direction but Monte figures that he’s good for it...

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Episode Quotes
Inspector: You quoting the law to the Law, Holden?
Grey: You're the law in St. Louis, not aboard the Enterprise.

Hunk Farber: Oh, Monte, I forgot to tell you. The senator's got a thousand-dollar reward on you.
Monte Loman: A thousand dollars. That's all? Guess even he doesn't figure his son was worth much.

Grey: But I thought I've been saving that space, Mr. Sickel.
J. C. Sickel: Yeah, for what, for instance?
Grey: Well, for instance, it'd just about accommodate one hundred and twelve crates of mechanical apple peelers.
J. C. Sickel: Mechanical apple peelers?
Grey: Got any idea where I might locate such an item?
J. C. Sickel: Why, blast your scheming Yankee hide. You know full well and good that I've got a hundred and twelve cases of mechanical apple peelers gathering dust in this warehouse for most of three years! Come on, come on.
Grey: Well, why don't you sell 'em?
J. C. Sickel: Because I can't sell no mechanical apple peelers, that's why! Neither can no one else.
Grey: Well, the man who sold you mechanical apple peelers to you, he sure could sell mechanical apple peelers.

Ashley Cowan: Ah, Captain... is it Grey Holden or Holden Grey? I never can...
Grey: What are you doing here, Cowan? Did you run out of riverboats to be thrown off of?
Ashley Cowan: Why, Captain, I've never been thrown off this one, have I?
Grey: That's only a technicality. I've never caught you cheating.
Ashley Cowan: And you never shall.

Grey: Sister Angela. You going back so soon? Any luck?
Sister Angela: There's no such thing as luck, Captain Holden.
Grey: Yes, ma'am.
Sister Angela: Even if there were, I didn't have any.
Grey: Does this mean you'll have to give up the mission school?
Sister Angela: Work doesn't sustain itself. And the means to support it haven't been provided.
Grey: You mean nobody coughed up the money.
Sister Angela: They weren't shown the way, Captain.
Grey: Well, ma'am, that's more or less what I meant.

Grey: Wish I had nothing to do but sail a nice little boat down a nice big river.
Ben: Yeah, and why is it you always seem to find your way up here every time I'm coming to this next stretch of water? What's the matter, don't you think I can handle this old mud scow where it's tricky?
Grey: Don't--don't get touchy. If you couldn't sail her off a sandbar with a bucket of water thrown splashed over the side, you wouldn't be my partner.
Ben: I thought maybe you came up here to hold my hand.
Grey: I came up here to get away from people.
Ben: Well, thanks a lot.

Sister Angela: Puts you in a strange position, doesn't it, Captain? You can't condemn him yet you can't forgive him.
Grey: Well, perhaps the best thing would be to forget him.

Grey: All right. There's your refund for the rest of the trip. There'll be boats passing by here every few hours. Just remember the name of this one, the Enterprise. I wouldn't want you to make the mistake of boarding her again.
Ashley Cowan: Your concern for my welfare is a tender thing, Captain.

Other Episode Crew

ProducerJules Bricken
MusicElmer Bernstein
Music SupervisorStanley Wilson
HairstylistFlorence Bush
Make-upLeo Lotito, Jr.
Set DecoratorGeorge Milo
Director of PhotographyRay Rennahan
Art DirectorFrank Arrigo
Costume SupervisorVincent Dee
Film EditorLee Huntington
SoundFrank H. Wilkinson
Assistant DirectorJames Hogan
Editorial SupervisorRichard G. Wray
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