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Riverboat: The Barrier

A newly appointed Native American agent, traveling to his post aboard the Enterprise, is approached by a man who wants him to help smuggle liquor to the Native American tribes. Unfortunately, the agent is saddled with a wife who won't forgive him for an affair, and he has to decide if he can use the money to buy her affections back.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x2
Airdate: Sunday September 20th, 1959

Starring Roles
William D. GordonWilliam D. Gordon
As Joe Travis (as William Gordon)
Dick WesselDick Wessel
As Carney Kohler

Guest Stars
Kenneth R. MacDonaldKenneth R. MacDonald
As Mr. Chambers
Tyler McVeyTyler McVey
As Sam Overston
John Kerr (1)John Kerr (1)
As Jefferson Carruthers
Elizabeth Montgomery (1)Elizabeth Montgomery (1)
As Abigail Carruthers
William BendixWilliam Bendix
As Muldoon (Vance Muldoon)
Read MorganRead Morgan
As Casey Hennessy
Peter CoePeter Coe
As Nakasu
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Grey Holden
Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
As Ben Frazer


In Cairo, IL, Vance Muldoon shows Ben the cargo he needs shipped up the Missouri to Canyon Creek. Ben warns him that Grey already has a near-full load and may not be interested in taking on more. When Muldoon claims that he's shipping flour and food supplies to trade with the Indians, the pilot breaks open one barrel of flour. He admits that they've never gone up the Missouri and has heard that the government inspectors are strict about cargo. Muldoon assures Ben that he's made many shipments up the Missouri and Ben agrees to convince Grey to take on the cargo. Once Ben leaves, Muldoon's henchman Casey Hennessy says that his boss was lucky that Ben broke open the right barrel, but Muldoon says that he makes his own luck...

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Episode Quotes
Jefferson Carruthers: You're an amazing woman, Abby. No matter what we go through together, no matter how much we hurt or ignore each other, you never lose your looks. Or your breeding. You're as beautiful now as the day I married you.

Muldoon: I'd hate to tell you how big a bribe I had to offer Mr. Holden for the chance of sitting at the same table with you and your husband, ma'am.
Abigail Carruthers: Oh? And did you take it?
Grey: Oh, I'm a businessman, Mrs. Carruthers. I want all of Mr. Muldoon's business that I can get.

Jefferson Carruthers: I'm a weak man. I can understand weakness in others.
Abigail Carruthers: Then try to understand mine. I love you, Jeff, but my weakness is that I can not forgive you.

Jefferson Carruthers: Tell me, do you trade other things to the Indians besides flour?
Muldoon: Of course, Pork, wampum, tools, blankets, lots of things.
Jefferson Carruthers: And what do they pay best for?
Muldoon: The things we all pay the best for. What they want the most... and can't have.

Grey: You have to remember, this is a lonely town. And a beautiful female is a rare site. Well, in a sense they were paying you a compliment.
Abigail Carruthers: Compliment?
Grey: Well, sure. Woman as beautiful as you are, walking the streets alone is bound to interest any man.
Abigail Carruthers: Not if he's a gentleman.
Grey: Especially if he's a gentleman.

Jefferson Carruthers: Just once I'd like to see your halo slip a little.
Abigail Carruthers: I'm your wife, Jeff. Do you think I could ever forget that?
Jefferson Carruthers: I don't need a wife, Abby. I need a woman who really loves me, and you stopped being a woman a year ago.
Abigail Carruthers: You're wrong, Jeff. I just stopped being your woman.

Jefferson Carruthers: You're my wife, Abby. I have to give you something. You won't take love so money's the next best thing.

Other Episode Crew

ProducerJules Bricken
MusicElmer Bernstein
Music SupervisorStanley Wilson
HairstylistFlorence Bush
Make-upLeo Lotito, Jr.
Set DecoratorGeorge Milo
Director of PhotographyLionel Lindon
Art DirectorFrank Arrigo
Costume SupervisorVincent Dee
Film EditorLee Huntington
SoundFrank H. Wilkinson
Assistant DirectorJames Hogan
Editorial SupervisorRichard G. Wray
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